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Bindi Movies (2019) Review- An Indian Horror Slock that Impresses No One



Bindi movies, also known as Pottu, is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language horror comedy film by producer John Max made for Shalom Studios. It’s a mid-valued Tamil production that mostly flew under the radar during theatrical releases and only seems to acquire some cult attention after its Hindi dubbed version was digitally released on the Indian streaming platform Pen Movies.

Bindi Movies (2019) Review

Bindi Movies Plot & Summary:

The film revolves around a straightforward premise where a medical college student gets possessed by an apparition who is seeking vengeance on the university’s dean. Tamil regular Bharath stars opposite newcomer Srushti Dange as the central character Arjun, an irresponsible and impulsive student who manages to get into medical school by fraudulent means.

Bindi Movies: Plot & Summary

When he is caught cheating and confronted by the school committee with a high possibility of permanent suspension, he turns to suicide by cutting his wrist with a piece of glass. However, as his blood spills on the tomb of Pottu, a mysterious ghost enters his body which forces him to behave like a girl. What follows is the unraveling of the mystery behind Pottu and her goals.

Bindi Movies Production Details:

Bindi Movies: Cast

The film is produced by Shalom Studios, a relatively new mid-level Indian production company based in Tamil Nadu specializing in feature-length films. The projects have been in producer John Max’s woodworks since as far as 2015 when it was revealed he’d continue to collaborate with director V.C Vadivudaiyan on a horror-comedy film as they were in production for another project then.

Bharath, fresh off a career comeback from a sequence of moderate commercial success, was signed onto the leading role, with three B-tier actresses, Ineya, Namitha, and Srushti Dange, to presume the roles of the apparition, the antagonist, and the love interest successively.

Despite Bindi’s moderate scale and small crew compares to Tamil’s other production counterparts which often seek to emphasize their cinematic qualities through magnitude, there’s still a significant level of commitment to the film’s production design as huge sets were erected at an altitude of 2,000 feet at the filming location.

Bindi Movies Review:

Bindi Movies Review
Although director Vadivudaiyan has never really been known for his stellar records of high-quality films, there’s regardless some silver of expectation for a mid-scale production company much as Shalom Studios to pull off an entertaining flick that would be delivered on its sincerity through delightful charms and wits. Instead, the audience ends up getting an absolute mess of a film that continues to drag desperately on to no avail.

It only takes the first few minutes of the film for you to want to leave the theater. Bindi quickly places all its faults on the table from the opening scenes. The film exercises a degree of excessiveness that seems to hold no functional storytelling purposes; it’s so visually jarring it can almost be described as nauseating and the sound design is so overmixed that the shouting and loud background noise become rancid after a while. It’s soon become clear that the film suffers from a common situation where a mid-scale production tries to make its final products as grand as possible only to backfire immediately.

Bindi Movie ReviewsSimilarly, Bind’s narrative is a mixture of different tones and moods which blends distastefully wretched together. But moreover, the plot of Bindi is just extremely formulaic; there are ghosts, a method to check the ghost’s presence, a witch doctor which arrives to remove the jinx, a flashback that reveals that the ghost was misunderstood, and a revenge sequence against an even larger threat in the film. The film ultimately offers very little to the table, instead, it regurgitates the same exhausted ghost story over and over again.

The film’s overstuffed characters’ appearance during the first act ultimately meant exceedingly little to the film’s general themes, narrative, and settings, as Bindi appears more concerned with delivering its over-the-top brand of humor at this point than any signs of proper character and worldbuilding. The film, therefore, attempts to resolve any potential conflicts through overloaded stunts and gags that render these characters as one-dimensional comedic relief tools.

Bindi Movie Reviews
The performances unfortunately also couldn’t save Bindi from its pit of mediocrity. Although Bharath’s performance as a ghost is ultimately bearable enough and it’s interesting to see him playing a woman, his embodiment as a struggling college student is so bland and tasteless that it leaves impressions at all. The rest of the cast similarly follows; Srushti Dange only has a few scenes at the beginning of the film and has not much to offer. Sayaji Shinde’s performance as the villain is completely overshadowed by Namitha, who was able to showcase some of her acting range as the ruthless witch in the film.

Though Bindi is advertised as a horror comedy, the film is barely ever scary or actually funny. It is over-the-top and dramatic, annoying, and most exhausting. There are so far few silver linings in-betweens that it is almost pointless to see them as any sort of redeeming qualities as the film has already been a complete trainwreck from the beginning.


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Who is Jake Andrich? Wiki, Biography, Height, Weight, Career, 7 Quick Facts, FAQs And More




Jake Andrich

Who is Jake Andrich?

Jake Andrich is a famous Instagram personality, TikTok content creator and YouTube star most famous for his prominent tattoos and the modeling images he frequently posts on his social handles.

On OnlyFans, Jake is a well-liked model who has amassed a combined million likes on his two verified profiles. His identity is described in the biography that follows, along with facts on his professional and personal pursuits.

Jake Andrich Biography

The internet sensation was born on November 7, 1996 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, making him 26 years old as of 2022. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. Andrich currently lives in his hometown, having graduated from a private high school there.

Born in Alberta, the IG personality holds the nationality of Canadian, is of white ethnic background and is also a Christian.

Through his posts on IG, Andrich is known to have an elder sister. Not much is known about the rest of his family, however, as the social media personality chooses to keep the relevant information private.

Jake Andrich Height, Weight, Physical Appearance

Height 5’11’’ / 180 cm / 1.80 m
Weight 200 lbs / 90.7 kg
Tattoos Yes
Piercing Nose, Ears

Jake Andrich Career

On January 14, 2019, Jake started a YouTube channel using the username Jakipz. He frequently broadcasts videos of his training, daily vlogs, and reposts from his TikTok account. He now boasts 153M views and more than 480K subscribers.

In 2020, after starting his YouTube channel, Jake made a TikTok account. Since then, he has thrilled his fans by uploading a lot of modeling, lip-syncing, short movies, and dress-up videos to his TikTok account. He has accumulated more than 305M likes and 14.8M followers as a result.

In addition, Jake posts explicit material on his OnlyFans account. He is also a popular figure on other social media, including IG and Twitter, on which he has amassed a combined following of 1.3M and 1.6M followers, respectively.

Jake Andrich Net Worth

His actual net worth is unknown, but a number of sources estimate it to be between $1 million and $5 million. His work on social networks is the main source of his earnings.

Jake Andrich Social Media Handle

Instagram Jake Andrich (@jakeandrich) • Instagram
Twitter Jake Andrich / Jakipz™ (@jakipz) / Twitter
YouTube Jakipz – YouTube
TikTok Jake Andrich / Jakipz (@jakeandrich) Official TikTok
Twitch jakeandrich – Twitch

Is Jake Andrich Gay?

The internet celebrity doesn’t categorize his sexual orientation. Andrich declared during one of YouTube’s live broadcasts that he was neither straight nor gay. Additionally, he stated on Twitter that he enjoys people that make him happy.

Quick Facts About Jake Andrich

  • Jake has had a keen interest in physical activity since his childhood. He enjoys spending much of his time working out.
  • Jake pays close attention to what he consumes each day. He only eats food that strengthens him and keeps him in shape.
  • Jake gained his massive popularity in just a brief period of time.
  • Jake is better known under the alias Jakipz.
  • Jake finishes his studies from a local private high school.
  • Jake’s attractiveness is increased by the numerous tattoos of various designs that adorn his body.
  • He left his 16-hour occupation to tend to the followers of his website.

FAQs About Jake Andrich

1. Who is Jake Andrich?

Jake is a famous Instagram personality, TikTok content creator and YouTube star most famous for his prominent tattoos and the modeling images he frequently posts on his social handles.

2. How old is Jake ?

As of 2022, Jake Andrich is 26 years old.

3. Is Jake gay?

The internet celebrity doesn’t categorize his sexual orientation.


Due to his impressive tattoos and sturdy, muscular body, Canadian social network sensation Jake Andrich has acquired sizable fan audiences on a number of different platforms. He is also a recognized model who often works out to keep his figure in shape.

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‘Gladiator’ Is Literally A Repetition Of ‘Braveheart’




Never imagined a film could receive the Academy Award for Best Picture twice? Yep, it did.

King Solomon claims in Ecclesiastes 1:9, “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” And in Ecclesiastes 1:10, he says, “Is there a case where one can say, “Look, this is new”? It has already existed in the ages before us.…” That fact is blatantly obvious whether one reflects on chronicles, human conduct, or art. Thus, are we being impartial upon saying that one film ripped off another? Sometimes these actions are overt – someone trying to profit off a previous employee’s achievement, similar to the period when Mac and Me was released half a dozen years after E.T.: The Extraterrestrial, much to Paul Rudd’s pleasure and to the global audience’s fright. Sometimes it’s less obvious than that, and nobody appears to notice. Call it intentional theft, unconscious impact, or perhaps even parallel thinking. The truth is that cinematic twins are commonplace. That is, narratives that develop in time with one another, beat for beat.

22 years have passed since a hugely successful Oscar winner finished filming and entered post-production. Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott, opened to over $460 million worldwide on May 5, 2000. It received 11 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor (for Russell Crowe), in something that can just be interpreted as a substitute prize for his missing out the previous year. You won’t mind watching the movie again because it’s well-made and exciting. And it’s true that a lot of stuff seems familiar. Another movie was filmed in the Scottish Highlands and Ireland in the summer of 1994, 5 years before Gladiator was finished. For the much-loved Braveheart movie, Mel Gibson changed his appearance and spoke with a Scottish dialect 25 years ago. The 1995 epic, which debuted in May as well, failed to earn even half as much money at the box office as Gladiator. But the Academy loved it, awarding Gibson Best Picture and Best Director.

Nothing about the two movies looks identical.. While both films feature graphic violence and gore, Gladiator has a cleaner aesthetic overall, especially in its depictions of prehistoric Rome. Even the Colosseum reflects the wealth and impeccable elegance of this metropolis. Of course, some of that was produced electronically. Contrarily, Braveheart is dirtier and murkier. It tells the story of a group of rebels searching for their upcoming war while residing off the land. Just watch these guys and you can nearly smell them, and the movie uses almost no digital effects. Even the fortresses of the English lords seem dreary, chilly and unwelcoming. It’s completely different from the Italian bliss Scott and company present. However, take note of the beats. Observe these heroes’ journeys, romantic relationships, and antagonists. It is the same story, just set in a different era.

In Braveheart, William Wallace is a grown-up who has departed from his hometown for a while when we first see him. The English had slaughtered his father and other clan members, so young William was brought away to be schooled by his uncle, portrayed by Brian Cox. Now coming back, Wallace has become a man of peace. He appears to absorb the nostalgia that brings back memories of the innocence he once had prior to the death of his family, as he takes a deep breath. Wallace later claims that he’s returning to bring up a family of his own, and to raise crops. While the chronicle context was established with the opening narration in Braveheart, Gladiator does this by an introductory text from the beginning. Next, we are presented with our main hero, Maximus, who looks at a European robin resting on a branch while wearing a fox skin over his armored shoulder, and our General smirks a little at the bird. Although there will be bloodshed in a matter of seconds, it’s clear right now that Maximus desires tranquility. The moment this conflict is over, Maximus plans to return to his hometown to take care of his wife and small boy. Wallace and Maximus, two great soldiers, prioritize peace above everything else.

Indeed, these things are transitory. Following his covert marriage, Wallace is provoked by the perverse English, who then kills his new spouse, sending Wallace on a quest of revenge. Wallace and his kilted comrades murders their English supervisors. In contrast, Maximus is accused of murdering Richard Harris’ Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who was in fact killed by his son, Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus. But, just executing Maximus is simply insufficient, and Commodus has his son and wife killed. Meanwhile, Maximus gets away from execution and rides from Germania to Spain, but he arrives too late. Cohorts of the Romans have already presented and killed everybody on the premises, including the family of Maximus as well.

With each of them having lost a beloved, caused by a more high-powered authority, that leaves us with 2 deprived men. Wallace didn’t want to battle, but now people look to him as a man leader. He makes liberty the goal of his retaliation and turns it into a cause. Maximus and his sword-wielding companions, Djimon Hounsou’s Juba and Ralf Moeller’s Hagen, arrive at the Colosseum, the place in which the real trials start, after being forced into slavery and made to fight in inferior gladiator arenas, where he quickly becomes a fan favorite among the bloodthirsty audiences. Similarly, Wallace travels with his colorful sidekicks, namely Brendan Gleeson’s Hamish and David O’Hara’s Stephen.

Furthermore, it was a wise casting decision to cast Tommy Flanagan in the part of the hero’s faithful companion in both movies. The three amiable guys who are vying for the freedom they feel is rightly theirs, despite the fact that the deck is set against them, form the heart of the movies. Nonetheless, if the leaders Wallace and Maximus were sincere, they would acknowledge that the real driving force behind the conflict was the execution of their spouses.

An antagonist is required, just like in any epic tale. Hopefully, the antagonists will be just as delectably loathsome as the protagonists are honorable. In this way, the movies are very similar to one another. King Edward Longshanks, portrayed by Patrick McGoohan and Commodus, played by Joaquin Phoenix, are both unforgivable villains whose depravity stretches to infinity.  Both men are virtually entirely simple. Both are consumed by rage towards anyone who opposes them, with Commodus possessing the single shred of complexity since he has a more obvious reason to despise Maximus: his dad, Marcus Aurelius, favored Maximus over his own blood.

They are in some senses 2 of the most horrible adversaries in the annals of chronicle films. At one point, in spite of his own troops standing in the way, Edward gives the order for archers to shoot arrows on the Scots. Plainly said, as long as the Scots are dead, Edward doesn’t care about his own soldiers’ lives. In addition, he pushes his son’s boyfriend out the window, where he dies. Meanwhile, Commodus, apart from murdering his own dad, makes sexual advances on his own sister. During the conclusion, he cheats and stabs Maximus in his chest, causing a fatal injury. This is the only way he knows how to defeat Maximus in combat. These 2 nefarious men are utterly one-note. The only distinction between is that, under Longshanks’ authority, every Englishman is a vile individual.

You only need to watch the repulsive troops who attempt to assault Wallace’s fiancée, Catherine McCormack’s Murron, as is his obligation under the imposed English law, Prima Nocta. No one on that side is someone we even remotely harbor any ambivalence toward; we despise them all. The Scots, in the movie, are heroes, while the English are simply villains, simple as that. Although this is effective at influencing viewers’ reaction, it takes a clumsy, ill-considered method to the narration of heroes and villains. At least, Gladiator presents some troubled characters who ain’t totally deprived while living under Commodus’ reign. The English are depicted in Braveheart in the same ways as Commodus is in Gladiator.

In a sense, war is being fought in the eyes of an outraged Commodus as the stories advance and Wallace is disclosed to King Edward as Public Enemy No. 1 and Maximus is shown to be the gladiator who has returned from the afterlife. For Wallace, that entails capturing castles and engaging in daring combat maneuvers across vast fields. Maximus’s goals are to apply military strategy to the sandy arena, win over the crowd, and survive long enough to be seen as important by the general public. The objective is the same, and the method remains similar. Thrive and victor, and you’ll gain your freedom. However, the love from a deceased lady just doesn’t wear off.

When the lovers of these solid guys die at the hands of their foes, each narrative finds itself in the same spot. What is the best way to kill yourself off that situation? Simple, just replace the more demure, girl-next-door of antiquity with a princess. Princess Isabelle, the king’s daughter-in-law, is portrayed by Sophie Marceau in the movie Braveheart. Meanwhile, the princess in Gladiator is Connie Nielsen’s Lucilla, Commodus’ sister. Each lady who falls in love with the protagonist is intimately connected to his formidable enemy. Although Wallace romances his princess a little more than Maximus does, the story device still exists and serves the same function. Even the two woman characters are found defying their own nations in an effort to save the heroes.

The plots stretch to a turning point in which it seems the good folks might win the day. Falkirk ends in Wallace’s defeat, but his desire for retribution against those who deceived him catapults his myths into the chronicles. Despite the fact that commonplace sentiment may have shifted in his favor, his guerrilla battle has reached its conclusion. Wallace, who has sided with Angus Macfadyen’s Robert the Bruce a 2nd time, has high hopes for this conflict, before the 3rd act begins. Unbeknownst to Robert, his father has capitulated to the English and set up Wallace’s capture.

In the same vein, we see Maximus succeeds in gaining the support of the populace and learning that his previous troops are still devoted. The Roman senator Gracchus (Derek Jacobi) and Lucilla concoct a plan to free him from incarceration. Its upturn will determine Maximus’ destiny. Eventually, all that’s left are two obstinate men who continue to defy administrations and risk being executed by the evil overlords they’ve disobeyed. If the movies did not look sufficiently identical already, Gladiator’s closing ten to fifteen minutes are almost an exact replica of the movie that was released 5 years before.

In Braveheart, Wallace is brutally executed while Longshanks was terminally ill on his own bed. Meanwhile, in gladiator, Maximus encounters Commodus in the final one-on-one combat to death. It’s just that, as was mentioned earlier, Maximus has already been injured by Commodus previously. If Wallace passes away quietly, maybe this absurd Scottish uprising will be put to an end, eventually. Should Commodus manage to overpower the mighty Maximus in front of thousands of yelling Romans, it’s likely that the young emperor will earn their respect in the future. Yet it isn’t for either of the rivals.

Wallace shouts “Freedom!” for everyone to listen to, effectively stabbing Longshanks in the heart as the heroic Scotsman’s cry reverberates across the entire country. Longshanks dies as a result. The agitated audience quiets down as they are astounded by this man’s fortitude and bravery in the face of such agonizing suffering. Wallace is at tranquility as he observes murron-related visions flitting among the gathering. William Wallace is declared deceased and gone after being decapitated. Just like Commodus, Maximus slowly bleeds out as he beats the emperor to a pulp in front of all of Rome before slitting his throat and killing him. With his house and family barely out of grasp, Maximus falters. He finally gives in just a few moments later, with Lucilla by his side.

While simultaneously fighting their foes and witnessing their deceased wives, both men are slaughtered by their adversaries! Additionally, the substitute lovers contribute to a final attack on the adversaries. Longshanks is informed by Princess Isabelle that she is expecting Wallace’s kid. And Lucilla insists that the wishes of the deceased Maximus be respected, Gracchus be reinstated, and the slaves be freed. However, things don’t stop there. Each movie concludes with a brief epilogue. In Braveheart, there is a nine-year flashback (although the movie doesn’t specify how long it is). On the battlefield of Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce is in charge of the Scots as they submit to the English.

Robert changes his mind and decides to take command of this military in combat after being motivated by Wallace. Hamish concurs and throws Wallace’s blade far into the distance before the Scots assault into the unwary English ranks while singing Wallace’s name. Wallace’s voiceover narration concludes by stating that it was on this field when the Scots ultimately attained their long-sought freedom. Although Gladiator’s context is a little closer to home, it still hits the similar dramatic and emotional notes. Juba is discovered hiding Maximus’ lucky figurines in the sand in the Colosseum. He tells his dead brother in arms that they are ultimately liberated and that he will join him again in a speech to the sky.

After the main character dies in both movies, the audience is left feeling content that freedom has been attained because of the attempts of the lead character. Thus, are the authors William Nicholson, John Logan, and David Franzoni the most renowned types of thieves? Or is it likely that Scott’s movie simply occurred to develop naturally in the exact way Gibson’s did, and would have despite whether Randall Wallace ever saw a statue of Sir William Wallace while traveling and made the decision to write the screenplay that would mark the pinnacle of Gibson’s career? It is conceivable, yes.

Gladiator essentially transformed Randall’s storyline into something more archaic, promoted it as a sports actioner (via TV advertising), and managed to dupe Academy voters into thinking they had seen the year’s top film. And it occurs frequently. In the absence of Lawrence of Arabia, would we have Braveheart? Or, in the end, Gladiator without Spartacus? Perhaps, just perhaps, Scott and his team approached their work with the utmost earnestness, unintentionally creating a tale whose twin awoke viewers only a couple of years earlier.

Since there is nothing new under the sun, as Solomon reminds us, stories like Braveheart and Gladiator are timeless. However, there are fresh approaches to tried-and-true tasks. It is preferable for fans of both movies, including me, to view them as familiar stories that have been freshly spun for our maximum enjoyment. Oh, and the historical accuracy of both movies is appalling.

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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s $100M Legal Dispute Wants James Franco, Paul Bettany, Elon Musk, Disney & Warner Bros Reps In Witness List




Although there is unlikely to be a red carpet in front of every Fairfax County courtroom, several famous names are expected to attend Johnny Depp – Amber Heard now $100 million defamation lawsuit when it begins next month.


Who will testify in Johnny Depp – Amber Heard case?

James Franco, WandaVision star Paul Bettany, Elon Musk, representatives from the Disney Company, Warner Bros., and the LAPD will join friends, family, lawyers, and other colleagues of the formerly-married Rum Diary co-stars in the Virginia courtroom if the three-year-old and counting case withstands the latest summary judgment motion set for a March 24 hearing. In fact, the public will be able to read Depp and Heard’s personal correspondence with some of Hollywood’s top names and influential figures.

Beginning with a $50 million defamation case submitted by the former Pirates of the Caribbean actor in March 2019 over a Washington Post op-ed on domestic abuse written by Heard in late 2018, the couple’s nasty and growing spat is now due to go to trial on April 11.

The Aquaman actor countersued her litigious ex-husband for $100 million in September 2020 after attempting to get the case relocated to California and dropped. After losing his UK libel action against Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun tabloid for labeling him a “wife-beater” in November 2020 and being granted an appeal in March 2021, Depp also lost his bid to have Heard’s countersuit dismissed in January 2021.

Both Johnny Depp – Amber Heard are now intending to testify in person in Judge Penney S. Azcarate’s courthouse during the hearing, which is estimated to last six weeks. Depp, who accused Franco and SpaceX CEO Musk of having romances with Heard, brought them both into the lawsuit. They’ve been added to Heard’s list of potential witnesses; the 2011 Oscar nominee and one of the world’s wealthiest men will testify in court through the WebEx video link.

Amber Heard’s witness list

Ellen Barkin is on Heard’s witness stand in this lawsuit, too, after giving a damning deposition in Depp’s UK libel action over two years ago.

Heard’s list, which was filed in Virginia state court on March 15, includes the Animal Kingdom actress taking a deposition in the lawsuit, as well as Depp’s dismissed (and sued) ex-lawyer Jacob Bloom. As part of the hearings, a Praetorian Guard, which includes a “Custodian of Records/Corporate Designee” representing Warner Bros., the LAPD, the ACLU, Disney, and WME Entertainment, will provide documents statements.

Johnny Depp’s witness list

Depp’s 38-subject witness list, which was presented on March 14, includes Avengers alum and Depp buddy Paul Bettany, who will testify “via video link.” Bettany is not a witness for Depp, who was dragged into the UK trial by the revelation of voluminous messages between the two that depicted “burning,” “drowning,” and having intercourse with the “burnt corpse” of Heard.

Bettany’s 2015 correspondence with Depp, on the other hand, is included in Heard’s 1530-item display list.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s exhibit list

Messages involving Heard and her Aquaman co-star Jason Momoa, as well as director James Wan, are on display as well. There’s an email from original Justice League director Zack Synder, as well as communications from CAA kingpin Bryan Lourd from 2018. Emails between Depp and J.K. Rowling, the writer of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as singer Jack White, are also included.

The exhibit list also includes articles from a variety of sites about the Depp/Heard marriage and the ensuing legal wranglings, as well as years’ worth of tax returns and movie deals. There should be apparently hours of security camera video, as well as images of a bruised and abused Heard and photographs of purportedly Depp-owned narcotics.

Overall, between the witness names and Heard’s attorney Eliane Bredehoft’s vast evidence list, there appear to be few pebbles left untouched at this time. Depp hasn’t even released a list of exhibits yet.

Depp first filed the case a few years after he and Heard divorced amid restraining orders and a $7 million payout from the actress, and he has revealed his perspective on the marriage.

Is Johnny Depp innocent in the Amber Heard case?

Depp’s spring 2019 suit stated, “Ms. Heard is not a victim of domestic abuse, she is a perpetrator,”

Depp and his legal staff and experts have constantly called Heard a liar and doubted how much of the $7 million compensation she actually contributed to the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union, as promised, throughout the judicial highs and lows.

The investigation into the charitable donations was plainly intended to smear Heard’s reputation. When Heard’s legal adviser revealed not all is as simple as stated in early 2021, the motion gathered some momentum.

Amber has already been responsible for seven figures in donations to charitable causes and intends to continue to contribute and eventually fulfill her pledge,” the Reston, VA located Bredehoft said.

While his supporters have attempted and failed to get Heard removed from cinematic projects, Hollywood Vampires guitarist Depp has been on a trip of far afield festivals over the last year, where he has pleaded his cause to the audience.

“It doesn’t matter if a judgment, per se, has taken some artistic license,” Last September, the sacked Fantastic Beats actor spoke at the San Sebastian Film Festival on so-called cancel-culture and his own damaged profession. “When there’s an injustice, whether it’s against you or someone you love, or someone you believe in – stand up, don’t sit down.”

Furthermore, in a potentially career-defining move, Depp will appear in court next month to assist fight his long-running case.

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Mickey & Minnie Mouse-Themed Strollers Are Now Available At Walt Disney World



For many years, Walt Disney World’s strollers were a rather drab beige, but that has all changed this year! The new red, yellow, and black strollers inspired by Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s signature design are now available at Disney theme parks.

Additionally, the new strollers include new features such as an additional canopy bar, new storage pockets, and drain holes in the footrest… You can go to the mobility rental locations throughout the theme parks and Disney Springs to rent single or double strollers.

The new Mickey and Minnie strollers are ready for a fun day with your little one around Walt Disney World. Scroll down for more details!

Source: Disney

What’s new about Mickey & Minnie Mouse strollers?

Minnie Mouse is on one side of the stroller canopies and Mickey is also on the other side! As you can see, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are designed in a unique style like Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

The canopy has a red top, and the seat has a large seatbelt for extra comfort. The wheels are also designed to be cute and functional: the back wheel is large and yellow, while the front wheel is small…perfect for the parks!

Source: Disney

What is the rental price?

Though these strollers are brand new, the prices have not changed. So that a single-rider stroller may be rented for $15.00 per day or $13.00 for multiple days. Additionally, double strollers can be rented for $31.00 per day or $27.00 for multiple days.

Source: Disney

How to return the stroller and replace it in the park?

Before leaving the theme park, you should return strollers to a rental facility. And strollers are not permitted in the parks. But if you visit more than one park in a single day, present your rental receipt at another park to get a replacement.

Source: Disney

If you’re planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom with a little child, consider renting one of these strollers. In any case, the new Mickey and Minnie Mouse strollers are a welcome addition.

So, let’s get your Walt Disney World vacation started!

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10 Disney Princesses And The Traits That Make Them Stand Out



Disney animated movies, particularly those starring Disney Princesses, are becoming an integral part of every child’s childhood. Each Disney princess is designed to be the perfect role model for youngsters who aspire to be like them. As a result, the impact that Disney animated films have on society is indisputable.

Each Disney princess represents a unique quality and personality. And because of these unique qualities, princesses are able to overcome hardship, accomplish obstacles, beat evil, and eventually lead a happy life. Most importantly, all the content of the film as well as the supporting characters are built to highlight the personalities of the Disney princesses, thereby creating an unforgettable impression in the audience.

Who is your favorite Disney princess? And why do you love them? For me, it’s really hard to choose a favorite princess because each of them is built with different personality traits in different situations. Let’s explore and learn the hallmarks of Disney’s most iconic leading women.

#1 Elsa (Frozen)

Source: Walt Disney Studios

As the main character in Frozen, Elsa conquers the audience by her splendid appearance and somewhat stubborn personality. However, she clearly shows intelligence when she knows how to control her power to protect those she loves.

#2 Anna (Frozen)

Source: Walt Disney Studios

Contrary to Elsa, Anna is an extroverted character, but full of strong faith in the person she loves.

#3 Jasmine (Aladdin)

Source: Walt Disney Studios

The audience must admire Jasmine’s straightforward personality. That’s when she showed her disapproval in front of everyone and vigorously pursued true love.

#4 Belle (Beauty & The Beast)

Source: Walt Disney Studios

Belle’s distinguishing feature is her kindness and honesty. Her honest heart has helped the Beast to regain his inherent honesty and help people realize the true value of who they are.

#5 Tiana (The Princess & The Frog)

Source: Walt Disney Studios

Tiana has overcome many difficulties and obstacles because she has a big dream and ambition that is unshakable.

#6 Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Source: Walt Disney Studios

Aurora is always optimistic and strongly believes in love in life.

#7 Ariel (Little Mermaid)

Source: Walt Disney Studios

Ariel is known as a princess with a curious personality and an interest in new things. She did not hesitate to take the risk to come to a completely foreign environment to find true love.

#8 Mulan (Mulan)

Source: Walt Disney Studios

Mulan’s bravery has captivated audiences of both genders. Mulan’s courageous spirit, based on her love for her family, made her as powerful as men, and she ultimately triumphed and defended those she cared about.

#9 Moana (Moana)

Source: Walt Disney Studios

With friendliness towards nature and the ocean, Moana defeated evil and brought peace to everyone. The princess is the personification of her love for nature and the sea.

#10 Merida (Brave)

Source: Walt Disney Studios

The free spirit is one of the main characteristics that make this perfect character. Merida selected her own path and created her life the way she wanted it to be instead of doing precisely what she was taught.

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