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The Reason Jim Carrey Feels Sorry For His Appearance In Kick-Ass 2



5313 -The Reason Jim Carrey Feels Sorry For His Appearance In Kick-Ass 2

On the big screen, Jim Carrey has taken on a variety of roles. Among all of them, his performance as Colonel Stars and Stripes in Kick-Ass 2 is the one he regrets the most.

With his unique shtick and electrifying slapstick humor throughout the course of more than 40 years in the industry, Jim Carrey has racked up more than sixty appearances, earning several honors, yet he still regrets being in one movie, Kick-Ass 2. Carrey has made the decision to end his career as an actor after transforming his personality and temperament into numerous characters. His wildly popular films, from the overwrought, high-energy Liar Liar to the adequately thought-provoking The Truman Show, still earn their places among genre classics that might barely be forgotten anytime soon. However, the future of his Hollywood career remains unclear based on how “fairly serious” Carrey is about his choice, according to The Guardian.

Kickass1 -The Reason Jim Carrey Feels Sorry For His Appearance In Kick-Ass 2

Despite not being as well-known as some of his other memorable roles, Jim Carrey’s portrayal of Colonel Stars and Stripes in Kick-Ass 2 nonetheless lends a layer or two of humor to an otherwise forgettable sequel. Jim Carrey also shared his enthusiasm for the supporting part during the making of Kick-Ass 2 by adding, “I’m having a lot of fun throwing myself into these smaller parts and burying myself in the character,” according to Hollywood Reporter. However, he revealed (through Twitter) a few months before the movie’s debut that he did not root for the picture due to “a change in heart.”

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting opened Jim Carrey’s eyes and inspired him to speak out against films (like Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass) that provoke excessive violence, he said in a tweet. Kick-Ass 2 was being shot about a month before that. Since then, it is obvious that the actor has become pickier in his casting decisions and has avoided roles in movies that glorify violence in any form. Throughout the period, he has also shown his activism for gun control using his gift for satire. For instance, he played the lead role in the 2013 political comedy skit Cold Dead Hand, which openly mocks the NRA. Later, he tweeted about the endeavor with the following caption: “‘Cold Dead Hand’ is abt u heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids. Sorry if you’re offended…”

Kickass2 -The Reason Jim Carrey Feels Sorry For His Appearance In Kick-Ass 2

Although the character portrayed by Carrey in Kick-Ass 2 doesn’t actually use a pistol and merely carries one around to intimidate others, it is admirable that he has such a strong opinion against the movie. Carrey’s thoughtful and objective public discourse on the pressing social issue of gun control is a step in the direction of a culturally appropriate representation of weapons in film and has the potential to further usher in a new era for gun laws. A recent open letter signed by 200 of Hollywood’s finest writers, producers, and directors, who have joined the same movement, promises a full investigation of firearms in media, according to Variety.

Hollywood’s more progressive depictions of weapons in fiction may not instantly upend the status quo, but they do have the ability to progressively change the public’s attitude. Identically, Jim Carrey’s campaigning on Twitter against superhero films like Kick-Ass 2 may not have enough power to stop gun violence, but it may help moviegoers grasp the bigger picture and ultimately make a difference.

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