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Hawkeye Episode 2 Ending, Some Details You Might Miss



2672 -Hawkeye Episode 2 Ending, Some Details You Might Miss

Hawkeye, the MCU’s latest release on Disney+ for 2021, has eventually come, putting Clint Barton back into the limelight. The very first two episodes of Hawkeye take up around two years after the battle of Avengers: Endgame, and follow the retired Avenger on a lighthearted mission with Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop.
The episodes, like other MCU productions, were significantly influenced by previous Marvel movies, notably 2012’s The Avengers. A flashback to the Battle of New York began Kate’s narrative, confirming her link to Clint Barton. The creation of ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ was mentioned once again during a presentation of ‘Rogers: The Musical,’ a much more cheerful and glamorous version of the Chitauri assault. However, the last scenes of Episode 2 may have been linked to another Marvel creation, one that may be included in the MCU official fairly soon.

#1 Echoes of Violence

Hawkeye Episode 2 Ending Some Details You Might Missed 1 -Hawkeye Episode 2 Ending, Some Details You Might Miss

Clint and Kate become entangled with certain spring riders and messy encounters when a confrontation with Tracksuit Mafia goes bad. Even before the camera pans to the danger that awaits them, the pair are warned that they’re “in trouble now, bro.” In a red-drenched space, audiences are surprised by Alaqua Cox’s Echo, which is encircled by loudspeakers. One of the bad guys comes and tells Echo, in an enunciated manner, “we have them both,” as Cox’s figure orders him away.
Echo, otherwise identified as Maya Lopez, is a deaf character in Marvel Comics who is a tremendously talented acrobat and hand-to-hand fighter, frequently appearing as a supporting character for Daredevil.
This is likely to be developed in upcoming episodes, especially because Clint’s ability to interpret American Sign Language is indicated earlier in the show when his son Nate says “I love you” to him. Given the Tracksuit Mafia’s apparent lack of ASL understanding, Hawkeye’s ability to sign could be how he originally communicates with Echo to convince her to let them go or divert her long enough to escape.

#2 Taking the Ronin Mantle from Hawkeye

Hawkeye Episode 2 Ending Some Details You Might Missed 2 -Hawkeye Episode 2 Ending, Some Details You Might Miss

The Ronin character was a recurring motif in both premiere episodes, and it also has a meaningful correlation to Echo’s comic book version. Maya Lopez was the first person to take up the Ronin mantle, operating underneath the alias before her true self was discovered.
Considering her evil origins in the comics, Echo ultimately evolves into a heroic figure, which might represent the narrative leading up to the character’s standalone Disney+ series. Echo might take on the role of rebranding herself as a protagonist. However, she can potentially continue down a perilous road, utilizing the Ronin alias to wreak even more devastation in New York City.

#3 Daredevil and Kingpin on the Way?

Hawkeye Episode 2 Ending Some Details You Might Missed 3 -Hawkeye Episode 2 Ending, Some Details You Might Miss

Echo’s connection to Daredevil and Kingpin may be the most noticeable feature of her identity. Wilson Fisk is Echo’s adoptive father in the comics, adopting her after murdering her real dad Crazy Horse. Echo is dispatched by Kingpin to hunt down Daredevil but rejects when she discovers that Matt Murdock is hiding beneath the mask. Echo, felt deceived by Fisk, sets out to undertake a soul-searching to make peace with her actions.
Echo’s MCU debut doesn’t steer away from her Daredevil associations, with the crimson lighting almost definitely a reference to Netflix’s Daredevil’s amazing visuals. It’s unclear whether Daredevil, Kingpin would have their MCU appearances, however, rumors suggest that Daredevil’s cast may be returning soon.
Rumors also imply that Kingpin will be accompanying her adopted daughter for Hawkeye, with Vincent D’Onofrio reprising his role as Wilson Fisk. If Kingpin makes an appearance in Hawkeye, the series may be presenting Echo as a leader of Fisk’s crime syndicate. This might escalate to Clint and Kate confronting Kingpin, but it could also result in the dissolution of Fisk & Lopez’s connection at the ending of Hawkeye, clearing the door for Echo to destroy her adoptive father’s criminal empire in her own show.
Finally, the introduction of Echo is intriguing, not only because of her Kingpin ties and Depeche Mode needle drops but also because of what she adds to the MCU in terms of her diversified background and uncommon personal qualities. Let’s hope, the next several episodes of Hawkeye will show why Maya Lopez deserves her own Disney+ show.

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