How To Add Any Unique Discord Stickers?

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How To Add Any Unique Discord Stickers?

What can be more fun when using the internet than stickers, especially Discord Stickers. Stickers are attractive ways to express oneself and can be either static or moving graphics. Discord Stickers are subject to some restrictions, though. You might not be able to use them wherever you want, depending on your account. With Discord, there are even more ways for you to show your personal styles such as themes, voice changer, and music taste with Discord bots.

Discord started experimenting with stickers in October to give you additional opportunities to express yourself boldly, uniquely, and stylishly. Discord has introduced hundreds more stickers, some of which are based on well-known characters like Wumpus and others who are brand-new, like a brazen Shiba Inu.


Discord received a ton of helpful input when it was being tested. You adored the variety of stickers Discord produced, and the one thing Discord heard over and over again was your desire to give them a unique personal touch. That’s why it’s so exciting to provide you with methods to introduce your own Stickers in addition to reintroducing Stickers to Discord.

Discord stated that Server Boosting will allow users to upload their own unique stickers. You may upload your own stickers and use them anywhere on the server once you’ve upgraded your server at least to Level 1. The stickers may even be used on other servers and direct messages (DMs) if any server users have Discord Nitro, exactly like personalized emojis. However, there’s still more! Nitro members will have access to 300 Discord-made stickers that can be used in any discussion, anytime, to help you get the hang of utilizing stickers in your talks.

What Are Discord Stickers?

Discord Stickers provide hundreds of distinctive character-based, transparent materials that are both animated and motionless, giving users another option to engage in channels and conversations on the Discord platform. For Nitro users only, they are available in 12 built-in sticker packs, each featuring a unique animated figure, such as the melting Chihuahua or Discord’s own Wumpus mascot. There are initially 300 stickers in total, with at least 15 distinct stickers included in each box.


If you already have the power to create unique server emotes (usually in the Moderator or Admin positions) on a server that has been leveled up, you may also add your own stickers. Your server starts with a cap of 15 custom stickers, and as long as it has been upgraded to Level 1, you don’t need Nitro to add more. Anyone on your server is welcome to use these stickers, Nitro or not.

How To Use Discord Stickers?

Stickers are situated between the GIF and emoji buttons in the bottom right corner of the Discord window for users in a Level 1-boosted server. If you have Discord Nitro, you’ll have access to 12 built-in sticker packs that contain 300 distinct stickers, but if you’re a free user, you’ll be limited to using the unique stickers that the server’s moderators and administrators have added. Additionally, Nitro users will have access to personalized stickers across all of their servers, whilst free users will only be able to use them on their home server.


A sticker you choose is instantly posted to the channel or conversation you’re in. If the user has that sticker pack unlocked, clicking on a sticker message will take them there immediately. The beginning sticker packs cannot be used by users who don’t have Discord Nitro, but they may still view all stickers that have been uploaded in channels and discussions.

How To Add Discord Stickers To A Server?

Discord Stickers Requirements

  • Animated File types: APNG An APNG is an animated PNG and Spine can directly export to this format.
  • Max File size: 500 KB This size is strict, but it usually is enough to enable Reduce colors and then lower the number of colors to create significantly smaller APNGs. If this isn’t enough, lower the FPS too.
  • Dimensions: 320px x 320px (exact) This can be set in Spine by choosing Fit instead of Scale, setting the width and height fields of the Fit settings to 320, and checking Pad so that the output matches the size exactly.

How To Make Discord Stickers

  • You need the first crop the image at a 1:1 ratio to make sure it has identical dimensions. In this manner, it is simple to resize the image to 320 by 320 resolution without losing the desired portions of the image.
  • You should adjust the image to 320 × 320 pixels in resolution now that it is in a 1:1 ratio.
  • The image should then be saved as a PNG file. Your sticker is now prepared for upload to Discord.

How To Add Discord Stickers


You’ll need to either set up your own Discord server or have access to someone else’s in order to add custom stickers to Discord. Additionally, that server must be at the Boost level. Boosts are a means to pay for a server’s new feature additions. That’s accurate, adding personalized stickers is expensive. You can upload more personalized stickers the higher the server’s Boost level:

  • Level 1: 15 stickers
  • Level 2: 30 stickers
  • Level 3: 60 stickers

You no longer have access to the stickers filling those extra spaces if the server levels down.

To add stickers to a server:

  1. Navigate to the server.
  2. Click the server’s name in the top-left.
  3. Click Server settings.
  4. From the left menu, click Stickers.
  5. If your server is a high enough level, click Upload sticker.
  6. Give your sticker a name, upload the file, and choose a related emoji.
  7. You can also add a description to help those with screen readers.
  8. When you’re happy with how it looks, click Upload.

Once a sticker has been submitted, you can alter it by selecting the pencil symbol. However, you are only able to change the sticker’s details and not its actual content. You should erase it and start over if you want to replace the sticker. So, to remove a sticker, click the red X button.

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