10 Good-Life Values “Frozen” Successfully Conveyed



10 Good-Life Values “Frozen” Successfully Conveyed

With many prestigious awards (including an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature) and the second-highest gross in the history of animated movies, “Frozen” deserves to be recognized as one of the best animations ever made. The film follows the journey of a brave princess and her friends on a journey to find her estranged sister and save their kingdom from the eternal winter, and it has won millions of hearts.

From the thrilling adventure to the touching sisterhood between the two protagonists, “Frozen” conveys to the audience many great moral values ​​that can inspire anyone. Keep scrolling down to check out these wonderful lessons and find yourself loving this masterpiece even more!

#1 Don’t rush into a relationship

10 Good Life Values Frozen Tries To Convey 1Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Anna fell in love with Hans at first sight and hastily engaged with him. However, Hans turned out to take advantage of Anna’s affection to win the crown. On the contrary, the relationship built on the foundation of friendship and trust between Anna and Kristoff is the kind of love we should pursue.

#2 It’s good to be courageous

10 Good Life Values Frozen Tries To Convey 2Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

There are a lot of actions that show the characters’ courageousness in “Frozen”. Elsa leaving her home to live on her own is bold but Anna’s decision to follow her makes us be even more surprised.

#3 Perfectly imperfect

10 Good Life Values Frozen Tries To Convey 3Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Disney princesses are all built with a flawless image. However, the two protagonists of “Frozen”, Anna and Elsa are not like that. They all have their flaws, for instance, Elsa chooses to run away from her problems instead of encountering them or Anna is clumsy and quirky. Those flaws turn out to make them be even more realistic and loved by everyone. Nobody’s perfect, don’t be self-deprecating just because of your flaws.

#4 Learn to be selfless

10 Good Life Values Frozen Tries To Convey 4Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

It seems that Anna’s prioritization of Elsa is an extreme example, but it is indeed a valuable lesson for everyone. We should all learn how to help and give away, whether it’s simply giving up a chair to an old lady or donating our old clothes.

#5 Pursue your dream no matter how unbelievable it is

10 Good Life Values Frozen Tries To Convey 5Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Olaf has always dreamed that he can experience summer someday. This dream sounds very unbelievable to many people, however, Olaf has never given up on his passion. Thanks to Elsa’s magic, Olaf’s dream finally comes true. Even Olaf can embrace his dreams, why can’t you?

#6 Never hold back your feelings

10 Good Life Values Frozen Tries To Convey 6Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Elsa always bottles her feelings up, and everyone knows the consequences of this action. Sometimes, you need to let your negative emotions out by confiding in others or just simply by exercising, it will make the problems you are facing a lot simpler to solve.

#7 Female empowerment is on the rise

10 Good Life Values Frozen Tries To Convey 7Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

“Frozen” is one of Disney’s movies that best depicts female empowerment, from how Elsa and Anna ruled the kingdom to how the male characters behaved to them. Through the journey of these two sisters, Disney shows us that the power of women is no joke and can surprise anyone.

#8 Know how to let it go

10 Good Life Values Frozen Tries To Convey 8Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

After Elsa disregards the gloves her parents made her wear, Elsa finally expressed herself for the first time and shows her true powers. As Elsa once said, the past is the past, you can’t change whatever you did no matter how hard you try. Therefore, instead of continuing to dwell on it and be moody, you should just let it all go and focus on your future.

#9 Don’t judge a book by its cover

10 Good Life Values Frozen Tries To Convey 9Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Hans appeared as a handsome and kind prince, but he turned out to be a nasty fella who only uses Anna’s love to win the crown. Elsa was labeled a monster by the Duke of Weselton, but she was actually just a girl with a broken heart. You should really get to know a person thoroughly before judging them.

#10 Sibling love can solve any problem

10 Good Life Values Frozen Tries To Convey 10Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Elsa realized that love is the key to controlling power. Thanks to that, she finally ended the eternal winter in the kingdom and brought summer back to Arendelle. Unlike other films that often focus on the love interest between the prince and the princess, “Frozen” chooses to emphasize sibling love and proves that this relationship can solve any problem.

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