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Iran Angelo – Soccer Star Hulk’s Ex-Wife | Wiki, 10 Best Facts



Iran Angelo

Iran Angelo is the ex-wife of soccer star Hulk, who has officially accused its niece – Camilla Sousa – of being the “third-wheel person” who stepped into her marriage with Hulk after Hulk and Camilla got married in China.

Today, let’s dig deeper into the personal information of this 33-year-old Brazilian model and social media personality with Dailyhighlight!


Iran Photo

Iran Angelo’s Biography

Iran is living a happy, cozy life in Brazil at her home with her children. She does not share much personal information on social networks. Although she is relatively famous, she does not have a biography on Wikipedia.

Iran has three children with her ex-husband, Hulk, a Brazilian professional soccer player. The children became a life force and energy source for Iran after her family broke up.

Iran says she didn’t marry soccer player Hulk out of affection or passion. After dating for a short time, Iran became pregnant and wanted to take their relationship to the next level.


Iran & Hulk Together

‘Third-Wheel Person’ Tragedy Between Iran Angelo, Her Ex-Husband, & Her Niece

    1. Overview:

When the information about the new marriage between her ex-husband and Camilla Sousa – her 32-year-old niece was revealed, Iran was very painful and did not stop attacking her niece on social networks.

Camilla had a secret relationship with her ex-husband, and shortly after her family broke up, the new couple went to China to get married. During that incident, Camilla apologized to her aunt via social media, expressing her remorse, regret, love, and affection. Iran did not leave any comments on the reconciliation sentiments.


Iran & Camila

  1. Iran’s Attitude:

When asked after Hulk and Camila Angelo got married ‘how is their relationship now?’, Iran said: “From the very beginning, since Camila came into this world, I have given all my love and helped her fulfill her dream. However, Camila has quietly embraced my everything.’

‘I’m not talking about material things, but love, respect, and all that. Camila knew where my weakness was and took the opportunity. I used to love and trust Camila to the fullest. But in the end, I lost everything. Therefore, for me that relationship is considered dead.” – she added.


Iran Photo

Iran Angelo’s revelation has partly revealed the suspicion from the Brazilian press for a long time, that it was her niece Camila Angelo who caused the breakup of the beautiful marriage between Hulk and Iran Angelo, and then ‘robbed’ away her aunt’s husband.

  1. Hulk’s Attitude:

However, in the latest message posted on his personal Instagram social network account, striker Hulk spoke out against his ex-wife’s words, saying that they were just lies and Iran Angelo just wanted to play the role of victim for mercy.


Hulk showed off a photo of a pregnant ultrasound with Camila

In September 2021, the Brazilian striker showed off a photo of a pregnant ultrasound with his new wife – Camila Angelo.

The image, posted on Instagram by Hulk and Camila on September 20, 2021, garnered 400,000 likes, tens of thousands of congratulations, and conflicting comments.

Iran Angelo’s Early Life, Family & Education


Iran’s Photo

  1. Age, Birth Place, & Family:

Iran Angelo does not make her age public. In interviews with her ex-husband, she also did not reveal anything. Maybe she wanted to protect her privacy. However, according to sources, she was born on June 19, 1989. Currently, as of this moment, Iran is 33 years old.

The only information we know about Iran is that she was born and raised in Brazil with her parents and siblings, and her full name is Iran Angelo de Souza. However, details about them are not disclosed. Obviously, Iran is the type of person who likes to make a clear distinction between public and private privacy. She also wants to protect the privacy of her family members, so she never reveals anything about them.


Iran With Her Oldest Son

  1. Education:

In addition to the secret family, Iran’s educational background is also a mystery. We couldn’t find any information regarding the local elementary, middle, and high schools she attended. It was speculated that she was well-educated at prestigious schools. We will update more as soon as new information is available.

Iran Angelo’s Career


Iran Model

Angelo is a successful entrepreneur and social media star. She has many brand endorsements and also advertises many sponsored products. On his official Instagram account, Iran has attracted 557k followers.

Iran is also a famous Brazilian model. She has collaborated with many big brands and earned a large amount of income – enough for her to enjoy a prosperous life with her children.

Iran Angelo’s Marriage & Kids

  1. Iran Angelo’s Marriage:

Iran Angelo became famous in the country because of his past relationship with the world famous Brazilian football player – Hulk. According to Wikipedia, Iran met Hulk for the first time in Japan. Then they started dating each other. In 2007, Iran and Hulk got married while Iran was pregnant with their first child.


Iran & Hulk Together

The couple had a happy marriage and lived together peacefully for 12 years. In July 2019, Iran Angelo and Hulk divorced due to some personal reasons. Just a few months after the divorce (October 2019), Hulk began to publicly date Camila Angelo – Iran’s biological niece, and caused a lot of controversy in the press.

  1. Iran Angelo’s Kids


Iran With Her 3 Kids

Model Iran gave birth to 3 kids for Hulk. She is the proud mom of 2 sons – Tiago and Ian and 1 daughter – Alice.

She often spends time playing together with her kids, as well as sharing many pictures of mom – sons – daughter on her official IG account.

Iran 11

Iran With Her 3 Kids

Net Worth of Iran Angelo

Iran Angelo has an estimated net worth of about $9 – $10 million approximately as of 2022.

Iran Angelo’s Social Media Handles

Instagram: @iran_angelo

Iran Angelo’s Physical Appearance:

Height: 170 centimeters (or 5’7’’)
Weight: 58 kilograms (128 lbs)
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Length: Long
Shoe Size: 6 US

 Facts About Iran Angelo

  • Iran likes to make lip-sync TikTok videos.
  • Iran loves playing indoor games with her family in her leisure time.
  • She also loves drinking beer.
  • Being a fitness freak, Iran takes good care of her health and body.
  • She crazily loves handbags, and she has a big collection of luxury handbags.
  • Iran uploaded her initial Instagram post that she loves wearing branded outfits.
  • Angelo is very close to her nephew and usually shares photos with him.
  • She also shared many Vlogging videos on her Instagram profile.
  • She loves traveling and always dreams of traveling to various places all over the world.

Iran Angelo’s Q&A

Who is Iran Angelo?

Iran Angelo is famous for being the ex-wife of a Brazilian professional footballer – Hulk aka Givanildo Vieira de Sousa.

What is Iran Angelo’s Age?

She is 33 years old as of 2022 (born in 1989).

Where Iran Angelo was Born?

She was born in Brazil.

What Nationality is Iran Angelo?

She is a Brazilian.

How Tall is Iran Angelo?

170 centimeters (or 5’7’’).

What is The Net Worth of Iran Angelo?

She has an estimated net worth of about $9 – $10 million.