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Who is Katiana Kay? Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Body Size & More



Katiana Kay

Katiana Kay, an influencer and model, became well-known because of her social media posts. She’s from Arizona and is bilingual. The model is dedicated to developing her e-commerce career and helping others. Katiana is incredibly active on all of her social media accounts and is well-known for her cheery demeanor in her social network posts. Katiana is predicted to enjoy rapid growth over the next few years because she is only beginning and has accomplished so much so early in life.

Who is Katiana Kay?

Katiana Kay, born on February 23th, 2002, is an American star, YouTube content creator, TikTok influencer. She is well known over the world for sharing dancing and trendy videos on social media. On Instagram, she has amassed more than 760k followers. Her wiki and bio are available here.

Katiana1 -Who Is Katiana Kay? Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Body Size &Amp; More
Arizona is where Katiana Kay was born and raised. Her parents originate from Mexico and Colombia, making her bilingual. But now, she is residing in Miami, Florida. Katiana attended a local private school and is currently enrolled in college. Born on February 23th, the American model has the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Katiana Kay’s Family

Not much has been known about her family. Her parents’ names are not yet disclosed. Until now, what is only known about her parents is that they are from Mexico and Colombia. Her siblings’ information remains mysterious as well.

Katiana Kay’s Boyfriend

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Currently, Katiana Kay is dating Miami-based young entrepreneur William Goodall. The two now own a YouTube account named Will & Katiana, which now has about 103K subscribers and more than 62M views in total.

Katiana Kay’s Height, Weight and Body Sizes

Height 152 cm / 1.52 m / 5’1’’
Weight 48 kg / 105 lbs
Body Sizes 36-24-36 (inches)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size 6 US

Katiana Kay’s Career

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Katiana Kay began her social media profession in 2021. She released her earliest TikTok video in June that year. In a short amount of time, Katiana was able to build a sizable social media fanbase. She started her modeling profession as a result.

Katiana also owns an OnlyFans profile, and she shares her premium content with her followers mainly on this platform, all after the moment she received a ton of response from her social network accounts.

Katiana also possesses a YouTube account with the same name on which she posts her daily life videos, vlogs, lifestyle tips, etc.

Katiana Kay Net Worth

According to certain sources, Katiana Kay has an estimated net worth of up to $1 million. However, the details related to her net worth has not yet been disclosed.

Katiana Kay’s Social Media Profile

Instagram (743K followers) Katiana ♡ (@katiana)
Facebook N/A
Twitter Katiana Kay (@katianakayy)
YouTube Katiana Kay – YouTube
TikTok Katiana (@katiana.kay)
OnlyFans Katiana Kay

Highlights about Katiana Kay

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  • Katiana uploaded her first image on IG in October 2020.
  • Being a huge fan of fashion, Katiana enjoys experimenting with new looks. She’s also interested in traveling, photography and shopping besides social media. In terms of fashion, her most liked brand is Dior.
  • She recently changed her diet to a high-protein one, on a daily basis, in addition to using sugar-free products. Her healthy routines also include working out at the gym, which she does 5 times on a weekly basis.
  • Katiana had plastic surgery in 2021-2022, with facelift surgery, breasts enhancement and lip filler. Apart from this, Katiana was admitted to hospital in the past due to an accident, but fortunately she fully recovered from it.
  • In one of her videos posted on TikTok, fans recognized a number of bruises and marks on her thighs, leading to them being suspicious of her getting subdued to domestic violence. Theories were brought up related to whether she was abused by her BF, Goodall, or not. However, Katiana later assured her followers that the injuries have nothing to do with Goodall.

FAQs About Katiana Kay

@katiana.kay #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – ilyNIGHTMARES

1. Who is Katiana Kay?

Katiana is a well-known fashion model, KOL, TikTok influencer and Instagram celebrity.

2. How old is she?

She is currently 20.

3. Which zodiac sign is she?

Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

4. Where does she live?

She’s now living in Miami, Florida, USA.

5. Why is she famous?

Katiana5 -Who Is Katiana Kay? Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Body Size &Amp; More

She is famous for her online videos regarding fashion, make-up, pranks, challenges and vlogs.

6. What is her net worth?

Her income is up to $1 million.

7. Who is her boyfriend?

Katiana is now in a relationship with Miami-based young businessman William Goodall.

8. Does she have OnlyFans?

Yes, she does. Her OnlyFans account is currently free.

9. What is her body measurements?

Katiana’s body measurements are 36-24-36 (inches).


Katiana6 -Who Is Katiana Kay? Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Body Size &Amp; More

This article focuses on the bio and life story of U.S. model Katiana Kay, who is well known for her engaging social media posts and upbeat character in her videos. In 2021, Katiana’s social media career got underway. She posted her debut video to TikTok in June of 2021. Despite being a novice on social media, she immediately gathered a sizable following. On TikTok, she has over 3.6 million viewers, and her Instagram following, which is fast expanding, is about 761,000.

Everything about her, including her net worth, relationship, biography, height, job, and wiki, has been covered in this article.

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