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45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around the World, Ranked



9308 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Getting a little creative with interior design is a great way to insert a little personality into a room. Still, most people reserve this level of design for areas that people spend a lot of time in, like a living room or bedroom. However, these toilets really show us that you can bring some bizarre design into a bathroom too.

#1. Um, a Little Privacy?

There are certain places where you probably want a little more privacy. We can’t think of a more private locale than a bathroom. At least, that’s what we thought until we saw this picture.

Bizarre Toilets 1 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

It seems like this room is for really busy meetings that you can’t step away from — even for a second. As for us, we’ll probably wait until there’s another bathroom available. While it isn’t the biggest problem by far, that toilet paper looks like it’s set a bit away too.

#2. Need Some Air

The only good thing that we can say about this toilet is that at least it’s set off by itself. On the other hand, it’s still not quite “private.”

Bizarre Toilets 2 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

We suppose that this is a good choice if you need a little fresh air while you’re doing your business. On the other side of things, your neighbors might think that it spoils the view a bit. Let’s just hope there’s another option inside in case it rains.

#3. Larger Than Life

It’s nice to have a restroom when you need it, even if you’re out and about. So, a public bathroom can come in really handy when you need it.

Bizarre Toilets 3 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

In Chongqing, China, you can stop by the world’s largest restroom, free of charge. It’s located in Yangren Jie and boasts about a thousand toilets over a total area of 32,290 square feet. Needless to say, you won’t have to wait in line.

#4. Playing Games

Everyone gets a little bored sometimes. You might even reach for a magazine or your phone from time to time while you’re in the bathroom.

Bizarre Toilets 4 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Since 2011, some public urinals in Japan, the U.K., and the United States started to feature screens over urinals that actually house an interactive game. How do you play? Well, all you have to do is aim, so to speak. It’s definitely a unique approach to keeping people engaged.

#5. On Gaming Toilets

Gaming and toilets don’t seem like something that would have an intersection. Yet, some toilet designers are bound to make it happen. We’re not quite sure how sanitary this option is, though.

Bizarre Toilets 5 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

After all, the controllers are used by other strangers while they use the bathroom, and then the controller rests on the floor. We also hope that you’re really comfortable with multiplayer gaming since this doesn’t look very private.

#6. Toilet and a Tourist Trap

Most of the time, you head to a tourist attraction and break off for the bathroom when necessary. Toilets usually aren’t involved as part of the main event. An Austrian artist named Friedensreich Hundertwasser decided to change that.

Bizarre Toilets 6 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Hundertwasser gathered recycled materials for a more environmentally-friendly attraction and got to work making the Hundertwasser Toilets, seen here. If you want to visit this bathroom/art piece, it’s in Kawakawa, New Zealand.

#7. A Scary Experience

There are some people who definitely love an adrenaline rush or a bit of fear. Otherwise, why would we have rollercoasters and haunted house attractions?

Bizarre Toilets 7 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Most people don’t necessarily want that same level of adrenaline at all times. So, you might want to entire this bathroom at your own risk, especially if you have a fear of heights. After all, not everyone wants to stare into an open space below them while they take care of their business.

#8. Well, It’s Simple

If you want a great view while at a restaurant, this restaurant named UFO in Bratislava, Slovakia offers it. That includes in the bathroom.

Bizarre Toilets 8 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

However, that’s not the only thing that caught our eye about this bathroom. In fact, you’ve probably already noticed that the urinals here are basically buckets. These simple urinals really are a bucket on a pedestal but at least the bottom half of the glass is frosted this time.

#9. Solid Gold

There are a lot of instances where people want to be luxurious. Whether it’s actually a better product or if it’s simply extravagance is situational.

Bizarre Toilets 9 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

This toilet might seem like the latter but that’s probably because it’s an art piece. This 18-karat gold toilet was featured at the Guggenheim in 2016. The piece was by an Italian artist named Maurizio Cattelan and the exhibit — entitled “America” — was functional and even open to the guests.

#10. If Not Gold…

You don’t have to turn to gold if you want to give off a sense of luxury, though. There are plenty of alternatives you can turn to. This includes when it comes to luxury toilets, it would seem.

Bizarre Toilets 10 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

For a more unique approach, this design forewent the classic option of gold for a blinding bathroom throne covered in Swarovski Crystals. This seems like an expensive item to use for such a purpose.

#11. Those Poor Tubas

Any musician can tell you that instruments don’t often come cheap. So, a lot of people take careful care of the instruments that they have.

Bizarre Toilets 11 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

As such, we can see why a public restroom that looked like this might make them recoil. While it’s great to do what you can to reduce, reuse, and recycle, it seems like these poor tubas lucked out in what their next purpose would be after they left the concert hall.

#12. Why Would You Do This?

There are some minor inconveniences in life that most people don’t like. For example, stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night only to sit on a cold toilet.

Bizarre Toilets 12 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

It’s such a common experience, as a matter of fact, that you can solve the problem with everything from seat covers to seat warmers. It seems like this bathroom was only trying to amplify that sensation, on the contrary. We’re not sure that this would make for a comfortable experience.

#13. They’re Overprepared

We’ve all been there. You’ve finished up, so you reach for the toilet paper only to grab an empty roll. Of course, no one replaced the roll last time.

Bizarre Toilets 13 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

We suppose that the good news is that this won’t be a problem if you use this bathroom. Yet, we don’t feel quite as at ease as you’d think we might — the overkill is almost unsettling. Do you use one roll and move from there or do you just reach for whatever roll you’re feeling in that moment?

#14. A Daring Mission

We’ll cover this basic fact again — if you’re using a toilet, you probably want a little more privacy than you do on average.

Bizarre Toilets 14 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

From the outside, this mirrored stall is eye-catching but not really all that strange beyond that. However, once you step inside — where you want the privacy the most — you realize that this stall is only mirrored from the outside so it just looks like a window to you from within.

#15. Flipping Things Around

Listen, we probably spend more of our life than we’d like to admit on the toilet. So, why not make things a little more interesting? In a bizarre turn of events, you don’t sit on this toilet.

Bizarre Toilets 15 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Instead, in this attraction, you’re going down the toilet yourself. For a more thematic experience, don’t forget to don a poop hat before you slide down the slide that leads into this gigantic toilet.

#16. It’s Almost Nauseating

There’s some imagery that you just feel like it doesn’t belong in certain places. For instance, you wouldn’t want pictures of trash all over a fancy restaurant.

Bizarre Toilets 16 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

That’s the line of thinking that leads us to wonder what the designers were thinking when they designed these toilets. There are a lot of weird urinal designs but if there’s one thing that we’re pretty about it’s that as far as urinal designs go, an open mouth is typically an unpopular choice.

#17. How…Beautiful?

The basic concept of interior design is to help make a functional area aesthetically appealing too. However, what counts as “aesthetically appealing” isn’t actually universal. This is a great example of that.

Bizarre Toilets 17 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

In most cases, you can’t go wrong with flowers. At the end of the day, they often bring a bit of natural beauty with them and maybe even a fresh smell. That’s far from the case when you use them as urinals.

#18. The Definition of Functional

When you’re designing something, aesthetics usually aren’t worth overcoming function. This toilet is a pretty good instance of this. For fairly obvious reasons, you need your toilet to have the ability to hold water.

Bizarre Toilets 18 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a massive mess. So, this uncomfortable design looks pretty useless as well as physically discomforting to sit on. Here’s hoping that this toilet is actually just for appearances and isn’t going to be put to the test anytime soon.

#19. Going Overboard

There are some things that have a classic, romantic vibe. A heart-shaped tub is a classic example of this — just ask anyone who’s looked into romantic getaways.

Bizarre Toilets 19 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Still, a bathtub is a part of the bathroom we can get behind. On the contrary, we’re not so sure that we need to have a heart-shaped set of toilets either. While spending a lot of time with your partner is great, most partners still want enough privacy to go to the bathroom on their own.

#20. Hands Off!

There are certain places where robots can really help. Robotics has made some impressive strides, even in the last few years. Still, if there’s a chance for mechanical failure or a mistake, you might get nervous.

Bizarre Toilets 20 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

You might get especially nervous if the robot you just met is attached to the urinal you’re using. Are the hands functional? What exactly do they do and does it seem as intimidating as this particular toilet looks?

#21. Pop-Up Toilets

There are certain things that you don’t really expect to be hidden. For instance, you probably want a bathroom that’s fairly easy to find.

Bizarre Toilets 21 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

These pop-up toilets in London aren’t necessarily hard to find but they do have an interesting feature that hides them away. The design is actually fairly well-done too since the bathrooms pop up when needed and clean themselves rather frequently. It’s still a surprising novelty.

#22. Partial Coverage

When you walk into a public bathroom, you probably still want a little privacy. So, when you move to the toilets, you might grab an open stall. A lot of people complain about the gaps in — especially American — bathroom stalls.

Bizarre Toilets 22 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Still, this takes that concept to a whole new level. Instead of leaving a sizable gap or making you fiddle with a fussy lock, you can just shut the door knowing everyone can completely see you underneath it.

#23. In-Room Entertainment

Maybe you won’t be in the bathroom long but you still don’t want to get bored. So, why not scroll Facebook or catch up on a magazine?Bizarre Toilets 23 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

In this case, you can go even bigger if you’d like with a live piano performance. There’s a separate bench here than the toilet which leaves us with a few important questions. Are you supposed to play before or after? Alternatively, should you bring your own accompanist?

#24. Don’t Miss the Last Step

When you live in a variety of places, you get used to a few idiosyncrasies. For example, maybe your bathroom is small or only features a shower without a tub.

Bizarre Toilets 24 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Another possibility, as this picture shows, is that you just have stairs that lead directly to your bathroom. Without a door at the bottom either, there isn’t much warning before the drop-off. We hope no one falls in the middle of the night!

#25. This Seems Illegal

There are security cameras everywhere in the modern world. You might see them at the grocery store or even walking down the street. Even still, there are some places that security cameras just shouldn’t monitor.

Bizarre Toilets 25 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

We can only hope that this one is defunct but, even then, it might be a good idea to just go ahead and take it down. Once again, this is a time for a lot more privacy than this!

#26. Looking for a Challenge?

The good news is that, in this bathroom, you do get some choice. If you want, you can just walk to a normal urinal.

Bizarre Toilets 26 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

If you’re looking for more of a challenge, there’s also a rock wall portion although we’d watch out using any nearby urinals. On top of that, we can’t help but notice that this line of urinals, even aside from the most challenging choice in the restroom, don’t all match.

#27. It’s Unoccupied, Right?

Crowd surfing is a tried-and-true condition at some concerts. Plus, it’s a bit exciting to ride along the hands of the crowd. This image looks like things got a little out of hand, though.

Bizarre Toilets 27 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

While a crowd-surfing person is fine, we’re not so sure about a crowd-surfacing porta-potty. We can only hope that the jostled stall was unoccupied when the crowd got their hands on it and started to pass it around!

#28. Afraid of Heights?

If you’re afraid of heights, you might want to avoid things that are above ground level. Luckily, there are a lot of first-floor bathrooms to contend with.

Bizarre Toilets 28 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Conversely, this particular choice for a toilet might leave you a little too fearful to make it all the way up in time. As if the height alone wasn’t enough, we’re not too confident in how stable this construction is but we hope it’s studier than it looks!

#29. Seat Warmers

No one wants to wake up first thing in the morning or stumble out of bed at night to sit down on a cold toilet seat — it’s uncomfortable! The good news is that you have a few options when it comes to seat warmers.

Bizarre Toilets 29 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Wrapping the whole toilet in yarn, though, doesn’t sound like the easiest or most sanitary choice when it comes to looking for a warmer seat. Not to mention, this covers a bit more than just the seat.

#30. We Have Some Concerns

Interior design changes a lot over the years. Just take a look at a house from the ’70s and compare it to the average modern apartment if you aren’t sure. The orange tone and busy patterns really sell the ’70s vibe here.

Bizarre Toilets 30 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Even the shape of this chair brings back the psychedelic decor styles. Yet, we don’t quite remember there being a whole lot of egg-shaped chairs housing a toilet. At least it offers a place to keep your toilet paper.

#31. A Bit Hard to See

Most bathrooms opt for neutral decor. It makes sense too — most people are only in there to perform an activity and leave, not hang around.

Bizarre Toilets 31 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

It looks like the designers of this bathroom were well determined not to land on a natural design. Instead, the design they came up with is bright and reflective to the point of garishness and, honestly, it’s a little hard to look at for long even in a picture.

#32. Ready for Anything

It doesn’t take long into a road trip or a camping adventure to realize that your body isn’t going to stop just because there isn’t a bathroom around.

Bizarre Toilets 32 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

– This usually leads to making do or, in this situation, coming up with an alternative. Sure, in usual circumstances, we might not want to use a toilet seat hooked over a tire but it seems better than squatting in a bush. We just hope that it doesn’t come unhooked or fall.

#33. A Slight Oversight

Listen, most bathrooms feature a door. Who wants to take care of their personal business when just anyone could happen by and see them?

Bizarre Toilets 33 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

These designers tried to offer a door but they made a pretty big oversight. How is this door supposed to keep your privacy safe if most of it is taken up by a window? A window, by the way, that points directly at the toilet.

#34. Close the Curtain

Privacy is the name of the game in the bathroom and this is another case of toilet placement that failed to take this fact into consideration.

Bizarre Toilets 34 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

We have to give this one the benefit that you have the option to close your curtain or even the door to the bathroom, so we won’t judge it too terribly harshly. However, we can’t help but wonder if they considered how odd a window directly across from the toilet might seem.

#35. Fake Entertainment

No matter your personal opinions on it, it simply isn’t that uncommon for someone to read in the bathroom, particularly at home.

Bizarre Toilets 35 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

At first glance, it seems like this public restroom is a mini-library but, alas, all the books you’re looking at are just images on an interesting wallpaper choice. Honestly, that’s probably for the best, given that it seems like a wet, unhygienic environment to keep your classics — especially in a public setting.

#36. A Real Throne

Over the centuries, toilets and their contemporaries have garnered quite a few nicknames since people were looking for less direct language about the bathroom.

Bizarre Toilets 36 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Among these names are nicknames like “the porcelain throne.” That’s a term that it seems that this toilet took literally. This old-timey toilet has everything you need, from arm and backrests to candles so you can see. The armrests are a comfort that we might actually be able to support.

#37. Why Teeth?

At first look, you might hesitate before sitting down on this toilet. After all, who wants to sit down on rows of sharp teeth?Bizarre Toilets 37 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

The bright news is that these teeth are only painted on. As for why this person might have painted an open mouth on their toilet seat, we’re not quite sure. It’s particularly jarring to see so much detail on the toilet seat of an otherwise mostly utilitarian bathroom.

#38. Oh, Hello

This bathroom, at least from this perspective, seems like it’s in a room of its own and that it offers plenty of privacy.

Bizarre Toilets 38 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Unfortunately, even a private room can feel more open with the wrong décor. While there are many pieces of art that can fit well in a restroom, this particular image of a man peeking through a keyhole doesn’t exactly put us at ease when we walk in to stop by the toilet.

#39. Um, Ouch

There’s a lot that can make a toilet uncomfortable to use. This one might take the cake for combining a lot of those concepts.

Bizarre Toilets 39 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Our first thought upon seeing this is a hope that the seat for this toilet isn’t as full of sharp points. On top of that, keeping a toilet clean is enough of an ongoing job by itself without adding so many nooks and crannies. How do you clean between all the seashells?

#40. Pod Toilets

If you opened the restroom door and saw this, we wouldn’t blame you if you were a little confused. We’ll explain in case you stop by Sketch in Mayfair, London.

Bizarre Toilets 40 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

The entire restaurant is eye-catching but this alien-looking restroom seems different from anything you’ve ever seen. In simple terms, though, these pods are just odd-looking stalls. We suppose no one can complain about gaps in the stalls if everyone gets their own egg pod.

#41. New Take on a Classic

Most of the time, a porta-potty is an item of necessity. In general, people don’t seek them out by preference and they don’t usually enjoy them.

Bizarre Toilets 41 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

It seems like at least one business was a fan of the concept — Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield, Ohio. On the bright side, these aren’t the porta-potties you’re used to. Open that door and it’ll lead into a whole restroom that’s much nicer than what it looks like on the outside.

#42. Taking in the View

When you’re having fun on a night out, stepping away to use the bathroom probably isn’t a very memorable or fun part of the experience.

Bizarre Toilets 42 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

Well, clearly, that’s because you aren’t using a restroom with a view like this. This bathroom is in The Seoul Tower in South Korea, offering visitors a view of Seoul. You’ll want to make sure to head to the Sky Restroom on the fourth floor to see this toilet with a view.

#43. Staying On-Theme

Are you feeling adventurous? If you want to stop by the bathroom here, we sure hope you are, given the view.

Bizarre Toilets 43 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

The good news is that you aren’t actually standing on the precipice when you stop by this bathroom. However, you’re in a small stall and there are skis on the floor, so we hope you at least like winter imagery and thinking about spending time on the slopes while you’re otherwise occupied.

#44. Slightly Concerning

We’re sure that the laser on this toilet must serve some sort of purpose or signal some sort of process. It’s not really clear from this picture alone.

Bizarre Toilets 44 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

What is clear, though, is that this toilet has more than a passing resemblance to sci-fi villains. Specifically, we can almost hear Hal 9000’s infamous line, “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that” from 2001, A Space Odyssey just by looking at it.

#45. The Floor Made it Worse

In all fairness to the toilet here, it’s pretty tame. It’s definitely not what makes this bathroom seem so bizarre.

Bizarre Toilets 45 -45+ Bizarre Toilets From Around The World, Ranked

As a matter of fact, this bathroom probably wouldn’t even be that alarming if they’d just chosen any other flooring. The sight of a crowd of people reaching up towards your feet isn’t usually what people want to think about while they’re using the bathroom but to each their own.

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