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10 Saddest Disney Deaths That Always Break Our Hearts


10 Saddest Disney Deaths That Always Break Our Hearts

It is not easy for us to overcome grief, even grown-ups. And when it comes to our beloveds passing away, we cannot hold back tears because of the heaviness of hearts. Therefore, today, we compile 10 saddest Disney deaths for our picks, which can make you cry your eyes out.

In the file below, we list out heart-wrenching death scenes from Disney and Pixar animated movies. They are the actual deaths that make everyone blue, not the ones that happen to be quickly brought back to life. For instance, the death of King Mufasa in The Lion King or the departure of Hiro’s brother in Big Hero 6 can cause anyone in dolor.

So, let’s scroll down to check our post out. Because this collection contains parts shedding your tears, make sure you have your tissues behind!

#1 Mufasa‌ ‌(The‌ ‌Lion‌ ‌King,‌ ‌1994)‌

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

This death is really broken-hearted! It is hard to watch Mufasa despairingly saves Simba, or Mufasa dies due to being thrown to death. And when Simba tries to wake his dad up as this young lion could not believe he passed away, this moment cries our hearts out.

#2 Ray (The Princess and the Frog, 2009)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Thunderstruck and hurtful are the two adjectives for the scene in which Doctor Facilier crushes this firefly. You hope that Ray will bounce right back, but unfortunately, he does not.

#3 Tadashi Hamada (Big Hero 6, 2014)

Source: Youtube

It is heart-wrenching for Hiro to accept losing his brother! Tadashi suddenly dies in a mysterious fire, which really shocks us.

#4 Tala (Moana, 2016)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Although the villagers try their best to save her, Granma Tala passes away due to her serious illness. Despite the fact that this death does not even take place on screen, it still bursts us into emotion.

#5 Sitka (Brother Bear, 2003)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Combating the bear stealing food from them, Sitka sacrifices his life to save his younger brother. Even though Sitka’s spirit lives on in the film, this death is still heartache.

#6 Kerchak (Tarzan, 1999)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

In his final moments, Kerchak accepts Tarzan as his son. This heart-touching scene turns on the waterwork as there is a conflict between the father and child before.

#7 Coral (Finding Nemo, 2003)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Attempting to save her children rather than save herself, Coral is killed by a barracuda. This part makes us weep right at the beginning of the movie.

#8 Bing Bong (Inside Out, 2015)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Sacrificing himself, Bing Bong remains in the memory dump forever. Hearing his final words for Joy cries our hearts out.

#9 Bambi’s Mother (Bambi, 1942)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

This death takes place off-screen, so it is not the moment itself that is doleful, but rather Bambi’s reaction when he realizes that his mom is not with him anymore.

#10 Ellie (Up, 2009)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Many people are not well-prepared enough to see Ellie’s subsequent death, which is hard to handle for both adults and children.

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