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9 Iconic Animated Disney Movie Siblings Who We Wholeheartedly Love


9 Iconic Animated Disney Movie Siblings Who We Wholeheartedly Love

Do you get along well with or fight a lot with your siblings? Well, whether you guys live in harmony or argue all the time, brotherhood along with sisterhood are undoubtedly important parts of your life. And so are many siblings in Disney animation. Therefore, today, we have compiled the top 9 iconic animated siblings from Disney movies we find truly awe-inspiring!

For the post, we look for many well-known Disney brothers and sisters. Even though they are archenemies like Mufasa and Scar, or love each other such as Hiro and Tadashi, we consider all to list out.

Hence, let’s scroll down to check our file below out. Many of your favorite characters are in the collection, so you cannot miss it!

#1 Lilo & Nani Pelekai (Lilo & Stitch, 2002)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Since their father and mother pass away, Nani and Lilo have to deal with a lot of difficulties alone. Lilo struggles in coming over the loss of their parents and fitting in at school. And Nani works very hard to pay bills and tries to be a big sister. Their exertion is something that we feel so real!

#2 Wendy, John & Michael Darling (Peter Pan, 1953)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

We love 3 Darling siblings because of their fondness for reckless adventures. They all want to swashbuckle with pirates, tell campfire stories and fly high above tall buildings.

#3 Marie, Toulouse & Berlioz (The Aristocats, 1970)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Although Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz are three cute kittens, they are actually quite a handful. Not always live in harmony, but these little cats spend much time together singing, playing the piano, and painting.

#4 Kenai, Denahi & Sitka (Brother Bear, 2003)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Even though we see they frequently fight and argue, these three still care for each other even when they are in their butt heads. And the hug between them in the ending is more than touching.

#5 The Dalmatians (One Hundred and One Dalmatians, 1961)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Having one hundred siblings sounds interesting! But it is surely hard to be close with all of them, right?

#6 Mufasa & Scar (The Lion King, 1994)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

If we put the betrayal thing aside, it is undoubtedly to say that both Mufasa and Scar are sovereigns who have solid leadership skills.

#7 Hiro & Tadashi Hamada (Big Hero 6, 2014)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Trying to be a good model for Hiro to look up to, Tadashi always lends his younger sibling a helping hand. So, it really breaks us apart seeing the death of Tadashi.

#8 Dash, Violet & Jack-Jack Parr (The Incredibles franchise, 2004-2018)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Despite criticizing driving each other crazy, the Parr can set aside their differences to cooperate brilliantly in fighting criminals.

#9 Elsa & Anna (Frozen franchise, 2013-)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Although an accident splits these two close sisters out, Anna always cares and wants to give help to Elsa regardless of putting herself at risk.

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