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Golden Cannon: Biography, Relationship, Career, Highlights, Quick Facts, FAQs and More



Golden Cannon

Being the son of the famous U.S. rapper Nick Cannon, Golden Cannon is a celebrity child who has drawn a great deal of media attention. His dad is popular as the ex-presenter of the illustrious TV program America’s Got Talent, while also working as an actor and comedian.

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Meanwhile, Golden Cannon’s mother, Brittany Bell, enjoys her career as a fashion model and dancer. Due to his celebrity parents, the celebrity child was immediately the subject of media attention.

Despite not yet being married, his parents welcomed him as their firstborn child. Thus, what are the reasons for them not to have tied the knots? How is the star child’s life progressing? Does he feel the affection of both his parents?

To learn more about the wiki and bio of Nick Cannon’s son Golden Cannon in depth, read the article below. Find out the relationship between his parents both before and after he was born.

Golden Cannon Bio

Golden Cannon is the adorable son of the famous movie star, TV personality and musical artist Nick Cannon. The boy, who was born on February 21, 2017, is a Pisces, and is 5 years old by 2022. Golden is an U.S. citizen, and is a Christian by birth.

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As Brittany Bell, his mom, is of mixed Native American, West Indian and African-American ancestry, while Nick Cannon, his dad, is of African-American heritage, Golden belongs to multiracial ethnic background.

Golden Cannon’s Parents

Speaking of the celebrity kid’s parents, his father, Nicholas Scott Cannon, better known by his stage name Nick Cannon, is an U.S. TV personality, musical artist, actor, and comedian.

He is well-known for hosting programs including The Nick Cannon Show, Lip Sync Battle Shorties, Wild’ n Out, and The Masked Singer in addition to these other programs.

He has acted in well-known films like Roll Bounce, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, and Drumline. Additionally, he has made available his debut album, “Gigolo,” as well as the singles “Me Sexy,” “Looking for a Dream,” and many others.
Meanwhile, his mom, Brittany Bell, is an U.S. model, dancer and winner of beauty pageants, who won the crown of Miss Guam in 2014 and Miss Arizona USA in 2010.

Golden Cannon’s Siblings

From the aforementioned, 3 years following Golden’s birth, his father and mother welcomed a new child, as Powerful Queen Cannon, Golden’s younger sister, was added to the family.

In addition to his one and only biological sibling, Golden also has 3 half-brothers and one half-sister, whose names are Moroccan Cannon, Zion Mixolydian Cannon, Zillion Heir Cannon, and Monroe Cannon, respectively. They were Nick’s kids with his former partners.

Golden Cannon’s Career And Net Worth

Golden must have a posh life because he was born into a star-studded family. Nonetheless, it is still unclear whether the famous child would choose to continue his parents’ career path or take a new one.

As of 2022, his dad, Nick has accumulated a net worth of $20M. Actually, the Cannon family is placed among the wealthiest in the U.S. Likewise, the kid’s mommy has a net worth of $1.5M.

Golden Cannon’s Social Media Handle

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As he’s still too small to use social network accounts, Daily Highlight will instead provide his parents’ social media handles so that you may enjoy Golden’s happy moments with his family.

Nick Cannon’s Instagram NICK CANNON (@nickcannon) • Instagram
Nick Cannon’s TikTok Nick Cannon (@nickcannon) Official TikTok
Nick Cannon’s Twitter Nick Cannon (@NickCannon)
Nick Cannon’s YouTube Nick Cannon – YouTube
Nick Cannon’s Facebook Nick Cannon (
Nick Cannon’s Website Nick Cannon – Official Nick Cannon Website
Brittany Bell’s Instagram Brittany Bell (@missbbell) • Instagram
Brittany Bell’s Twitter Brittany Bell (@MissBBell) / Twitter

Highlights About Golden Cannon

The Way Golden Cannon Was Welcomed To This World

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Similar to the majority of other parents, the former America’s Got Talent host and his ex-partner were excited to welcome their first born child together.

On February 5, 2017, Brittany shared a photo of her growing baby bulge on her IG to announce her expecting.

Similarly, her partner, Golden’s dad, also announced his arrival on his IG, sharing a black-and-white image of himself and his child, alongside a Bible scripture in the caption.

Golden’s Parents Are Not Husband And Wife

Yep, Nick and Brittany haven’t tied knots yet. They were simply lovers the moment Golden came into this world. The couple allegedly first saw each other back in 2015, following Nick’s split with his former wife, diva Mariah Carey.

Their relationship didn’t go quite easy and straight; instead, they were on and off throughout the time, before they welcomed a second baby, this time, a lovely girl, in December 2020.

Golden Cannon Starts His Second Grade At The Age Of Five

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The kid, who is just only 5, is so intelligent that he has already begun his 2nd grade on August 29, 2022, bringing his parents happiness as a result.

His father Nick Cannon, who also has a daughter named Brittany Bell, was delighted to announce the wonderful news on his social network account, posting it on his own IG.

Quick Facts About Golden Cannon

  • His mother hosted the baby shower a few weeks before he was born, with a celestial-themed party, shared on his father’s IG.
  • Golden celebrated his 5th birthday in Feb 2022 with a Black Panther-themed celebration because he’s a die-hard fan of the film, dressing in the outfit of the Wakanda King, alongside his parents and sister, who did the same thing.
  • Brittany shared that her son even has an idea of what he wants to become as he grows older: being a scientist. He’s even in the progress of learning Mandarin.
  • Golden also seemed to enjoy sports, and first practiced baseball in July 2022, according to a clip that his father Nick posted on IG.


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FAQs About Golden Cannon

1. Who is Golden Cannon?

Golden is the 5-year-old son of Nick Cannon, famous movie star, TV personality and musical artist.

2. How old is Golden Cannon?

Born on February 21, 2017, Golden is 5 years old, as of 2022.

3. Who is Golden Cannon’s mother?

Brittany Bell, U.S. model, dancer and winner of beauty pageants.

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