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Kaelen Ohm| Famous People: Bio, Wiki, Career, Body Measurements, Quick Facts, and More.



Kaelen Ohm

Kaelen Ohm is a Canadian actor, director, and cinematographer who works in both film and television born in 1984 in Canada. The 38 years old actress has been involved in several projects throughout the years

Kaelen Ohm Who?
In 2015, she made her debut as Katie in Alexandra Carson’s movie O Brazen Age. She has also made appearances in several films and television shows, including Flint, Taken, Hell on Wheels, Queen of Spades, and Condor. At present, she is a resident of Toronto, Canada

Kaelen Ohm’s Wiki and Bio

Kaelen Ohm was born in the year 1984 in Fernie, Canada. Kaelen went to a local school for her early education. As a child, Kaelen was drawn to the expressive arts, particularly theatre and singing. 

Kaelen Ohm Wiki
In 2005, she successfully finished the Film Production Program at the Vancouver Film School and received her diploma shortly afterward. However, even in 2018, she continue to presume schooling when she enrolled at the Actor’s Conservatory at the Canadian Film Centre.

Kaelen Ohm’s Family and Background

Kaelen’s parents were residents of a small Canadian hamlet in British Columbia. Her mother, Patti Ohm, was a member of the artist selection committee. Kaelen’s mother’s musical experience has kindled her love of music.

Kaelen Ohm Family

However, as Kaelen tends to keep her private affairs very quiet, there’s no other available information on Kaelen’s family members or her early life. 

Kaelen Ohm’s Relationship

As aforementioned, Kaelen is extremely secretive about her personal life. Therefore any information about her relationship is not made publically available. However, we suspect that she mightn’t be currently dating anyone as she seems more interested in advancing her profession than pursuing a committed relationship.


Kaelen Ohm’s Height, Weight, and Other Body Statistics

Kaelen Ohm Body

Eye Color Green
Height (approx.) 5′ 6″. (168 cms)
Weight (approx.) 114 lbs. (54 kg)
Hair Color Brown
Piercing Ears


Kaelen Ohm’s Acting Career

Kaelen made her acting debut in a 2013 episode of the series Hell on Wheels titled One Less Mule where she was credited as the “Cute Whore”. 

On September 24, 2015, she received her first leading role as Katie in 0 Brazen Age, which was written and directed by Alexander Carson. Kaelen starred with Joe Perry as Jack, Deragh Campbell as Anna, and Lauren Saarimaki as Charlie. She also appeared as Amaara in the 2016 video short Black Moon and as Martha Jane Canary in the 2016 short film Guns of Purgatory.

Kaelen Ohm Career

Later in 2017, Kaelen Ohm was involved in three other projects: the television movie Flint in which she played a coworker, The Lamp at Noon, in which she played the role of Ellen, and Taken in which she played a terrorist hostage in the episode Ready

She then appeared in the 2018 episode of the Condor television series, playing the part of Ginny. The same year, the actress played Kim in the short films Little Grey Bubbles and the video All or Nothing. Additionally, Kaelen has appeared in the 2019 short films Transfer (as Mary) and Viaticum (as Jane). She also played Rosemary Rawlins in one of the episodes of Murdoch Mysteries (TV Series). 

Kaelen Ohm Career

However, it was ultimately her role as Mary in the movie Queen of Spades that launched her popularity as an actress, as the film has received a small cult following in the independent horror scene after it was released in 2021. 

As a director, she worked on four projects All or Nothing (Video short, 2018), Black Moon (Video short, 2016), Devil’s Time (Video short, 2014), and The Ride (Short movie, 2013). She even worked as a writer as well as an editor for all of these projects. She was even the composer of Black Moon and does her cinematography works on The Ride.

Kaelen Ohm Career

Ohm was later cast in the Netflix TV series Hit & Run which was released on August 6, 2021. Kaelen had the opportunity to play one of the leading parts of the series as Danielle Wexler Azulai. The series revolved around A happily married man whose wife was killed in a vehicle accident in Tel Aviv. It was her first major role in a large production which has only since skyrocketed her fame even more.


Kaelen Ohm’s Net Worth

Kaelen Ohm Networth
Kaelen Ohm’s net worth as of 2022 is predicted by numerous sources to be under $1 million US dollars, with her main income coming from participating in numerous acting gigs, modeling jobs, TV advertisements, and other ventures in the entertainment businesses.


Kaelen Ohm’s Social Media Profile

Kaelen Ohm Socials

Instagram kaelenohm
Facebook N/A
Twitter          @kaelenohm
IMDB       Kaelen Ohm
Tiktok N/A


Quick Facts About Kaelen Ohm

Kaelen Ohm Facts

  • Kaelen has a very small following on Instagram of 16K people because she is not very active on the platform and rarely posts anything there. She has only 34 posts at the time of this article. 
  • Summer is Kaelen Ohm’s favorite season which seems obvious because she lives in one of the coldest parts of Canada. 
  • She often tagged Heather Saitz in her posts, a talented photographer and art director. 
  • Kaelen Ohm currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
  • This actress is also a talented musician and is fond of playing guitars. 
  • She was seen promoting sustainable, ethical, handmade, and second-hand gifts. Ohm highly supports local artisans and their products. She even urges her followers to support Indigenous craftsmanship. 
  • On October 28, 2018, she performed at Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary. 

FAQs About Kaelen Ohm

  1. Who is Kaelen Ohm?

Kaelen Ohm is a Canadian actor, director, and cinematographer who works in both film and television born in 1984 in Canada.

  1. How old is Kaelen Ohm?

She is currently 38 years old.

  1. Where does she live?

She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

  1. Why is she famous?

Her breakthrough performance came when he was cast in the horror film Queen of Spades, and later starred as one of the leading parts in the Netflix series Hit and Run.

  1. What is her net worth?

Her estimated net worth in 2022 falls under $1 million.

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