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Devin Ratray, Home Alone Star, Was Arrested On Charges Attacking His Partner At A Fan Convention



3882 -Devin Ratray, Home Alone Star, Was Arrested On Charges Attacking His Partner At A Fan Convention

According to local media outlets, Devin Ratray, the man who played Buzz McCallister, Macaulay Culkin’s elder brother, was detained while in Oklahoma for a fan event last month.

Devin Ratray, 44, was in Oklahoma City in December for a two-day event called OKC Pop Christmas Con, where he was touted as being one of the major attractions.

Why was Devin Ratray arrested?

Two girls approached the star and his partner while they were out drinking, according to sources. The women were allegedly given complimentary signed cards by Devin Ratray’s girlfriend. That choice eventually caused tension between the two.

When the couple arrived at their hotel room, their argument apparently escalated into a brawl, with Devin Ratray allegedly being the aggressor.

Devin Ratray is charged with strangling the woman in their hotel suite after their quarrel got violent.

In the assessment, Detective Joseph Burnett of the Oklahoma City Police Department noted, “The victim had trouble breathing while she was being strangled and while the defendant’s hand was over her mouth,”

The woman broke free, but Devin Ratray reportedly hit her in the head before she could exit the room.

The charges were filed in Oklahoma County District Court by Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Powers on December 21.

Devin Ratray has also starred in Alexander Payne’s Nebraska and Jennifer Lopez’s Hustlers, in addition to the Home Alone movies.

Devin Ratray has appeared in guest roles on Law & Order, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-O, Chicago Med, and Russian Doll, among others. In the first two seasons of The Tick, he played Tinfoil Kevin.

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