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Johnny Depp Disproved Of Claims Of $301 Million Pirates Of The Caribbean Return



5144 -Johnny Depp Disproved Of Claims Of $301 Million Pirates Of The Caribbean Return

A rumor that Johnny Depp is preparing for a Pirates of the Caribbean comeback with a $301 million deal with Disney is refuted by Johnny Depp’s reps.

Depp, who emerged victorious in his most recent defamation case, won’t be returning to the Pirates of the Caribbean anytime soon. The actor played Captain Jack Sparrow, a bumbling and perpetually inebriated pirate who navigated the Seven Seas while being up against a variety of supernatural perils. Jack manages to survive his several confrontations with a combination of good fortune, humor, and true abilities.

Depp1 -Johnny Depp Disproved Of Claims Of $301 Million Pirates Of The Caribbean Return

The first entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, The Curse of the Black Pearl, which was released in 2003 and earned over $654 million worldwide, was based on the same-named Disneyland ride. Four sequels were made as a result of its success in the ensuing ten years. Depp, who played Jack in the first movie and received an Oscar nomination for it, also received favorable reviews for his work in the sequels, despite the fact that critics gave them less favorable reviews overall. While the franchise’s future is still uncertain, one enigma appears to have been solved.

Following his victory in his defamation case against his former spouse Amber Heard, a report that Johnny Depp had signed a $301 million agreement for a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel started to circulate. The actor’s representatives recently denied the purported agreement and claims that Depp was attempting to mend fences with Disney in an interview with NBC News (via E! Online). The reports were bluntly dismissed by Depp’s representative with the statement, “This is made up.”

Depp2 -Johnny Depp Disproved Of Claims Of $301 Million Pirates Of The Caribbean Return

The debunking of Johnny Depp’s comeback for Pirates of the Caribbean may let some of the actor’s fans down, but many have probably already picked up on the hoax. The statement that Depp agreed a $301 million contract to rejoin the franchise is the clearest indication that the report is fake. Depp once claimed in his trial against his ex-wife that he would reject a $300 million deal from Disney after the studio severed its relationship with him due to his legal disputes with Heard. Additionally, it appears Jack Sparrow may have been officially retired behind the scenes given that producer Jerry Bruckheimer stated Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean future is still uncertain.

Even though Depp could not be returning to the series, the Pirates of the Caribbean series won’t be idle for very long. Presently working on a new spinoff of the franchise with Birds of Prey writer is Margot Robbie. The project is still in development, along with a different movie without her, which was anticipated to be a sixth movie based in Depp’s universe. Christina Hodson is writing it, and Bruckheimer is attached to production. The industry veteran admitted this May that the project is still in development. The former Pirates of the Caribbean films are currently available on Disney+ for viewers to rewatch while they wait for more information about the franchise’s future.

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