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Who is Sharelle Rosado? Wiki, 7 Quick Facts, Real Estate, Chad Johnson, Military Serve Time, Height, Net Worth & More



Sharelle Rosado

Who is Sharelle Rosado?

Sharelle Rosado is a well-known real estate broker, influencer on social media, US Army veteran, and entrepreneur from Columbus, Georgia, in the United States. She appears in the Selling Tampa spin-off of Selling Sunset, which will debut on Netflix.


Being the CEO of the real estate firm “Allure Realty” has made her extremely well-known throughout the nation. She currently makes news with her partner while working in a variety of professions. She was born in 1987, on October 16.

Rosado earned a BBA in 2015 from the University of Maryland University College in the area of human resources management and services, according to her LinkedIn page. She enlisted in the US Army while still in college. She spent more than ten years working for the US Army. She is currently a renowned broker and real estate agent.

Sharelle Rosado’s Partner & Relationships


Chad Johnson and Sharelle Rosado are presently dating. He turns 43 on January 9, which is also his birthday. Chad Johnson is a tall man, standing at 6’1″ tall and weighing about 85 kg. Sharelle initially received a marriage proposal from Chad on January 30, 2021. He was a wide receiver in American football in his earlier career. After leaving the NFL, he just staged his first boxing battle. A competitor of his was Brian Maxwell. Although the fight’s four two-minute rounds were finished, there was no winner because it was only an exhibition.

The news of Sharelle’s pregnancy and impending birth was made public by the couple. Nevertheless, this is not Chad’s first kid. He has previously been married and has been charged with domestic violence. With his former partners, he has eight kids.

Sharelle Rosado’s Height, Weight, Body Measurements


Height 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight 60 kg (132 lbs)
Zodiac Sign Libra
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Tattoo Yes
Piercing Yes

Sharelle Rosado’s US Army Career


Sharelle Rosado has reportedly been interested in the military and Army duty since she was a little girl. Sharelle joined the US Army in May 2007 as an executive administrative assistant, according to her LinkedIn page. She spent six years, and five months in the same job.

In October 2013 after that, she was transferred to a position in human resources. She retired from the US Army after ten years of service. On her social media accounts, she also discussed her experiences in the US Army.

Sharelle Rosado’s Business Career


She is the CEO of the real estate company Allure Realty. She is an agent for both sports and entertainment. She reportedly serves as a Military Relocation Specialist, Army Veteran, and Real Estate Broker with Allure Realty. She has worked as a broker and real estate agent for roughly five years. She’s employed in the Tampa Bay region.

But it seems like she has the more professional knowledge to offer. She also works with other real estate experts as a broker and consultant. It focuses on how to use technology to improve office administration, general marketing, and customer service. She takes great delight in providing her customers with good service and long-lasting connections.

Sharelle Rosado’s Net Worth, Income


Real estate agent Sharelle Rosado has purchased several houses all around Florida. She is the owner of many properties worth millions. She is rumored to own many properties spread out over Alabama. Her fortune is further increased by her real estate holdings.

Her real estate business, Allure Reality, is where she derives her income. Her business deals in the sale of expensive real estate, and she is qualified to get benefits because she served in the US Army and was twice deployed to Afghanistan. She would also make money from her new reality program on Netflix called Tampa Selling.

She has also made investments in several other prospective businesses, which has increased her earnings. She achieved a net worth of $6 to $8 million through her enterprises (approx.). She currently resides in Tampa, Florida, where she is surrounded by luxury with her family. Her fiance gave her a Mercedes CLS 450 in June 2021.

Sharelle Rosado’s Social Media


Instagram sharellerosado_
Facebook Sharelle Rosado
Twitter @SharelleRosado_
LinkedIn Sharelle Rosado
Allure Realty Allure Realty

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Highlights About Sharelle Rosado


  • She is a reality television celebrity who gained notoriety as a luxury real estate salesperson on the program Selling Tampa.
  • She founded Allure Realty. She has over 390,000 followers on her sharellerosado_ Instagram profile thanks to her reality-show stardom.
  • She spent 10 years in the military.
  • In 2019, she established Beauty Properties. In 2019, she started Allure Realty. She runs the business as CEO.

  • She engaged to former NFL player Chad Johnson in 2021. They made the announcement of the birth of Serenity, their daughter, in January 2022.
  • She also has three kids from other marriages.
  • She shared an Instagram selfie with Amara La Negra from Love & Hip Hop: Miami in October 2021.

FAQs About Sharelle Rosado


Who is Sharelle Rosado?

Sharelle Rosado is a well-known real estate broker and social media influencer from the United States. She appears in the Selling Tampa spin-off of Selling Sunset, which will debut on Netflix.

How old is Sharelle Rosado?

She is 35 years old (as of 2022).

What is Sharelle Rosado’s net worth?

Her net worth is $6 to $8 million (approx.).

What is Sharelle Rosado’s zodiac sign?

Her zodiac sign is Libra

Why is Sharelle Rosado famous?

Sharelle is a well-known social media influencer as well as Chad Johnson’s wife

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