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WhistlinDiesel | Famous People: Biography, Relationships, Career, Highlights, Quick Facts, FAQs And More




What’s So Trending About WhistlinDiesel?

Cody Detwiler is the real name of prominent youtuber WhistlinDiesel. He became well-known for filming himself performing risky exploits with vehicles in general, and trucks in particular.

Whistlin1 -Whistlindiesel | Famous People: Biography, Relationships, Career, Highlights, Quick Facts, Faqs And More

He is a vehicle aficionado, and most of his videos feature him testing out or wrecking new trucks. He also makes the well-known assertion that he never publishes videos as clickbait, which has piqued a lot of people’s attention throughout social media.

A lot of people wonder how he has the money to purchase vehicles more expensive than $100,000 just to wreck them.

However, WhistlinDiesel earns a tremendous amount of money from his YouTube channel, which most likely helps him pay for his large expenditures.

Who is WhistlinDiesel?

WhistlinDiesel, real name Cody Detwiler, is a well-known YouTube content creator from America who gains popularity by uploading clips of himself performing dangerous stunts with trucks and other vehicles.

As a consequence, Cody has gained a fantastic number of followers on his social network platform.

WhistlinDiesel’s Biography

Born on July 18th, 1998, in Indiana, USA under the name of Cody Detwiler, the YouTube phenomenon is 24 years old, as of 2022, and has the zodiac sign of Cancer.

He comes from a family with a profession in construction and farming, operating an auto shop themselves, which allowed him to have basic understandings of farming, vehicles and other forms of automotives.

Currently, WhistlinDiesel is living in the rural residences of Indiana, America, where he was born and brought up.

WhistlinDiesel’s Relationships and Affairs

Whistlin2 -Whistlindiesel | Famous People: Biography, Relationships, Career, Highlights, Quick Facts, Faqs And More

Cody recently confirmed his breakup with his wife by uploading pictures of his new girlfriend, Katie Miller, on his IG.

Previously, he married a woman named Rae, who used to go under the name @mrs.whistlindiesel on Instagram. Nonetheless, Rae has not disclosed too much information about herself.

Cody has not had any kids yet.

Fun Facts About WhistlinDiesel’s ex-wife

It stands to reason that WhistlinDiesel’s wife would disapprove of her husband wrecking pricey cars, yet this is not the case. Rae once appeared in one of Cody’s videos named My Wife Destroys My $100,000 Truck With a Crowbar, which was removed 1 years after its upload date.

Rae once owned a YouTube channel titled “Mrs.Whistlindiesel”, which is now deactivated. On her channel, she uploads vehicle-related content as well. Her favorite car is her own Ford-F-250, which she frequently uploads pictures of it on her IG @raeted_.

Rae now has over 110K subscribers on her YouTube account and 346K fans on her IG. Since 2020, she hasn’t been seen with Cody online. As their personal photographs are gone from Reddit, fans assume Rae removed them.

On the other hand, Rae possesses an OnlyFans account named Rae 😋 OnlyFans. As of 2022, her account has 1105 media with 604.6K likes, and charges for $20 per month. Although her OnlyFans remain active, she ceased posting content on her Twitch and YouTube channel.

WhistlinDiesel’s Career

Whistlin3 -Whistlindiesel | Famous People: Biography, Relationships, Career, Highlights, Quick Facts, Faqs And More

Cody is quite enthusiastic about altering cars and trucks, making a successful online profession for himself by leveraging his interest. Ultimately, the man has risen to be among the ranks of the top internet celebrities.

On his YouTube channel, Cody often uploads clips on trucks, bulldozers, off-road vehicles, as well as farm equipment.

To be more specific, his YouTube channel currently has 4.11M subscribers with 783M views, as of September 2022, after 7 years since it was created on January 7, 2015.

His IG has over 2.3M followers with 189 posts, while his Facebook page boasts a number of 1M likes and 2.9M followers.

His original TikTok account, which reached 17M followers, was deleted for no reason and he had to create a new one that has reached 389.1K followers and 1.5M likes.

WhistlinDiesel’s Net Worth

Cody’s online presence has helped him amass a large amount of net worth. He is estimated to have accumulated more than $3.2, mainly from his YouTube and Facebook revenue. The reason is listed as follows:

A YouTuber receives $3 to $5 for every thousand video views, or an average of $18 for every thousand ad views ($0.018 per ad-view), according to Influencer Marketing Hub. Long videos may have several advertisements.

Multiple advertisements are included in WhistlinDiesel’s videos because the majority of them are longer than 10 minutes. 40 to 80 percent of all views are typically monetized advertising views.

WhistlinDiesel’s YouTube channel generates about 36 million views every month, as per SocialBlade. As of 2021, WhistlinDiesel is projected to generate an average of $0.018 (per ad-view) multiplied by 36,000,000 monthly views and 60% (average monetized ad views) to equal $3,88,800 per month, or $4.6 a million year.

His total net worth should be $3.2 million as a result. Given how much money he spends on fancy cars, this is hardly surprising. His net worth could be much higher, but it won’t be lower because each of WhistlinDiesel’s videos features numerous advertisements, sponsors, and sales of products from his website.

WhistlinDiesel’s Social Media Handle

Whistlin4 -Whistlindiesel | Famous People: Biography, Relationships, Career, Highlights, Quick Facts, Faqs And More

Instagram WHISTLINDIESEL (@whistlindiesel) • Instagram
Facebook Whistlindiesel | Facebook
YouTube WhistlinDiesel – YouTube
Website WHISTLINDIESEL | Monstermax
TikTok Whistlindiesel (@whistlindieselvstiktok) TikTok

Highlights About WhistlinDiesel

1. His most viral videos on her YouTube channel

After graduating from high school, WhistlinDiesel began uploading content on a regular basis. He received tremendous attention after one of his videos, “Fourwheeler on REAPER wheels literally tills dirt,” went viral.

In the video, he can be seen engaging in risky maneuvers while turning a regular four-wheeler into a super tiller by adding dangerous REAPER wheels. He was praised widely for his originality.

His ‘Monstermax drives in the ocean (Police, Coast Guard, EPA and DNR called)’ was another popular video. He is shown in this video doing the daring and courageous deed of operating a sizable monster truck in the presence of other boats and coast guards.

Some people were surprised by this performance, while others were merely outraged with WhistlinDiesel’s irresponsibility and boldness.

2. He wrecks costly vehicles to make money

Whistlin5 -Whistlindiesel | Famous People: Biography, Relationships, Career, Highlights, Quick Facts, Faqs And More

There will undoubtedly be a lot of people disliking the man who makes money by destroying costly trucks. People have different opinions with his ideas on a frequent basis.

Some commend his courage and capacity for unique and perilous undertakings. Others disparage him as careless and vehemently object to the way he wastes trucks and money.

There was a great deal of anger among individuals as a result of the video in which he smashed his Ford F-350 Limited. It was the subject of many articles, one of which was headed “Careless YouTubers Buy $100,000 Ford F-350 Limited Just to Destroy It.”

Additionally, he was the subject of a lot of derogatory discussions on Reddit. He can be seen in the video navigating the truck across snowy hills and getting it stranded in muddy bogs. The driveshaft and numerous other pieces were damaged as a consequence.

3. He accidentally shot himself

Cody uploaded a picture of his injured face on his own IG on January 22, 2021. He clarified that he inadvertently hurt himself when he was shooting .50 caliber bullets into steel plates on the ground to count the number of bullets that was going to penetrate through.

Unfortunately, bullets ricocheted off one of the plates, injuring Cody on the forehead. Luckily, his wound wasn’t too severe, as the CT scans disclosed that his skull was luckily unharmed.

4. He helped a 14-year-old fan whose school impounded his tractor

Whistlin6 -Whistlindiesel | Famous People: Biography, Relationships, Career, Highlights, Quick Facts, Faqs And More

WhistlinDiesel received a text from Braedon Baker on IG saying that he took his tractor to school. Soon after Braedon’s arrival, the school administrators asked the police to seize his vehicle.

Cody asked his supporters to phone the town’s police office or school to ask for a clarification. Upon getting thousands of phone calls from Cody’s followers, the police contacted Baker’s parents and asked them to tell their son to stop.

WhistlinDiesel, meanwhile, made it clear that he would continue until the police offered an apology. He marked the site of the school and offered $500 to anyone who rode a tractor onto the grounds.

Hundreds of locals came to his request for a demonstration against Baker’s treatment by the institution. They arrived at the school in their tractors.

Cody later disclosed that the protest prompted the establishment of a tractor parking area and an annual day for children to ride tractors in groups to school.

Additionally, Cody stated that he had heard from an unnamed source that those responsible for the tractor impounding episode had been dismissed.

5. WhistlinDiesel’s feud with TheStradman

The beef began when Cody made fun of TheStradman’s penchant for covering his cars in purple. Their fans picked up the feud and started attacking one another online.

TheStradman’s supporters were unable to comprehend why Cody Detwiler suddenly bashed TheStradman. On the other hand, Cody’s supporters believed that TheStradman responded inappropriately to some lighthearted joking.

Cody made it clear that he didn’t have anything against his fellow influencer personally. TheStradman, on the other hand, slammed him for urging his followers to cyberbully him a month later.

When TheStradman disclosed that a fan of Cody had threatened to run his dog over with a truck, their argument reached its zenith. He therefore made his Instagram account private in order to block negative remarks.

6. WhistlinDiesel’s incident with the police

Another case involving the police and WhistlinDiesel also occurred. At 2 adjacent northside malls in Fort Wayne, he held an unofficial truck rally. The crowd that had gathered there required more than three hours to be cleared up, according to the Fort Wayne police.

Property owners were able to establish with the police that no permits had been issued for any truck rallies to take place. At the event, a lot of people saw burnouts and smoke plumes. Some mall customers even dialed 911. At the time of the event, there were several thousand people and a thousand trucks present.

Quick Facts About WhistlinDiesel

  • His real name is Cody Detwiler.
  • His former spouse appeared in some of his YouTube videos.
  • According to reports, Cody married his ex-wife when they were both 18 years old.
  • Katie Miller is his current girlfriend.
  • In January 2021, Cody inadvertently shot himself, but he survived the accident.
  • Cody loves wearing expensive sneakers.
  • His favorite brand of vehicles is Bugatti.

WhistlinDiesel’s Brand

In addition to having a highly successful YouTube channel, Cody also possesses his own brand products that he sells on the Internet, through the official Bunker Branding Co website.

He offers a wide range of shirts, hats, hoodies and different accessories including key tags and bumper stickers.

One of the most odd things about his products is that he has a T-shirt that goes for an outrageous $1000. It is a simple black T-shirt with the words “this shirt cost $1,000” printed in white letters, but it is no longer in stock.

Mrs. Whistlin T-shirts were once a part of his merchandising, but they are no longer offered.

FAQs About WhistlinDiesel

1. Who is WhistlinDiesel?

WhistlinDiesel, real name Cody Detwiler, is a well-known YouTube content creator from America who gains popularity by uploading clips of himself performing dangerous stunts with trucks and other vehicles.

2. How old is he?

24, as of 2022.

3. What is his net worth?

More than $3.2M.

4. Who is his ex-wife?


5. Who is his new girlfriend?

Katie Miller.


WhistlinDiesel appears to be a fairly distinctive character all in all. He is adored by 50% of internet users, and doesn’t seem to be particularly liked by the other half. His boldness and willingness to take on challenging and perilous tasks are surely admirable. His admirers assert that he is fearless to the core.

He certainly seems to know a lot about vehicles for someone his age. The majority of people put up their entire life savings to purchase a high-quality truck and devote their time to caring for and maintaining it. This person operates things a little unconventionally: He obliterates them.

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Who is Jillie Mack? Net worth, Biography, Career, love and life




Jillie Mack -Who Is Jillie Mack? Net Worth, Biography, Career, Love And Life

Jillie Mack is a celebrity name that is not too strange to many people living in the UK. However, nowadays there are many people searching for keywords related to “Who is Jillie Mack?”

Jillie Mack is a British-American Former Actress and Celebrity Partner from Devizes, Wiltshire. She is one of the social media influencers with a beautiful face and many successes in her career. She also had beautiful love stories that made many admirers. 

Who Is Jillie Mack?

Jillie mack wikipedia

Jillie Mack is a famous actress born in Wiltshire, England on December 25, 1957 into a middle-class family. She went to school from her hometown. Jillie’s love for dance led her to take dance classes from a very young age. Somewhere, she also loves acting. Until graduating from high school, she actively participated in high school theater productions.

She has participated in many famous movies with a variety of roles. With her talent, she is loved by many people on social networks. Her facebook pages as well as Instagram have also received a lot of followers and support. Her career became more successful when she fell in love with film director Tom Selleck.

Jillie Mack Facts -Who Is Jillie Mack? Net Worth, Biography, Career, Love And Life

Jillie Mack Children, Son Name & Daughter Name:

ChildrenSon-Kevin Selleck (Step-son)
Daughter-Hannah Selleck

Jillie Mack’s career

Before her fame, Jillie danced in the British soap opera Cats before starting her on-screen career. She has starred in episodes of ER and Tales from the Darkside. She acted with future husband Tom Selleck in two episodes of Magnum, P.I. in the 1980s.

While in England, Mack met Tom Selleck, who invited her to try acting in America, so she moved to America and was given a role in the series Magnum, PI, in which Selleck played a private investigator. Thomas Magnum. After a brief role on the show, Jillie had other cameos on the series such as Tales from the Darkside and “ER”. This is also when many people know Highlights About Jillie Mack.

Continuing to look for opportunities, she then had roles in TV series such as “Silver Fox” and “Adventures of Nicholas at Roaring Camp”. Jillie’s career took a backseat after the wedding as she began to focus more on her family. This also forced Tom to reduce his work hours to spend as much time as possible with his family.

That is the information about this famous star known through what she shares and people learn about her. Also, she doesn’t have too many Interesting Facts About Jillie Mack.

Jillie Mack Movies -Who Is Jillie Mack? Net Worth, Biography, Career, Love And Life

Things not everyone knows about Jillie Mack

Jillie Mack was once a famous actress, so information about her is also sought after by many people. However, there are also some interesting features about this character that not everyone knows:

  • Her husband Tom Selleck is still part of Wiki but she is not yet published by Wikipedia.
  • Her husband serves in the US military and he is an American
  • Jillie Mack also appeared in a role in the musical Cats, a musical that was once very popular in the UK.
  • Later, when she got married, she actively gave up her acting career to spend more time with her family.
  • She has a special hobby when appearing on the red carpet is wearing black outfits.
  • In her closet is a private collection of expensive jewelry.
  • She also celebrates Christmas together with her birthday because it coincides.



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A post shared by Reggie Keyohara III (@rkeyoharaiii)

Jillie Mack Birthday: December 25, 1957 (Wednesday)

Jillie Mack Height, Weight & Physical:


Distinctive Features Sharp Nose
Body Measurements Breast-34, Waist-28, Bust-34
Eye Color Blue
Hair Length Long
Hair Color Ligh Brown
Shoe Size 7 US (6 UK)
Tattoos No
Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 52 kg
In Pounds: 114 lbs.
Height (approx.) In Feet Inches: 5′ 5″
In Meters: 1.65m
In Centimetres: 165 cm



Instagram #jilliemack
Twitter #jilliemack
Wikipedia Here
IMDB Click here
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Youtube Not Found
Home Page Not Found

Jillie Mack TV Shows:


No 73 (TV Series) 1982
Hey, Mr. Producer! The Musical World of Cameron Mackintosh (TV Special documentary) 1998
The Annual Entertainment Industry Honors Presentes a Salute to Bud Grant (TV Special) 1987
Biography (TV Series documentary) 2007
Magnum, P.I. (TV Series) 1984-1985
Stephen King’s Golden Tales (Video) 1985
The Wizard (TV Series) 1987
Tales from the Darkside (TV Series) 1987
Hooperman (TV Series) 1988
Encyclopedia Brown (TV Series) 1990
Silverfox (TV Movie) 1991
Frasier (TV Series) 1996
Adventures of Nicholas at Roaring Camp (TV Movie) 1996
Fired Up (TV Series) 1997
The Queen’s Nose (TV Series) 2000
ER (TV Series) 2002

Jillie Mack had always been ambitious and determined to make something of her life. After graduating from school, she set off for the United Kingdom with a dream of finding a good job. She took up odd jobs here and there while searching for an opportunity that could open new doors.

Jillie Mack Career Tv Shows Profession -Who Is Jillie Mack? Net Worth, Biography, Career, Love And Life

One day, Jillie received a call from a TV production company looking for young actors and actresses to appear in their upcoming series, No 73. While this was far from what she’d dreamed of doing previously, Jillie couldn’t pass up the chance to be part of something special – especially when it opened the door to more opportunities down the line.

Little did she know that this small role would change her life forever! Her recurring appearances on No 73 quickly turned into major roles in other popular television shows such as The Bill and Eastenders which propelled her career even further.

Before long, Jillie Mack became one of Britain’s most recognizable faces; appearing not only on TV but also in magazines, newspapers and other media outlets across the country. She went on to win awards for her performances both nationally and internationally; becoming an inspiration for many aspiring young actors who looked up to her success story with admiration and hope for their own future adventures in show business!

Jillie Mack Today:

Jillie Mack Today -Who Is Jillie Mack? Net Worth, Biography, Career, Love And Life

FAQs about Jillie Mack

Where did Jillie Mack go to college?

Jillie Mack was born in Wiltshire, England on December 25, 1957 into a middle-class family. She went to school from her hometown. Jillie’s love for dance led her to take dance classes from a very young age. Somewhere, she also loves acting. Until graduating from high school, she actively participated in high school theater productions.

Is Jillie Mack married?

Jillie is married to Tom Selleck, he has a job as a TV producer with many famous films. Jillie Mack went public with her then-boyfriend Thomas William Selleck in the mid-1980s.

However, Jillie had a small part as English Girl at Party in the hit show for 2 episodes. On August 7, 1987, she married her husband ‘Tom Selleck’ in a lavish wedding event. Tom Selleck’s spouse gave birth to a baby girl on December 16, 1988.

How much is Jillie Mack worth?

Jillie has had a long career in the entertainment industry spanning nearly three decades. Through the proceeds from her work as an actress, she was able to amass a huge fortune. If you wonder how rich this incredible woman is, many sources estimate Jillie Mack’s net worth at $10 million. This is the Jillie Mack net worth that many people wish for.

To become a celebrity and have many fans, they must have real talent and effort. Jillie Mack too, she has devoted a lot of time to her career to get certain results in career development. She is luckier than many other celebrities in love when she has a husband who loves her very much. Hopefully through the above sharing, everyone has gained more knowledge to know Who is Jillie Mack?

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Who is Draya Michele? Net worth, Kids, Husband, Career and More




Draya Michele -Who Is Draya Michele? Net Worth, Kids, Husband, Career And More

Draya Michele has a perfectly beautiful body with a round first and third round and a desirable ant waist. With the impressive beauty, many people have searched Who is draya michele?

Draya Michele -Who Is Draya Michele? Net Worth, Kids, Husband, Career And More

Who is draya michele?

In the world today, there are many famous people, but their private lives are complicated and have some influence on their careers. Draya Michele is one of the celebrities who is well known through a few acts on television. A lot of people are curious about who is Draya Michele and what important information there is to know about this star.

Who is Draya Michele?

Draya Michele is a famous American reality TV star. She is considered a rival of Kim Kardashian. The 33-year-old beauty has a height of 171 cm and a sexy figure. Draya Michele has two bloodlines in her. Her mother is Italian and her biological father is African-American. Draya Michele converges fiery beauty and femininity.

She is currently an actress, model, and a famous character in the American entertainment industry. In addition to being a businessman/model/actress, Draya Michele is also an Instagram hot girl with a following of up to 9 million. The 8x beauty’s personal Instagram is filled with her extremely sexy images.

Interesting Facts About draya michele

There have been many Interesting Facts About draya michele on social networks. The American businesswoman and cult TV star is well-known for wearing a swimsuit with vibrant floral motifs, boldly cutting off her super hot body curves. Draya Michele owns a “flaming” sexy hourglass body, which always makes people look wobbly when appearing in lingerie or a swimsuit.

LA star basket wife and model who once appeared in Hollywood’s real husband reality series for one episode. On The Arsenio Hall show in 2014. She appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to discuss her previous relationship with Chris Brown.

The 33-year-old beauty also participates in movies and has a number of supporting roles in movies. Since 2011, she has continuously launched her own fashion products and is quite successful.

Hotgirl of social networks in the US is also the owner of a fashion brand. This pink swimsuit is a fashion product of her own design. Draya Michele said she decided to design the swimsuit because she wanted to save money for herself and help young girls be more confident and love their bodies.

Interesting Facts About Draya Michele

Interesting Facts About draya michele

Draya Michele was always an ambitious young woman. As a child, she dreamed of one day becoming famous and making her mark on the world. She idolized celebrities like Victoria Beckham, who had made it in spite of difficult circumstances. Growing up, Draya worked hard to make her dreams come true – even if that meant waiting tables at Hooters while trying to build her career.

Years later, after establishing herself as a successful fashion designer and reality TV star on Basketball Wives, Draya found herself looking up to Victoria Beckham more than ever before. Though their lives were different in many ways – particularly when it came to children; Draya had two kids with an ex-fiancee and current boyfriend Orlando Scandrick – she still admired how far the former Spice Girl had come from humble beginnings.

Draya Michele Height Weight Stats -Who Is Draya Michele? Net Worth, Kids, Husband, Career And More

Unfortunately for Draya though, fame wasn’t all roses – especially not during the infamous fight between her and fellow castmate Sundy Carter which caused so much controversy earlier this year. While vacationing in Palm Springs with other members of the show’s cast, tensions quickly escalated into physical violence which left Sundy with severe bruising around one eye socket – something both women would no doubt regret for years afterwards despite being unable to patch things up privately since then!

But through it all – good times or bad -Drays has never lost sight of what really matters: achieving success without losing your sense of self along the way; just like her role model Victoria Beckham did before her. It’s a lesson that will stay close by as she continues down this path towards greatness!

Draya Michele’s private life

A native of Eastern Pennsylvania, she brought her son Kniko to live in Los Angeles. Her first son, Andraya Howard, was born in 2002, the result of a young love affair of the beauty. Her second son, Jru Scandrick, was born in 2016, the result of her tumultuous love affair with rugby player Orlando Scandrick (from 2011-2019). These are also Highlights About draya michele that many people search for.

Draya Michele'S Private Life

Highlights About Draya Michele:

  • Complete Name: Andraya Michele Howard
  • Nicknames: Draya
  • Date of Birth: January 23, 1985
  • Birthplace: Reading, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Model, Actress, and Media Personality
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Race/ Ethnicity: Multiracial
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Profile TwitterInstagramWebsiteFacebook

Draya Michele Body Measurements:

  • Build: Voluptuous
  • Height in Feet: 5’ 5”
  • Height in Centimeters: 165 cm
  • Weight in Kilogram: 59 kg
  • Weight in Pounds: 130 pounds
  • Feet/ Shoe Size: 10 (US)

Draya Michele Twitter -Who Is Draya Michele? Net Worth, Kids, Husband, Career And More

Frequently asked questions about Draya Michele

When did Draya Michele become known to many people?

Draya Michele began to be interested in the media when she became Chris Brown’s girlfriend. After that, she participated in a number of American reality TV shows and was remembered by the audience. Right at her 28th birthday party, reality TV star Draya Michele stunned everyone by wearing only a shirt without even putting on her pants.

The ex-girlfriend of the brother of scandalous singer Chris Brown wears a crop-top shirt alone, while the other side is only wearing thin black tights, showing off his shorts of the same color. Draya Michele rose to fame from the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives: LA after dating basketball player Javarious Crittenton.



Xem bài viết này trên Instagram


Bài viết do Draya Michele (@drayamichele) chia sẻ

What is the reason behind Draya Michele’s Success Story?

When the famous artist Сhrіѕ Вrown announced that Michelle was her girlfriend, she attracted media attention. On “The Wendy Williams” Show, she appeared and Draya discussed her previous relationship with Chris Brown.

In 2011, Draya Michele was selected to participate in Channel VН1 Ѕеrіеѕ Ваѕkеtbаll Wіvеѕ LA. Around that time, she made her television debut with her first acting role gіg “Оne’ѕ Will to Lоvе” alongside co-stars Marques Houston and Keshia Knight-Pulliam. In 2014, Draya Michele guest-starred on a show called “The Arsenio Hall” Michele joined the fourth season of Basketball Wives LA in 2015.

The breakthrough in Draya’s career began when she appeared in several music videos with famous rap artists such as Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Usher and The Game. As a brilliant actor, Draya made his mark in the business world.

How much is Draya michele net worth?

Many people who are interested in Draya Michele’s career will surely also be curious about Draya michele net worth. In an interview she revealed that she is realistic with a net worth of $600,000. She has boosted her net worth of about $1 million in recent years as an actress and businesswoman for her clothing lines. Besides, she is active on social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, which are extremely popular, so she has a lot of support in the clothing business.

So the above article has provided you with enough information to know Who is Draya Michele. This is also an interesting celebrity about his personal life and career.


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Who is Brittanya Razavi? Facts, Wiki, Height, Net Worth & More




Brittanya Razavi -Who Is Brittanya Razavi? Facts, Wiki, Height, Net Worth &Amp; More

As a person who possesses an extremely sexy and playful look, however, Brittanya Razavi is very talented and has participated in many large and small competitions and gained certain achievements. So “Who is Brittanya Razavi?”

Brittanya Razavi is also known as one of the influential celebrities on social networks. However, many people only know her through what she often posts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Recently, many people have searched for information related to her biography, family, career and personal life. So “Who is Brittanya Razavi?”, the following article will provide that information for you.

Brittanya Razavi -Who Is Brittanya Razavi? Facts, Wiki, Height, Net Worth &Amp; More

Brittanya Razavi Profile:

  • Real Name: Brittanya O’Campo
  • Nick Name: Brittanya Razavi
  • Date of Birth (DOB): 7 July 1985 (Sunday)
  • Age: 37-year-old (Till 2022)
  • Gender: Female
  • Birth Place: Oxnard, California, United States
  • Current City: Oxnard, California, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Mixed

Brittanya Razavi’s Physical Appearance: 

Brittanya Razavi 2 -Who Is Brittanya Razavi? Facts, Wiki, Height, Net Worth &Amp; More

Brittanya Razavi’s Life and Childhood:

Brittanya Razavi is an American social media celebrity, actress, model and businesswoman. She is known for her semi-naked social media posts and advertisements. The actress is bold enough to show off her fortune on Instagram and often posts selfies of herself in swimsuits.

Brittanya Razavi’s Instagram

Though these types of posts don’t seem to be suitable for every social media user and become a controversial issue a lot of times. Currently, Razavi has up to 7.2 million followers and interests on the Instagram platform.

Razavi struggled as a baby since she was raised in a broken family. However, she never complained about anything and did not misunderstand her family’s situation. She was born in 1985, in Oxnard, California to a family of four other siblings she grew up with.

Brittanya Razavi’ S Childhood

When she was 15 years old, her father was imprisoned, so her childhood was quite difficult because she did not receive as much love from her father as she needed at the moment. Although Razavi was very young, the youngest of the children, she started working and helping her mother. At 16, she had her first child, and since she couldn’t really take care of the child at that age, her grandfather was responsible.

Brittanya Razavi’s Husband & Children

Brittanya Razavi has a husband. In truth, she is presently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband, Lucky Moe Razavi. Brittanya has also uploaded images of herself with him on her social media accounts. Her spouse is also a professional tattoo artist, which we learn. The duo has also documented their adventures on YouTube.

Brittanya Razavi’s Husband &Amp; Children

Brittanya had previously dated Nico Vasquez. However, she is currently content with her husband, Moe. Her spouse also stated that he considers himself fortunate to have Razavi as his wife. Razavi’s presence has made a positive difference in his life. Even his pals are envious of his lovely wife.

Razavi is the mother of two sons, Cash King and Legend King. Her eldest kid was born on March 16, 2001, according to our study. She gave birth to her second son, Legend, on October 22, 2021, after a year. Furthermore, she frequently posts images of her children on her social media accounts. In fact, she maintains a second Instagram account for her children, which has over 136 thousand followers. Razavi enjoys traveling to new locations with her children and spouse.

Career Brittanya Razavi

Her career started when she started getting attention from her social sites, especially Instagram. That will be the reason why she has a chance to participate in VH1 reality shows called “Rock of Love Bus” and “Charm School” in 2009. Also, she acted in the 2012 comedy “Friends Disorder”

Rock Of Love Bust

Rock of Love Bust

After that, she started getting a lot of attention from big companies. Furthermore, since she is covered in tattoos and piercings, many tattoo magazines have given her a chance to be on the cover. Some of them are: Rebel Ink Life, Spire Magazine Magazine, Savage Tattoos, Energy Tattoos and a few others. This is also one of the Highlights About Brittanya Razavi.

We got reality TV starlet, model, social media star, and entrepreneur Brittanya Razavi in the studio for her first No Jumper interview with Adam22! Get to know her!

Furthermore, Razavi co-owns an online store called 187 Avenue, She has a real estate business, and she co-authored a book called Self-Talking Millionaires’. However, she does have a website called “Brittanya TV” where anyone can pay and get a chance to watch her private videos.

Brittanya Razavi’s Social Media:

The Youtube Video Of Brittanya Razavi

The Youtube video of Brittanya Razavi

Obviously, she amassed a massive fan base on social media networks. She currently has millions of fans on her social media accounts. As a result, she is well-known throughout the country for her distinctive inline content. She has also created a YouTube channel with the same name. She posts her vlogging videos here. Her official YouTube channel now has over 129K followers.

Razavi is also a member of the OnlyFans account. Her admirers also lavish her with love and gratitude for her YouTube videos and outstanding social media posts. Her net worth is estimated to be between $6-7 million, according to sources.

The Youtube video of Brittanya Razavi:

Interesting Facts About Brittanya Razavi

Looks like she owns a white, white Roy Rolls Royce and a white Range Rover. Razavi owns a home at 42338 Gold Cup lane in Murrieta, CA which she purchased in 2015. It has a 4,620 Sq Ft mansion with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It cost her about $950,000 and the total property tax she paid was $16,925. These are all Interesting Facts About Brittanya Razavi information that many people are interested in.

White Roy Rolls Royce -Who Is Brittanya Razavi? Facts, Wiki, Height, Net Worth &Amp; More

She is a tattoo lover and has lots of tattoos on her body. Brittanya Razavi was sentenced to six months in Ventura County Jail in 2010 after she attacked a woman carrying the holy grail which was also news that brought many people to her attention.

FAQs about Brittanya Razavi

Who is Brittanya Razavi?

Brittanya Razavi is an entrepreneur, model, youtuber, and an Instagram celebrity.

How old is Brittanya Razavi?

As of 2022, this character has turned 37 years old.

Is Brittanya Razavi Married?

Through a series of studies it has been confirmed that she is married to Moe Razavi and they have 4 children together. So in total, she has had 5 children since she gave birth to her baby when she was 16 years old. But that’s just a rumor and no source has confirmed it. Furthermore, on social media, she posts photos with just her 2 children. So it’s very difficult for her to do that.

How much is Brittanya Razavi net worth?

Also many people are interested in Brittanya Razavi net worth. As of today, Razavi has a total net worth of up to 7 million dollars. Her main source of income is merchandising and accessories business and is a YouTube and Instagram content creator.

Razavi’s followers are very interested in her body and style. She is famous for her hourglass figure, tattoos, piercings and dimples on her face. Hopefully the information shared above has helped people know more “Who is Brittanya Razavi?”

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Who is Joie Chavis? Net worth, Life, Quick Facts, and More




Interesting Facts About Joie Chavis -Who Is Joie Chavis? Net Worth, Life, Quick Facts, And More

Joie Chavis – All the information related to this famous star

Joie Chavis is also one of the names that many people are interested in recently. She is one of the celebrities with a large following on social media. So who is Joie Chavis, her career and development path, her biography is interesting to note. Let’s take a look at the information given in the article below.

Brittanya Razavi

Who is Joie Chavis?

As mentioned, Joie Chavis is one of those social media celebrities with many talents. However, not everyone knows the biography as well as some information related to this girl. This is an artist who has been active in art for a long time.

Joie Chavis profile:

Joie Chavis Body -Who Is Joie Chavis? Net Worth, Life, Quick Facts, And More

  • Full Name: Joie Nina Chavis
  • Gender: Female
  • Born: September 27, 1988
  • Age: 34
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Place of birth and raised: Torrance, California, USA
  • Where to live now: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Gender: Straight
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Dark brown
  • High School Attended: Torrance High School
  • University attended: University of California Read

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Joie Chavis’s Physical Appearance:

  • Height in feet: 5’4″
  • Height in centimeters: 163
  • Weight in pounds: 121
  • Weight kg: 55
  • Body Measurements : 37-26-38 in inches (94-66-97 cm)
  • Shoe Size: 6

Joie Chavis Body 2 -Who Is Joie Chavis? Net Worth, Life, Quick Facts, And More

Joie Chavis’s Family & Early Life:

  • Mother: Mary Chavis
  • Father: Peter Chavis
  • Siblings: 1 Sister is Phatara Chavis
  • Children: 2 are Shai Moss and Hendrix Wilburn
Childhood Of Joie Chavis And Her Mother

Childhood of Joie Chavis and her mother

Peter Chavis and Mary Chavis gave birth to Joie Chavis on September 27, 1988. Her father was a chef, and she grew up in California with her older sister Phatara Chavis. Her sister is a celebrity hairstylist. Joie Chavis has been a lover of dance since childhood. She attended the University of California after graduating from high school and worked as a backup dancer in music videos for a number of well-known artists, like Bow Wow, Janelle Monáe, and Future.

Joie Chavis and her daughter

Joie Chavis Daughter -Who Is Joie Chavis? Net Worth, Life, Quick Facts, And More

Some information about Joie Chavis’s Life & Career

Many people still know Joie Chavis as a true model, besides she is also a professional dancer and a successful businessman. She is famous not only for her talent but actually is known by many people through her romantic past with Bow Wow and Future.

Website Joie In Life

Website Joie -Who Is Joie Chavis? Net Worth, Life, Quick Facts, And More

Until now, she is known as an Instagram star while running a website on this platform called “Joie In Life”. This site of hers writes about content related to daily diet and exercise and provides equipment for exercise. Besides sharing knowledge, Joie Chavis also sells products on it.

Jnl Swim -Who Is Joie Chavis? Net Worth, Life, Quick Facts, And More

JNL Swim-Homepage

She became an entrepreneur when she owned a swimwear brand “JNL Swim” with many customers. She also has an online retail store called ShopShai.

Despite having so much success, she is also considered a young entrepreneur at the age of 34. It was also discovered that the zodiac sign of this star is Libra.

Social Media and Website of Joie Chavis

Frequently asked questions about Joie Chavis

What is Joie Chavis’ net worth?

Joie Chavis net worth is also one of the most sought after information. As of 2021, it is estimated that Joie Chavis’ net worth is $2 million. According to one report, she earns her own income through a variety of jobs, mainly on Instagram and her online store.

The celebrity’s annual revenue is between $110 and $120. After she no longer has a relationship with Bow Bow, her net account has increased by $1.5 billion. Besides, she also received a part of the child support money from Futurе.

Fanpage Joie Chavis -Who Is Joie Chavis? Net Worth, Life, Quick Facts, And More

What are Interesting Facts About Joie Chavis?

It can be said that Joie Chavis’s private life is also of great public interest. Currently, she is a mother of 2 children and especially these 2 children were born to 2 men she once loved, Bow Wow and Future. Including Shai Moss, her own child with Bow Wow, and Hendrix Wilburn, who she has with Future.

The fact that few people know is that Joie Chavis is also branded as a miner. After becoming the mother of 2 children of 2 rappers, she was also accused by everyone of using her children to extort money. However, she also had a period of postpartum depression.

Besides her private life, which is of great interest to many people, there are also many Interesting Facts About Joie Chavis that make people love this girl more. That is, she always suggests a healthy lifestyle and encourages everyone to follow it. On her YouTube and Instagram platforms, she shares exercise habits as well as tips and advice for eating healthy habits. Her social media channels have inspired many people about health and fitness issues.

So with the information given in the above article, most people know Who is Joie Chavis. This is also considered an artist working in the field of art with many talents. She has been a successful person at work, having a large following on social media channels and running a personal store. Hopefully, through the above article, people have better understand Joie Chavis as well as the issues around her.

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Who is Emily Dobson? Wiki, Height, Age, Boyfriend, Social Media, Net Worth & More




Emily Dobson

Who is Emily Dobson?

Emily Dobson is an American actress, dancer, and social media personality. After giving a performance at the California Star Ball event in 2018, she gained notoriety. Emily was born on April 3, 2008, and will be 14 years old in 2022. She grew up and was educated in an upper-middle-class family in Los Angeles, California, The United State of America. Her zodiac sign is Aries.


She also gained notoriety for competing in the Los Angeles-based Emerald Ball DanceSport Championship. She is a three-time champion dancer and one of the most well-known dancers in the country.

Regarding her schooling, Emily began studying ballet when she was 3 years old. She then enrolled in an art school where she got rigorous dance instruction. Later, she and her partner Robbie Milstead competed in regional and national events.

Emily Dobson’s Family & Relationships


No information is available about Emily’s parents. Apart from the fact that her father was featured in her debut TikTok video, there are no names, no occupations, or anything else.

Even at the young age of 9, it was made known that Emily was dating actor and social media influencer Sawyer Sharbino, who also happens to be her workplace and frequently appears in her Instagram and TikTok videos.

Emily Dobson’s Height, Weight, Body Measurements


Height 157 cm (5’2″)
Weight 45 kg (99 lbs)
Zodiac Sign Aries
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Tattoo None
Piercing Ears

Emily Dobson’s Career


Dancer and YouTuber Emily began her career in these fields. She has performed at several well-known events and competed in numerous dance contests, which has helped her become very well-known and recognized in the dance community.

She is also a well-known dancer who has appeared at important fundraisers and events, such as the Sony Pictures Under the Stars Gala and the UCLA Children’s Hospital Annual Mattel Party.

She has a professional dance career in addition to owning a YouTube channel where she posts challenges and daily lifestyle instructions and has built up a sizable fan base. She also maintains accounts on a number of social media sites and has a sizable fan base.

Emily Dobson’s Net Worth, Income


Speaking of her online presence, Emily is a member of the influencer collective The Squad, which, as of September 2021, also includes her best friend Piper Rockelle (8.3 million subscribers), Lev Cameron (2.03 million subscribers), Jentzen Ramirez (1.85 million subscribers), Elliana (955k subscribers), and Jenna Davis (1.51 million subscribers).

People who follow her on YouTube may see that she resides in an opulent home in one of the city’s most costly neighborhoods. Her net worth is said to be approximately 700,000.

Emily Dobson’s Social Media


Instagram emilydobson
Youtube Emily Dobson
Twitter Emily Dobson
Tik Tok emily.dobson

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Highlights About Emily Dobson


  • She has achieved fame as a dancer, actor, and social media influencer following her appearance at the 2018 California Star Ball.
  • She participated in the Los Angeles Emerald Ball DanceSport Championships in 2019.
  • She has placed in the dance national finals three times in the US.
  • She gave a performance at the Evening Under the Stars event for Sony Pictures.

  • She went to the UCLA Children’s Hospital’s 20th Annual Mattel Party.
  • She amassed over 4 million fans on TikTok, where she first received widespread recognition.
  • She was created in California’s Los Angeles. On November 30, 2019, she shared a TikTok video with her father.
  • At a 2019 event, she was seen in photos alongside Latin music icon Maluma. She belongs to The Squad.

FAQs About Emily Dobson


Who is Emily Dobson?

Emily Dobson is an American actress, dancer, and social media personality from Los Angeles, California.

How old is Emily Dobson?

She’s 14 (as of 2022)

What is Emily Dobson’s net worth?

The estimated Emily’s net worth is around $600k – 700k USD.

Why is Emily Dobson famous?

She is famous after an amazing performance at the California Star Ball event in 2018

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