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Who is Byron Yawn? Bio, Relationship, Career, Net Worth, Affair, FAQs And More



Byron Yawn

What’s Trending About Byron Yawn?

In Nashville, Tennessee, Byron Yawn served as a pastor and an elder at Community Bible Church, before Ben Zobrist, a retired U.S. professional baseball player and MLB star named Ben Zobrist, withdrew a case that was worth several million dollars against the ex-pastor without giving a reason.

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Zobrist filed the case on May 6, 2021 to a Tennessee circuit court. The ex Chicago Cubs player alleged that Byron Yawn cheated his non-profit organization and had an ongoing affair at the time with his spouse, Julianna Zobrist. As a result, Zobrist requested $6M in both compensatory and punitive damages.

Byron Yawn’s Bio

As of 2022, Byron Yawn is 52 years old, as he was born in Mississippi, Alabama on March 4, 1970. Except for the fact that he was raised in a Christian family, in general, nothing has been revealed about his family members. Having dark brown eyes and dark hair, Byron is 5’8’’ tall.

Byron graduated from Mississippi College with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Literature after graduating from Byram High School. The ex-pastor also graduated with a Doctorate in Public Communication.

Byron Yawn’s Relationship

Byron has a wife named Robin Yawn, who was raised on the same block with him. They soon became highschool sweethearts, before getting married and giving birth to 3 kids: Lauren Yawn, their daughter, and Wade Yawn and Blake Yawn, their two sons.

Robin has a career as a Nurse Case Manager at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Neuromuscular Division.

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Byron and his wife, Robin, served as gospel ministers at the Community Bible Church, located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Byron Yawn’s Career and Net Worth

Byron is known for forming and managing Forrest Crain & Co, a Nashville-based business consultancy firm.

He was also the main associate at Empower Healthcare and the CEO of McGowan & Associates.

Where does Byron Yawn serve as pastor? Sadly, he stopped being a pastor and ceased being associated with the Community Bible Church.

As per multiple web sources, Byron’s net worth is reportedly around $800K.

Byron Yawn’s Social Media Profile

Instagram: Byron Yawn (@byronyawn) • Instagram

Company Instagram: Forrest Crain & Company (@forrestcrain_co) • Instagram

Byron Yawn’s Affair With Julianna Zobrist, Ben Zobrist’s Wife

Robin, Byron’s wife, discovered her husband’s burner phone in May 2019, which he communicated with Julianna using it during their affair.

What’s a burner phone? Most criminals utilize this device to elude law enforcement and then erase any evidence. It is a low-cost, prepaid cell phone that a user can trash or destroy after using it once.

Julianna, who is a Christian electronic pop artist, got married to Ben Zobrist in 2005, before giving birth to 3 kids. They first connected 16 years ago at the Community Bible Church, and Byron was a clergyman there, at that time, providing the couple with marital counseling.

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According to Zobrist, Byron broke his trust by having an affair with Julianna while serving as the couple’s spiritual mentor and counselor. Byron grew close to Julianna in 2018, and started dating her in 2019.

Due to his marital issues, Ben was unable to perform as a baseball player in the 2019 summer. Additionally, texts between him and Yawn revealed the preacher consoling him regarding the same.

The player missed four months of games, costing him roughly $8 million in lost salary. He did not find out about his wife’s infidelity until 2020, though.

On Thursday, August 13, 2021, the retired footballer dropped his case against the preacher, but he may still file the case one more time in 2022.

In a Tennessee court, Julianna confessed to infidelity, and their divorce is currently in progress. Helen S. Roger, Ben’s lawyer, asserted that Julianna’s statements were ridiculous.

Previously, Julianna stated that Ben neglected to protect their marital assets through taking time off work to deal with their marital problems.

Helen further added that Julianna shouldn’t have expected Ben to concentrate on his work after creating emotional pain for him, and Julianna even persuaded Ben to go back to work.

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Ben’s estranged spouse even asked for $4M in compensation from him on the grounds of his 4-month work leave. Finally, Zobrist announced his retirement in March 2020 from the MLB, after having spent 14 seasons there.

Since Julianna overspent their fortune by at least $691,602,86, Benseeks a 60-40 divide of the assets. Julianna argues in her defense that she suffered from his suicide thoughts, anxiety, and depression.

Additionally, according to Zobrist, Byron unlawfully obtained $7K from his NGO for athletes. He was executive director of Patriot Forward, earning $3.5K per month.

Despite being fired in March 2019, Byron was still able to receive a 2-month salary. Additionally, he earned $30K from a retirement party organized by Julianna in December 2018, and $15K from a pastoral trip for Ben.

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At the gathering, he charged that they were dancing provocatively. The pastor’s attorney denied the allegations of fraud. Instead, he said that Ben waited too long to file his claim and was using it to accuse Byron of being the cause of his marital issues.

Fyi, Julianna Zobrist has a net worth of over $1 million compared to Ben Zobrist’s estimated $55 million.

Byron Yawn’s Current Situation

Currently, Byron Yawn continues to reside in Nashville, Tennessee with Robin and his kids. Byron is in a challenging circumstance, but he’s still at ease compared to his mistress, Julianna.

While Julianna and Ben’s contentious split is in the news, Yawn’s side of the relationship appears to be in order. You can rest easy knowing Daily Highlight will post the updates even if only time will reveal what’s going to occur in the future.

FAQs About Byron Yawn

1. Who is Byron Yawn?

He’s a pastor and an elder at Community Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

2. How old is Byron Yawn?

52, as of 2022.

3. Why is Byron Yawn famous?

For having an affair with the wife of Ben Zobrist, MLB star.

4. Who is Byron Yawn’s wife?

Robin Yawn.

5. Who did Byron Yawn have an affair with?

Julianna Zobrist.

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