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Sharlene Rampersad: Wiki, CONFLICT v.s Nicki Minaj, 5+ Facts



Sharlene Rampersad

Sharlene Rampersad is a reporter working at Guardian Media Ltd who had an online CONFLICT with Nicky Minaj over an issue related to the American singer’s cousin in September 2021 (according to Trinidad and Tobago Newsday).

That’s right, you didn’t read it wrong! Between these two women, there was a truely fiery ‘FIGHT’ – a true battle of words and the intervention of the law! Let’s go into the details of this hot controversy and learn some information abour Sharlene’s Biography, Family, Career, Net Worth…with!

Who Is Sharlen Rampersad? – Wiki, Conflict With Nicki Minaj, Facts

Sharlene Rampersad 1

Sharlene Rampersad – Standing Next To Her Car

Sharlene Rampersad’s Biography

1. Birthdate, Age Of Sharlene Rampersad:

Sharlene keeps the information about her birthday private. According to sources, she was born between 1985 – 1987, meaning that by 2022, she is 35 – 37 years old.

2. Birthplace:

According to the introduction on Sharlene’s Facebook profile, she was born in Freeport, Caroni, Trinidad, and Tobago, and currently resides in Trinidad & Tobago.

Sharlene Rampersad 2

Sharlene Rampersad – Smiling

3. Education:

According to information on her LinkedIn profile, in high school days, Sharlene attended the School of Communication and Media Research. From 2001 – 2005, Sharlene attended and graduated from Waterloo Excessive Faculty. Further, Sharlene enrolled herself in ‘COSTAATT’ and received a Diploma of Associate in Journalism.

4. Work Experiences:

She is a journalist, media celebrity, activist, researcher, reporter, and advertising specialist from Trinidad and Tobago. Currently, she is mainly working for Guardian Media Ltd as a journalist. She has worked here for 7 years.

Sharlene’s job is to do detailed research on famous people and write articles about them.

Controversy Between Sharlene Rampersad & Nicki Minaj 

1. How Did The Controversy Start?

According to sources, on Friday, September 17, 2021, Nicki Minaj – a globally famous American female rapper and musician – posted a series of photos of a conversation on her official Instagram profile. that. According to the screenshots that Nicki Minaj posted, Sharlene sent a lot of Whatsapp messages to Daniel Maharaj – Nicki Minaj’s cousin.

In that conversation, Sharlene was asking about Nicki’s personal information from Daniel and promised that she would absolutely not leak that information.

2. Nicki Minaj’s Attitude:

Nicki was furious when she learned of their transaction and insisted that no one had the right to invade her privacy.

Nicki Minaj 1

Nicki Minaj Photo

The female rapper also mentioned that Sharlene was intentionally harassing her family members by sending them multiple messages with the same content and asking them the same questions.

3. Sharlene Rampersad’s Attitude:

Sharlene said that after the incident, she received death threats several times, and she believed those threats came from Nicki Minaj. She has also added that she would request a restraining order on Nicki’s side to protect herself against life-threatening dangers.

Nicki Minaj 2

Nicki Minaj’s Angry Tweet

4. Sharlene Rampersad’s Tweets:

In one of her tweets, Sharlene said the following: “When you use your international platform to spread lies, you hurt us. We aren’t some island fantasy you get to bring up if you’re bored. 1,391 people have died from COVID-19 here. Let us alone now.”

Another tweet said: “What @NICKIMINAJ either does not know or does not care about is Trinidad and Tobago is currently under the State of Emergency. Many business sectors are closed and have been for months on end. Vaccination is our way out”.

Sharlene &Amp; Nicki'S Controversy

Sharlene & Nicki’s Angry Tweets

Sharlene Rampersad’s Ethnicity & Family

1. Ethnicity, Age, & BirthPlace:

By the sources, she follows the Christianity faith and belongs to a blended ethnical background.

Rampersad has not given any details about her birthday. As per a rough guess, she was born between the years 1985-1987. As per her Facebook profile bio, she took birth in Freeport, Caroni, Trinidad, And Tobago. She is residing in Trinidad And Tobago.

Sharlene Rampersad 5

Sharlene Rampersad’s Sefie Picture

2. Secret Family:

Sharlene wanted to keep her family, parents, and siblings secret, so she did not reveal something about her father and mom on any social media platform on account of safety functions. She also did not post any photos, a video, or details of them on social media platforms. This is probably to ensure the privacy and safety of family members in the context of an increasingly complex cyber-violence situation.

So we can see that Sharlene loves her family so much, althought the personal information and pictures of Sharlene’s parents and her siblings never appeared on her posts. According to sources, Sharlene’s family is Christian and a family of mixed backgrounds. Sharlene wanted to keep her family, parents, and siblings secret so she did not reveal their details on any social media platforms. She also did not post any photos or videos of them. This is probably to ensure the privacy and safety of family members in the context of an increasingly complex cyber-violence situation.

Sharlene Rampersad’s Career 

Sharlene Rampersad 6

Sharlene Rampersad’s Selfie Picture In Car

Sharlene is a Trinidadian reporter between the ages of 35 and 37. After searching and digging through Sharlene’s Linkedin profile, we discovered that in 2001, she graduated from Waterloo High School; and then she attended COSTAATT and graduated with a diploma in journalism in 2014. Sharlene started her career with Guardian Media Ltd – she was a freelance journalist at the time. Currently, Sharlene is an Investigative Reporter and works for GML. She used to be a senior reporter, covering news and stories from Central and Southern Trinidad.

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Sharlene Rampersad’s Lifestyle

Sharlene is a reporter who is considered to be very hard-working. From 2013-2014, after completing her studies, she started working as an Advertising Consultant and Gross sales at ‘Arts Inc Co Ltd’. Besides, since 2017, Sharlene also works for Area Youths Sports Activities Membership, proving that she is a very active person and has a huge love for sports.

Sharlene Rampersad’s Relationship & Personal Life

Sharlene is quite secretive about her private life. That’s why we could not find information about her partner on social networks. According to Sharlene’s Facebook profile, we can confirm that she is married.

Sharlene Rampersad 7

Sharlene Rampersad With A Man (Unknown)

She once shared a photo with a certain man on her Twitter account, but it is difficult to confirm that he is Sharlene’s husband. We will collect more evidence on this matter and will share it with readers as soon as the latest confirmations are available.

Sharlene Rampersad’s Net Worth

Sharlene Rampersad’s father has an estimated net worth of about $1.5 – 2 million approximately as of 2022.

Social Medial Handles

Facebook: @sharlene.rampersad.94
Twitter 1: @TriiniReporter
Twitter 2: @SRampersad12

 Sharlene Rampersad’s Physical Appearance:

Height: 167 centimeters (or 5’6’’)
Weight: 68 kilograms (150 lbs)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Length: Medium, Curly

Facts About Sharlene Rampersad

  • Sharlene attended many conferences related to her profession
  • The famous journalist does not regularly use social platforms, except Twitter.
  • Sharlene likes to go to night-outs and parties with friends.
  • She can speak 2 languages: English and Spanish.
  • Sharlene is skillful in writing journalism and news.
  • Sharlene has a cute pet dog named Daisy.
  • In 2013, Sharlene found Save Our Children Trinidad and Tobago – an organization voluntarily named.
  • The motto of the organization that Sharlene works for is to raise awareness of children’s rights locally

Sharlene Rampersad’s Q&A

Who is Sharlene Rampersad?

Sharlene is a reporter at Guardian Media Ltd (According to Trinidad and Tobago Newsday) who had an online conflict with Nicky Minaj.

What is Sharlene Rampersad’s Age?

She is about 35-37 years old as of 2022.

Where was Sharlene Born?

She was born in Trinidad and Tobago.

What Nationality is Sharlene Rampersad? 

She is a Trinidadian.

How Tall is Sharlene Rampersad?

167 centimeters (or 5’6’’).

What is The Net Worth of Sharlene?

She has an estimated net worth of about $1.5 – 2 million.