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Emma Cannon: Bio, Highlights, Boyfriend, Wiki, FAQs And More



Emma Cannon

There are times that teen romance leads to marriage. However, there are also couples who end up splitting up even though they have given birth to children as a result of such marriages, resulting in divorcing. And even when the parents eventually move on to other relationships, the kids always pull the parents back together. Well, this is the case of Emma Cannon, the ex-partner of Machine Gun Kelly (MGK).

Emma5 -Emma Cannon: Bio, Highlights, Boyfriend, Wiki, Faqs And More

MGK with his daughter Casie

Businesswoman Emma Cannon lives and works in Houston. She is well-known for having had a child with Machine Gun Kelly and being his ex-girlfriend. However, in spite of being the mommy of Kelly’s first child, when compared to MGK’s other girlfriends, Emma is perhaps the one to receive the least attention from the public and fans.

Who is Emma Cannon?

Emma Cannon is a Houston-based businesswoman from Texas, U.S. who was born in 1988. The ex-girlfriend of Machine Gun Kelly is quite reserved and chooses not to reveal her private life to the public, including details about her family, parents and siblings.

Born in 1988, Emma Cannon is now 34 years old. She’s of African-American origin.

Emma Cannon’s Boyfriend, Partner and Relationship

Emma first met Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) when she was a teenager. She and Colson began being involved in a relationship, and Casie Colson Baker, their lovely daughter, is the fruit of their union. Emma was only 21 and Colson was only 19 at the time they gave birth to Casie. They dated before Colson became incredibly well-known.

Emma1 -Emma Cannon: Bio, Highlights, Boyfriend, Wiki, Faqs And MoreMGK with his daughter Casie

Nonetheless, the romance between Emma and Colson did not survive for long before they split up, which they didn’t give a cause for. The pair, though, divide custody of their kid. In November 2021, Casie Colson Baker, their daughter, had her first public appearance with her dad at the AMAs.

Colson Baker is better known as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), professionally. The famous person is a rapper, musical artist, singer, musician and actor. He is renowned for his compositional fusion of rock and alternative and modern hip hop. Following his split up with Emma, Colson began dating actress Amber Rose, before dating Megan Fox and being engaged to the latter on January 12, 2022.

Emma Cannon’s Career and Net Worth.

Not much is disclosed about Emma Cannon’s career and how much she’s worth. According to reports, Emma is a businesswoman of a small company, and she earns around $1-2M.

Emma Cannon’s Highlights

1. She dated MGK before he became famous

The singer of “Bloody Valentine” began dating Emma prior to the release of his debut album “Lace Up”.

Emma2 -Emma Cannon: Bio, Highlights, Boyfriend, Wiki, Faqs And MoreMGK with his daughter Casie

Based on a then-erased wiki on his own website, reachable through the WayBack Machine digital archive, MGK originated from Houston and moved all over the world, such as Egypt and Germany, prior to his final settlement in Cleveland, Ohio, with his dad.

MGK and Emma are said to have met here when they were both teenagers. Reports claim that the two may have crossed paths at a Blink-182 concert; he would later make mention to the band in a song that might have been influenced by her.

2. Emma shares a daughter, whose name is Casie Colson Baker, with MGK

Emma, who isn’t well-known on social media and avoids the spotlight, together with MGK, the young famous musical artist, are parents to Casie, their daughter. Casie is a huge priority in the life of the then 19-year-old rapper, as she was born in July 2009.

In late 2019, MGK posted a tweet on his account, “Two connecting flights and still little sleep, but I’m [going to] make it to my daughter’s recital tonight trust that.”

Then, in early 2020, the famous rapper released yet another heartwarming message about his daughter, commenting, “My daughter wears my merch shirts to sleep every night and I f-kin melt.”

Emma3 -Emma Cannon: Bio, Highlights, Boyfriend, Wiki, Faqs And MoreMGK with his daughter Casie

The former couple also appears to get along far beyond amicably. In 2013, MGK posted a now-deleted Instagram picture with the caption: “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother I’ve seen first hand,” according to reports

The musician sent a heartfelt message for Emma on Mother’s Day 2020. He tweeted, “My daughter has an incredible mom. Big love to all the young mothers who are succeeding today.”

3. MGK possibly composed a musical piece about Emma

The rapper published “Her Song” in 2013, which might be about his teenage love. The song itself makes reference to a Blink-182 song, discusses MGK losing love when he was becoming famous, and expresses regret for how he handled the person.

The lyrics of the song go somewhat like this: “I’m just out here following my dreams girl / But it’s crazy since that dream cost me my dream girl / Promise you I wouldn’t change before I went / Now I suppose leaving is the one thing I regret.”

4. MGK is currently engaged to actress Megan Fox

In January 2022, MGK got engaged to the Transformers actress, ending his relationship with Emma.

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MGK with his now-engaged Megan Fox

“‘Yes, in this life and every life.’ Beneath the same branches we fell in love under, I brought her back to ask her to marry me. I know tradition is one ring, but I designed it with Stephen Webster to be two: the emerald (her birth stone) and the diamond (my birth stone) set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love,” shared MGK on his IG.

FAQs About Emma Cannon

1. Who is Emma Cannon?

Emma Cannon is a Houston-based businesswoman from Texas, U.S.

2. How old is Emma Cannon?

34, as of 2021.

3. Why is she famous?

For being the ex-partner of famous rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK).

4. Who is Emma Cannon’s daughter?

Casie Colson Baker.

5. Is Emma Cannon married to MGK?

No, they broke up.

Emma4 -Emma Cannon: Bio, Highlights, Boyfriend, Wiki, Faqs And MoreMGK with Casie

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