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Who is Kevin Samuels? Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Job, Education And More



Kevin Samuels

Who is Kevin Samuels?


Kevin Samuels was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 13, 1965. He works as a professional American YouTuber, dating guru, lifestyle coach, and image consultant. As a YouTuber, he began his profession. He is an accomplished and well-known American YouTuber, image consultant, lifestyle coach, influencer, and dating specialist. Kevin is well renowned for being a motivational speaker and assisting individuals and organizations in getting back on track.

Kevin Samuels’s Family & Relationships

Samuels was married and divorced twice. He had a daughter who was born on June 29, 2000. The identities of his parents and sibling are unknown.

Kevin Samuels’s Career, Jobs


In 2013, Samuels launched his own image-consulting business after working in the marketing sector. He amassed 1.4 million YouTube subscribers, 1.2 million Instagram followers, and a small number of followers on Twitter and TikTok. He had a reputation as a “plain-spoken, hypermasculine authority” who favored “strict gender roles” in which males were expected to predominate, according to The New York Times.

He was becoming more well-known in the Hip-Hop community as a result of his interviews with T.I. and Nicki Minaj, and he even made a guest appearance on VladTV. Samuels had an appearance in a music video for Future’s track “Worst Day” in February 2022 when he played a therapist and dating coach. Additionally, he conducted interviews with reality TV stars like Tommie Lee and well-known Instagram models like Brittany Renner. Nicki Minaj, one of his own guests in February 2022, expressed support for his efforts. Tamar Braxton and Marlon Wayans concurred.

Kevin Samuels’s Net Worth, Income


By 2022, Kevin Samuels’ net worth is predicted to be $4 million. He released films about his personal life, clothes, and dating mishaps on his own YouTube channel, among other things. Among other sites, he has more than 1.2 million YouTube subscribers and a million or more Instagram followers. He reportedly charged up to $10,000 per customer for image advising services and made $5,000 every month from YouTube, among other things. His YouTube channel and company were the main sources of his income.

“You’re Average At Best”, Kevin Samuels’s popular reality check video

With his “Average At Best” video, which he released a few months ago, Kevin Samuels broke the internet. In it, he interviews a 35-year-old black lady who has a kid, age 13, with an erratic baby father. He spends a lot of time discussing her “need” for a “high-value man” with her. The goal of Samuels’ other clips is to provide good red pill information, particularly with regard to the black community.

This clip exposes everything that is wrong with intersexual relationships today in a clean, tidy microcosm. With too much baggage, the lady is beginning to age out of the market. She doesn’t even realize that men don’t want her baggage or even her. She lacks practically everything that guys seek and even the knowledge that she doesn’t have.

On his “Disagreement Day,” a call-in show where listeners are encouraged to confront Samuels about his ideas, the caller remarked, “I just want some advice”. She simply can not get what Samuels is saying or how it relates to her, despite his patience with her. He then suddenly stops the conversation when she complains about how “mean” he is to her.


Many comments express their opinions regarding this topic as this interview is an excellent illustration of how many women don’t offer guys what they really want. Many women are either unaware of or uninterested in learning what men genuinely desire in a partner. This lady has no idea what the guys she desires will give back to her. They don’t want a lady like her, to put it simply.

In the end, they point out that people need to make a realistic evaluation of who they can manage to attract if they want to succeed in their dating life. This necessitates that you not only have a clear grasp of what you can provide, but also whether or not what you have to offer will be desired by others.

Is Kevin Samuels Dead?


Kevin Samuels has passed away, his mother told NBC News. His mother Beverly Samuels-Burch chose not to provide any information about what transpired. She said she found out about her son’s passing on social media. On Thursday morning, according to the Atlanta Police Department, police were summoned to an apartment on East Paces Ferry Road NE “about a person hurt.” First responders were administering CPR to a man who was eventually identified as Samuels when police arrived.

According to the police report, a lady in the apartment informed authorities that Samuels had complained of chest trouble and that she had tried to aid him but he had fallen. The lady dialed 911.

According to the police, Samuels was transferred to Piedmont Hospital. An autopsy was conducted, according to a press statement from the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, and the cause and manner of death are still under investigation. Samuels’ age was stated as 53 by the office.

Kevin Samuels’s Social Media

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Business Website bykevinsamuels
Twitter @kevinrsamuels1

Highlights About Kevin Samuels

  • Kevin attended the University of Oklahoma to study chemical engineering, but he was diagnosed with cancer at age 21 and was unable to finish.
  • Kevin is so popular on social media that Royce Da 5’9″ and Joyner Lucas, two famed rappers and close associates of the artist Eminem, follow him.
  • Shaquille O’Neal, a four-time NBA champion and 12-time MVP, gave him a shoutout, which was a significant event in Kevin’s career both physically and symbolically.
  • Samuels discussed dating tips in an interview he made for the No Jumper YouTube channel.

FAQs About Kevin Samuels


Who is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels is an American YouTuber, Image consultant, Lifestyle coach, Influencer, and Dating expert

Who is Kevin Samuels married?

Samuels was married and divorced twice

What is the Age of Kevin Samuels?

He is 56

Is Kevin Samuels Dead?

Yes, he passed away at the age of 56 (2022)

What is Kevin Samuels’s net worth?

His net worth is predicted to be $4 million

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