Ethics Policy

Our entertainment brands avoid posting personal attacks against individuals and companies in the industries we report on, as well as against colleagues. We emphasize the importance of being objective when covering sensitive topics.

We follow the guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), requiring all video game reviews to disclose the platform the game was played on and who provided the copy. Any regional or platform-specific considerations are also mentioned.

Clear and visible disclaimers and disclosures are always included.

When it comes to reviewing films/TV shows/games, reviewers are kept separate from those who preview or interview (for example, a writer who visits a film set or attends a junket will not review that film). We make an effort to maintain objectivity in our editorial content and criticism, keeping it distinct from our relationships with studios and monetization teams.

Giving Credit and Acquiring Written Permission

We always give credit to the original sources when sharing assets or news that are not from the official studio source or their PR affiliates. We aim to support the online publishing ecosystem and uphold good journalism practices by providing links to the original content. When using images or non-official art, we credit the artist and make an effort to obtain permission to use their work.

Spoiler Considerations

We always respect embargoes for previews and reviews, and we refrain from sharing spoilers until we have permission to do so or after the release date. If the spoilers are significant or sensitive, we avoid putting them in headlines and images until enough time has passed to ensure readers are not unintentionally exposed to them.

Our goal is not to spoil the entertainment experience for our audience, but to cater to those seeking such content. If there are spoilers and an article will be published around the release time, we will include a spoiler warning at the beginning of the piece.

To request corrections or updates, please reach out to [email protected].