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Judy Warren

Who is Judy Warren?

Judy Warren was an U.S. famous kid and TV personality, most well-known for being the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren, 2 of the world’s most famous paranormal researchers.

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Her parents produced several books that served as the basis for horror movies, such as Annabelle, The Conjuring, and Amityville Horror. Judy herself also appeared in the movie Annabelle Comes Home.

Is Judy Warren dead yet? No, the TV host is still alive and well. She married a man named Tony Spera, with whom she co-manages the museum where her parents’ magical relics were stored.

Judy Warren’s Biography

Born on 6 July 1950 in Connecticut, USA, to Ed and Lorraine Warren, Judy is now 72 years old, and is the sole child of the family. She has the star sign of Cancer.

Judy lived the majority of her early years with her grandma Georgianna in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Raised under a solid Christian roof, Judy received her elementary education at a Catholic school before completing her study at Harding High School.

Judy Warren’s Family

Her father, Edward Warren Miney, was a well-known U.S. publisher, paranormal researcher and demonologist. Meanwhile, Lorraine Rita Warren, her mother, claimed to be clairvoyant and psychic.

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Ed and Lorraine, who have both died, are well-known for their famous explorations into the Long Island’s haunting of Amityville. Ed died at the age of 79, on August 23, 2006, while Lorraine passed away on April 18, 2019, when she was 92 years old.

Judy Warren’s Career and Net Worth

Judy Warren is a well-known face on TV, having appeared in the reality show Shock Docs, and in the movie Annabelle Comes Home as well.

Judy is supposed to have psychic abilities, although she has never fully developed or used them. She would much rather avoid ghosts and other supernatural occurrences.

Her estimated earnings are between $3 million and $6 million, per Popular Bio. This figure, however, has not been verified and is thus unreliable.

Judy Warren’s Relationship, Partner and Children

The only child from the Warren family is wed to her longtime companion, U.S. paranormal investigator Tony Spera.

In the middle of the 1980s, her partner began being employed by her parents, and then took over the Occult Museum after he had become a demonologist, following in her parents’ footsteps.

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Does Judy Warren have any children? Judy and her husband have yet to reveal anything related to their kid (if any).

Judy Warren’s Physical Appearance

She is 5’7’’ (170 cm) tall and weighs nearly 134 lbs (61 kg).

Quick Facts About Judy Warren

Judy enjoys traveling to numerous destinations with her husband, Tony Spera. Being a foodie, she loves eating out with Tony as well.

She has an IG account that has about 500 followers. Unfortunately, the account has been deactivated. Currently, Judy’s only active social media handle is her Facebook: Judy Spera | Facebook

Even though Ed and Lorraine are both no longer with us, their legacy is continuously upheld by the family, which means Judy and Tony. She, on the other hand, also takes censure of her parents’ career very personally.

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Judy has frequently said that she is afraid of the Raggedy Ann doll, better known as Annabelle, in contrast to everyone else who has been intrigued by it. She nevertheless abides by her parents’ two unbreakable laws, which are not to touch the doll or acknowledge it in any way.

Where Is Judy Warren At The Moment?

Judging by her social media page, Judy and her spouse Tony appear to be doing quite well. Despite having no interest in ghosts, she appears to be a huge animal lover due to the information on her account.

Based on various images, as well as pictures of her father’s paintings that she has shared on her handle, it is also apparent that she treasures her parents and their memories.

FAQs About Judy Warren

1. Who is Judy Warren?

She’s an U.S. TV host and celebrity kid, the only child of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

2. How old is Judy Warren?

72, as of 2022.

3. Who are Judy Warren’s parents?

Ed and Lorraine Warren.

4. What is the name of Judy Warren’s husband?

Tony Spera.

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