What Are The Best Trident Enchantments

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What Are The Best Trident Enchantments

Since the Aquatic update (Java Edition 1.13) the Minecraft Trident has been an uncommon drop from Drowned foes along with Trident Enchantments in the Java Edition of the game. The Trident is unquestionably one of the greatest Minecraft weapons since it can be used in melee and ranged combat and even in its unenchanted form, which has a slightly slower attack speed, it can deal out more damage than a diamond sword. You can even toss a trident up to 80 blocks away if you practice your aim.

There isn’t a blueprint for a Minecraft trident, thus you can’t truly make this submerged weapon. Instead, you’ll need to take one of these from a drowned mob, one of the new zombies included with the Aquatic update, whose hands are cold, lifeless, and moist.

If you’re strong enough to defeat a Drowned, the trident may be found as a mob drop and is as effective as a diamond sword, making it a great weapon early on in your Minecraft experience. We’ll show you how to make your own Minecraft trident and what enchantments you may add to it in the sections below.

How to Get a Trident in Minecraft?

Go underwater and search for Drowned zombie hordes. These guys will occasionally appear in the world carrying a trident, thus you only have to kill them to have a chance of getting a trident drop, which is incredibly seldom (8.5 percent). It’s worth killing any Drowned you come across in an effort to get your blocky hands on one of these tridents, however, there is a slight possibility that one will drop off a Drowned in Bedrock or Pocket Edition if they are not holding one. Additionally, you may utilize Minecraft seeds to make aquatic environments where Downed zombie monsters may spawn.


Only 6.25 percent of Drowned in the Java Edition spawn with a trident, compared to a possibility of 15 percent in the Bedrock Edition. Make sure you leave with the Looting enchantment equipped to increase the effectiveness of your farming because it can increase your chances.

Trident Enchantments You Must Try

Loyalty Trident Enchantments

Loyalty is a trident-only enchantment that is perhaps among the coolest in all of Minecraft. It will, as the name implies, make your trident obedient so that it returns to you after each toss. This is how to become Thor, the Avenger if you’ve ever desired to. Both the Enchanting table and an enchanted book may be used to apply this.


The strength of your enchantment determines how quickly the trident returns. You can upgrade to a maximum of 3 levels. The restrictions are that your trident will suffer damage if it is tossed into lava and won’t emerge from the abyss (Java-exclusive). And in the sad event that you pass away before it comes back, you can discover where you died.

Channeling Trident Enchantments

Our subsequent trident enchantment allows us to generate lightning in the game, keeping with the Thor motif. But don’t mistake it for an assault that uses electricity. This enchantment summons light from the sky when it is activated. It just has one level, but that’s more than enough to make it one of Minecraft’s most potent enchantments. An enchanted book and the Enchanting table can both be used to apply the trident’s enchantment.


This enchantment, however, only functions if the assaulted mob is outside, in order to provide a level playing field for all players. This implies that a trident equipped with this enchantment cannot be used in the dark or in other dimensions. Additionally, there must be a thunderstorm if you intend to utilize this with a thrown trident. Regarding the advantages of this enchantment, a trident’s lightning in Minecraft may do more than simply do harm. You can employ it for:

  • Turn creeper into charged creepers
  • Light places on fire
  • Set mobs on fire
  • Create witches out of villagers
  • Convert pigs into zombified piglins
  • Change colors of mooshrooms

Impaling Trident Enchantments

As the name implies, if you want to do more damage to the monsters, this is one of the greatest trident enchantments in Minecraft. Impaling is one of the most hazardous in-game enchantments, with a maximum level of five. Therefore, your best course of action is to flee if you discover a drowned or another player utilizing it. Both the Enchanting table and an enchanted book can be used to apply this enchantment.


The damage dealt by the trident increases by 2.5 hearts at every level of this enchantment. When it’s set at its highest setting, another player may easily kill you with one strike. But the increased damage only affects aquatic mobs, at least in the Java edition, to prevent it from becoming overpowering. The Bedrock edition, however, allows you to use it on any mob as long as they are near water. And in Minecraft, rain does qualify as having contact with water.

Riptide Trident Enchantments

The next item on our list of the finest Minecraft trident enchantments is nothing less than a superpower. The players are pushed or launched in the direction of the trident’s toss by the Riptide enchantment. Even gangs can be attacked with the same throw, although doing so raises the possibility of coming into conflict with that mob. Each additional level of Riptide’s three tiers of deterioration extends its coverage area by 6 blocks.


Do bear in mind, though, that it only functions when the player is standing in rain or water. We can’t combine this enchantment with loyalty because the trident technically never leaves our hand. In a similar vein, Minecraft forbids using it in conjunction with lightning due to the possibility of the player being further injured. Both the Enchanting table and an enchanted book can be used to apply Riptide.

Unbreaking Trident Enchantments

Unbreaking is a popular trident enchantment in Minecraft that applies to most tools and equipment. As you would have predicted, when used on the trident, it makes it more durable. Although it technically doesn’t boost durability, it does lessen the likelihood that an item would see a rapid drop in durability. In any event, applying unbreaking to your equipment makes it endure longer.


This is one of the first enchantments you ought to use because of how uncommon a trident is. There are at most 3 levels of unbreaking, and it’s simple to locate enchanted books that have this effect. It’s also one of the first enchantments you may get via an enchantment table, as an alternative.

Mending Trident Enchantments

The focus of our next enchantment is durability as well. However, mending focuses on repairing the decreased durability of any item rather than boosting the ordinary durability. Most players use it to repair broken tridents that have been dropped by drowning. However, utilizing an enchanting table does not work with the Mending enchantment. You must locate an enchanted book in order to use it.


This enchantment has no set levels, therefore the degree to which durability is restored is determined by your in-game proficiency. Two durability units are restored by mending for one experience orb point. It isn’t strictly free, but it’s also not very expensive. You may fix your trident automatically in-game by engaging in a variety of experience-based tasks including killing, cooking, and more.

Curse of Vanishing Trident Enchantments

The most well-known in-game curse is the last item on our list of the finest trident enchantments in Minecraft. It is extremely similar to the player becoming invisible after using the Potion of Invisibility. When you pass away due to this curse, the trident will vanish. You won’t be able to find them when you die, unlike other objects. Other popular tools and weaponry don’t seem to be as affected by the curse. The rarity of a trident, though, might hinder your advancement.

The only two enchantments in the game that a grindstone cannot remove are this and one other. For your convenience, we have previously made available a guide on how to remove enchantments in Minecraft. So rather than engaging in dangerous combat with a trident that has this curse, it is best to put it in a chest. Being a curse, it can only be used with an enchanted book. Thankfully, the likelihood of discovering a trident with this effect spontaneously is quite low.

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