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Who is Holly Sonders? Biography, Physical Appearance, Career, Net Worth, Partner, Quick Facts, Highlights And More



Holly Sonders

Who is Holly Sonders?

Being among the most famous and attractive women to play golf, Holly Sonders first gained popularity as a sports media star. Sonder is arguably the hottest golfer, reporter, model and television host to have ever been employed by Fox Sports and Golf Channel.

Holly1 -Who Is Holly Sonders? Biography, Physical Appearance, Career, Net Worth, Partner, Quick Facts, Highlights And More

Since she was a teenager, Holly Sonders has been vying for the spotlight in a variety of capacities. The ex-golfer is most recognized for her role as the “Morning Drive” host on the Golf Channel.

Sonders is currently regarded as a lovely diva who began playing golf, exhibiting her wild mania in front of the camera and her eye-popping photographs obsessively consuming social networks.

Having said all of this, she continues to amass sizable crowds and a devoted following despite her being the subject of controversy.

Ultimately, she quit working for FOX TV in 2019 and launched, the platform that she publishes original content that is “too hot to handle on social media.”

Let’s give you a small dose of information before we dive into her life.

Holly Sonders Physical Appearance

Height 5’8’’ / 1.73m / 173 cm
Weight 61 kg / 134 lbs
Body Measurements 36-24-35 (inches)
Hair Color Brunette
Eyes Color Brown
Face Oval
Skin Tone Tan
Shoe Size 7 US
Bra Size 32D

Holly Sonders Biography, Early Life and Golf

Holly Sonders, real name Holly Niederkohr, was born on March 3, 1987 in Marysville, Ohio, U.S.A. Born to Dan Niederkohr and Sandy Niederkohr, Holly’s zodiac sign is Pisces as she is 35 years old, as of 2022.

Her mom was a champion golfer and her dad was a doctor and a practicing optometrist at the time. Sonders was influenced by her mother to play golf as she became the golf tournament champion at the age of only 7 to make her way to become a successful junior golfer.

Sonders used to study at Marysville High School, the place where she participated in the boys’ basketball and baseball teams.

She also began early into the field, which is different from the rest of the athletes. As Sonders attended Marysville Excessive College after high school, she ultimatelyhad the opportunity to play as the girls’ basketball team’s four-year starting point guard.

Her mother had a big impact on her from the beginning of her adolescent years, and she had an ambition of becoming a professional golfer.

Holly had successfully won the UTC National Championship and the American Junior Golf Association at the tender age of 14.

She later attended Michigan State University, where she helped their team, the Spartans, to the victory of the Big Ten Championship.

Holly expanded her horizon during her days to participate in the NCAA Regional Tournament and NCAA Championships, which was also very essential. She also won the Academic All-Big Ten distinction along the way.

Holly Sonders’ Sudden Knee Ailment

Holly2 -Who Is Holly Sonders? Biography, Physical Appearance, Career, Net Worth, Partner, Quick Facts, Highlights And More

Unexpectedly, as those things happened, Sonder’s life began to spiral downward. Because of an unidentified knee ailment, Holly was unable to walk for months.

Her days could not be the same for her as she struggled with her injured knee during her junior year at MSU, but she showed that there isn’t always just one avenue for an individual.

Rather than moving on, she seized the opportunity to earn her journalism degree, leaving the university in 2009. She started out as a journalist at that point, which was a bit of an easy target because of her fondness for golf and her excellent academic background.

Holly Sonders’ Career

1. Golf Journalism

Sonders headed toward a fresh bunch of opportunities when she was presented on KATV in Little Rock as she got farther along in her days following surgery.

She then started covering murders and tornadoes, where she earned OJT (On-the-Job Training). Wasting the least time possible, she quickly got transferred to Columbus, Ohio’s WBNS-10 TV after experiencing the flow of broadcast journalism.

Holly served as a reporting member for the Big Ten Community throughout her time there, and with the crucial OJT she gained from her time as a local journalist for KATV, she applied to the golf channel.

After being denied for the first time, Holly was finally hired by NBC’s Golf Channel, where she started her career at a higher level. Despite no longer being able to play golf, Sonders achieved her aim by hosting renowned programs like “Playing Lessons with the Pros” and “School of Golf.”

She began working with her future husband, Erik Kuselias, at that time, and had the opportunity to meet a number of golf celebrities who had become incredibly well-known. She started her own Golf Channel Morning Drive opportunities while also learning more about golf jobs.

Yet Sonders was cool about it, explaining that a woman could be athletic and feminine at the same time, and that dressing up in skirts was just her way of expressing her personal style.

After that, in May 2013, she appeared on the cover of the Golf Digest magazine. Three times, has also named her one of the Most Beautiful Women in Golf.

2. Fox Network

Holly3 -Who Is Holly Sonders? Biography, Physical Appearance, Career, Net Worth, Partner, Quick Facts, Highlights And More

Sonders left the Golf Channel in order to host the tournament’s telecast on Fox Network in 2015. She began covering the U.S. Open golf when Fox News acquired the rights to the USGA competition.

After that, she began working for the Fox Network as a studio presenter in 2016 while also hosting the U.S. Open and covering NFL sidelines.

Since then, she has been acclimating to success and recognition while she simultaneously grew to renown. She has additionally guest hosted on shows including “THE HERD” and “UNDISPUTED” while making an appearance.

Holly Sonders’ Net Worth

Sonders is estimated to make roughly $2M annually and have a net worth of $6.5M as of 2022.

Additionally, she earns her money through brand endorsements, for example, her collaboration with Cobra Puma Golf. She’s also a yoga teacher for the time being.

Apart from those, Sonders also makes her income through being an IG model. She once claims that she earns 20 times more money off the OnlyFans Type Subscription Website.

Holly Sonders’ Awards and Achievements

  • American Junior Golf Association (two times)
  • Women’s Western Amateur (round 16)
  • Big Ten Championship (The Year 2007)
  • UCT National Championship
  • NCAA Regional Tournament (participation)
  • NCAA Championship (participation)

Holly Sonders’ Fitness Regime

She works out repeatedly while keeping an eye on her health in order to maintain her amazing body.  Sonders claims that she is unable to run a lot since she lacks a meniscus and that her scoliosis prevents her from working effectively.

She also explained how fast her arm muscle grows, indicating that overworking her arms will cause her to appear bulky.

Holly4 -Who Is Holly Sonders? Biography, Physical Appearance, Career, Net Worth, Partner, Quick Facts, Highlights And More

As a result, we have outlined the ways in which she keeps herself physically fit. First of all, she just exercises four times per week, doing 500 ab exercises three times each time.

If we take a look at her daily routine, we can see that she gets up early and works out in the gym, doing lots of squats and lunges.

She attempts to stretch and lengthen her short torso, which is also mentioned. Last but not least, Holly has also cooperated with famous personal trainer Karen Palacios-Jansen. Lately, she debuted her exercise app, “TeamUp Fitness,” on social network platforms in May 2020.

She had also added that it was available in the brief extract so that her fans may begin following her fitness program and the exercises she tries. Her app also has sections for relationships, exercise, wellbeing, and diet plans.

Holly Sonders’ Boyfriend, Partner, Husband and Relationship

1. Erik Kuselias

When Kuselias co-hosted the Morning Drive with Sonders, they got to know each other  for the first time. Despite Erik’s notoriety for his name, their relationship developed quickly. After some time of dating, the couple were married in 2012.

Kuselias was known for flirting and having irrational affairs with a number of women back then. Later, it was discovered that Kuselias had already been married with three children when he became engaged to Holly, leading to their 2016 split up.

According to reports, Holly Sonders and other colleagues were engaged in Kuselias’ nasty practice of having affairs with them, which his ex-wife discovered after conducting an inspection on him.

Before one of Kuselias’ supporters commented about him in Sonders’ tweet, she had been silent about their breakup.

“I filed for divorce over a year ago…we haven’t been together in a very long time. Thanks” Holly retweeted at the time. After many years of marriage, the divorce was announced immediately with all the specifics kept private.

2. Kliff Kingsbury

Sonders began dating Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury after filing for divorce, and the relationship was officially announced on January 9, 2019, after Sonders uploaded a post on Twitter about Kliff.

She also said, “He’s the best. And we are little past the crush part,” while congratulating Kliff on his promotion back then.

When Kliff broke up with his previous partner, he met Sonders for the first time, during which she acted as a sideline journalist for the Big 12 Games. Sadly, their relationship couldn’t last long and quickly ended.

3. Vegas Dave

Later, Sonders had been seeing Vegas Dave, also known as Dave Oancea, since December 2019. The pair first connected at a strip club at Crazy Horse as they were out having fun. Quickly, they announced their engagement following the date.

They were locked down together in Mexico amid the time that COVID 19 swept the world, and as a result, they shared photos of their time spent during the quarantine in Cabo.

After a short while, though, Dave returned to his parents, abandoning Sonders alone, and the crowd went bonkers, showcasing the split. They eventually split up because Vegas’ business couldn’t enable him to stick around with Holly.

4. Oscar De La Hoya

Holly7 -Who Is Holly Sonders? Biography, Physical Appearance, Career, Net Worth, Partner, Quick Facts, Highlights And More

Holly dated Oscar back in 2021, after having interviewed him. Oscar competed as a professional boxer between 1992 and 2008.

In six different weight classes, he has won 11 world championships. Oscan also took home a gold medal from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Oscar De La Hoya gifted his fiancé a red Ferrari SF90 Stradale for Valentine’s Day.

Highlights About Holly Sonders

1. The Interview with Jordan Spieth

Holly had a fantastic opportunity to interview the winner of the 2015 U.S. Open, Jordan Spieth. However, things went horribly wrong, and Holly describes the experience as the “worst day” of her life. She had time for two inquiries as a sportscaster for the golf channel.

He inquired as to whether he had brought clothing in case of a Monday playoff, which generated a lot of noise.

They exchanged an awkward post-interview hug as they parted ways because the question remained unanswered.

2. Mispronunciation

Every eye in the room flickers when you begin a live broadcast or host a program, and even the smallest tongue slip or missed cue can become a moment that is eternally shared online.

Everybody seeing Sports on live television, in my opinion, is familiar with the scene starring Holly Sonders back in 2018, when she suffered a terrible slip of the tongue while serving as the live broadcaster of the FS1 2018 U.S.

She mispronounced “sectional qualifying” to “sexual qualifying.” She kept herself cool, though, and smiled it off as her co-workers, Shane Bacon and Brad Faxon, had to pretend that they didn’t listen to it – her minimization of the embarrassment.

Holly Sonders on Social Media

Sonders is a popular media personality who has a large following on social network platforms. She is also close to Donald Trump, the former president of the United States.

Holly5 -Who Is Holly Sonders? Biography, Physical Appearance, Career, Net Worth, Partner, Quick Facts, Highlights And More

It has been obvious since 2014, when she participated in the ice bucket challenge while sporting a swimming suit with the American flag. By the time the challenge was through, she had nominated her buddy Donald Trump alone.

Apart from her career field, she has made a guest appearance on one episode of New Girl, a comedy starring Zooey Deschanel, aired on the Fox network in 2015.

Holly Sonders Social Media Handle

Instagram Holly Sonders (@holly.sonders) • Instagram
Twitter Holly Sonders (@holly_sonders)
Website Holly Sonders
TikTOk johannaleia (@johannaleia) TikTok

Quick Facts About Holly Sonders

Holly6 -Who Is Holly Sonders? Biography, Physical Appearance, Career, Net Worth, Partner, Quick Facts, Highlights And More

1. She’s rumored to have undergone plastic surgery

Despite the fact that Holly has never verified the accuracy of the reports, there have been a lot of rumors regarding Sonders undergoing some surgery and having her face features altered.

2. She allegedly has a false tooth

Yes! In an interview, Holly Sonders had made the admission that she had to implant an artificial tooth because she had her original one displaced when she was in the second grade.

3. Holly Sonders’ favorite list

  • In terms of color, she loves black.
  • She likes to travel to Miami and Hawaii.
  • Her favorite actors and actresses are Tom Cruise and Scarlett Johansson.

4. Holly Sonders’ common outfits

Holly Sonders portrays a sophisticated and stylish ensemble. She wears COBRA PUMA GOLF gear, accessories, and footwear as the company’s brand ambassador.

FAQs About Holly Sonders

1. Who is Holly Sonders?

Holly is a professional golf player, fashion model, and TV host.

2. How old is Holly Sonders?

35, as of 2022.

3. Who are Holly Sonders’ boyfriends, fiancé and ex-husbands?

Erik Kuselias, Kliff Kingsbury, Vegas Dave and Oscar De La Hoya.

4. What is Holly Sonders’ net worth?

$6.5M, as of 2022.

5. Does Holly Sonders have a false tooth?

Yes, she does.

6. Did Holly Sonders undergo plastic surgery?

It isn’t confirmed.

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