Here Are 3 Reasons Why “Birds Of Prey” Could Have Been So Much Better



Here Are 3 Reasons Why “Birds Of Prey” Could Have Been So Much Better

“Bird Of Prey” (2020) is really a fun movie filled with actions and humor. While it is true that many people like the film, not all of them love it. I went out for this movie with excitement, then it turned out it didn’t come up to expectation enough. I mean, yeah, “Birds of Prey” was a good film, but it could have been so much better.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Birds Of Prey 2

So what are some of the points that can make the movie better? Let’s scroll down to check them out. This is based on my personal opinion, so we are open to any of your suggestions and ideas.

#1 A Better Harley Than “Suicide Squad”

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Birds Of Prey 3

In the first 5 minutes, we see Harkey getting hurt after her explosion breakup with Joker. Although I know this is a thing she should do, I still think she should be treated better. She deserves better than him.

One of my major gripes with Suicide Squad was they made her seem dumb. And I didn’t like that. This version of Harley is much better. She is a big girl who can take care of herself even without Joker.

#2 Action scenes are too many

There are tons of action scenes in the movie, and all of them are awesome. But being too much sometimes seems to have side effects. When I was really trying to pick a favorite fighting scene, it was hard. The one in Harley’s apartment, at the police station, at Amusement Mile. They are all that good. So, I couldn’t even pick any of them

#3 Victor Zsasz Failed Me

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If you think of Harley and Joker as the only two villains in the film, now it’s time for you to think again! Another person who is dark and a literal psychopath in the DC Universe is Victor Zsasz. Maybe I was obsessed with the stellar portrayal of Zsasz by Anthony Carrigan in Gotham, but Chris Messina’s Zsasz was just.. well… WRONG.

I feel like this version of Zsasz is different from who he really is. He would never be that obsessed with another villain, wouldn’t be giggling or smiling either. That isn’t him. He rarely says a word, but when he does, that’s a sign you know you should watch out. Excuse me if I say the portrayal of Zsasz annoys me almost every time he shows up. I keep thinking he would not do that.

However, to be honest, “Bird Of Prey” also has its good points. Apart from the stunning visuals, amazing sound effects, the movie builds up a great story about “kick-ass” women who represent powerful, strong and amazing females of the world. Black Canary, along with Harley Quinn, is a standout character for me. Huntress is pretty badass too. I love the way her backstory was shown(and the fact that no one called her by the name she chose for herself). Montoya and Cassandra Cain are also great. I love the way this movie creates a trend for amazing women!

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Birds Of Prey 1

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