How To Create Cleric Villager In Minecraft

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How To Create Cleric Villager In Minecraft

One of the five villagers that may be obtained using the default villager spawn egg in Minecraft is the cleric villager. By trading with a priest villager and freeing him from a town that has a zombie villager in it, you may also make a cleric. The cleric villagermay be found selling brewing stands, glass bottles, glowstone dust, redstone dust, charmed golden apples, and other ingredients for crafting potions.


One of the more uncommon breeds of villagers in Minecraft communities is this one. The cleric is one of the original villagers from version 1.0.0, and until version 1.14 it was impossible to cure a zombie villager without exchanging with a cleric villagerand personally curing it. This is still the case in Bedrock Edition. Now, just brewing calls for clerics.

Depending on the biome he lives in, he offers different kinds of weapons. He enjoys purchasing rotting meat, turtle shells, rabbit’s foot, emeralds, and golden ingots. Along with purchasing and selling you goods like flint, redstone dust, and ender pearls, the cleric villagermay also purchase blocks like glowstone and lapis lazuli.

They take the form of a peasant with fair skin who is dressed in pink with gold trim, a high collar, and cuffs. Each sort of biome has a certain apparel color that goes with it. For instance, he would dress in turquoise in a jungle habitat, brown with yellow trim in a desert biome instead of green, and purple instead of pink for clerics in snow biomes.

How to Make a Cleric Villager in Minecraft

An idle villager can be given the profession of the cleric to become a Cleric Villager. To accomplish this, put a brewing station exactly next to a villager. However, you must first create it.

To make a brewing stand, you need the following materials:

  • 3 Cobblestones
  • 1 Blaze Rod

To create a brewing stand, arrange the aforementioned things on a crafting table.


  • The Nether Fortresses are where you can find the Blaze Rod that the Blazes fell.
  • Cobblestone is simple to come by, you run around and still already stack a lot of cobblestones as a result.
  • Once the stand has been constructed, go to a village to locate Villagers.
  • A common villager may be transformed into a cleric villager by placing the Brewing stand next to him. Make sure the stand is positioned on solid ground.


Despite starting off at a Novice level, the Cleric villager may level up by exchanging more with them.


What Does A Cleric Villager Trade?

A typical Minecraft player has the ability to purchase or sell goods to the priest. The cleric villager in Minecraft has five different things that the player may purchase. A thorough description of each of these products that a cleric in Minecraft can sell can be found below. The player who is selling the item must have the necessary inventory. Tools often have durability, which deteriorates with time. Some can be fixed by fusing them with certain substances.

They frequently have luminous eyes, a hood, and robes on. In Minecraft, you may trade with cleric villager by right-clicking on them and holding an acceptable item in your hand (such wheat or potatoes). They’ll offer you emeralds or anything else in return. In addition, he purchases 5 to 12 pieces of decaying flesh for an emerald. He will trade the player 1 emerald for 5-20 mana bottles or 2 obsidian. However, the more you trade with him he will level up and the more trading options he’ll bring to you


All there is to creating a cleric villager in Minecraft. If you like this tutorial, see our other tips on How To Teleport In Minecraft Quick Guide, How To Cure A Zombie Villager, and Ultimate Guide To Minecraft Villager Trades.

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