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Arcane: 5 Crucial Reasons Why This Show Is Something You Have Never Seen Before



If you haven’t already seen the nine-episode 1st season of Arcane from Netflix, you should do it right away. Even if you’re not a lover of motion graphics, or if you’re unfamiliar with Riot Games’ League of Legends (the shows’ inspiration), Arcane does more than merely raise the standard for animated movie and pc game adaptations. It’s an outright masterwork. This engaging futuristic fantasy series will be a difficult act to follow for upcoming animation and live-action shows since it is beautifully designed, multi-layered, and sophisticated in its narration.

Arcane has appeared out of nowhere to provide yet another surprise, just like one of Vi’s uppercuts. Those who have seen it have seen it know creativity is at the pinnacle of greatness. Arcane has permanently altered audience expectations of serial animation media. Here are a handful of the answers to why you should see it, with no spoilers.

#1 The stunning animation

It’s breathtakingly creative and stunning in every aspect, giving viewers things they have not yet seen on television screens previously. It’s nearly hard to talk about Arcane without mentioning its graphics, with the subject frequently taking center stage in any discussion of the series.

The striking design of Arcane is the creation of French animation studio Fortiche Production, which blends 3D and 2D graphics to generate a unique mixed-media aesthetic — a design the firm is recognized for. Backgrounds are digitally hand-painted, and 3D character designs are also given 2D texturing to provide a more unified graphic feeling with the characters’ surroundings.

Arcane is beautifully complex, from its massive Steampunk-meets-Art-Nouveau cityscape landscapes to the slightest flickers of shifting facial emotion (which isn’t built on motion capture). As a result, it draws you into its world.

#2 Easy accessibility to newcomers

Arcane is centered in the League of Legends world and contains some of the game’s most recognizable heroes. However, you don’t need to know anything about LoL or MOBAs to appreciate Arcane. The Netflix series provides an introduction to the universe, focusing on one area of Runeterra: the separated metropolis of Piltover. This immediately makes the show more approachable, understandable, and unimposing to non-Leaguers.

Arcane focuses on two levels. The show tells the story of a city that has been turned into a timebomb as a result of socio-economic injustice. While the “topsiders” live in a pleasant, prosperous ideal elevated to worldwide dominance by its capacity to merge technology and the arcane, Piltover’s nobility has ignored the “undercity” on the other side of the bridge. Its population is suffering from an impoverished, polluted environment and they are subjected to brutality from crime bosses and mass arrests. Addictions to the deadly yet potent substance Shimmer are rampant in this harsh world where technological advancement has taken a nasty path. Arcane is a Steampunk fantasy series, although it addresses real-world challenges.

Meanwhile, for viewers who are uninterested in big-picture issues, Arcane functions on a micro level at the very same time. Characters take varied perspectives on Piltover’s difficulties, yet they all deal with their own issues, which range from eroding political beliefs to mental illnesses and fatal sickness. The slum-dwelling siblings’ Vi (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld) and Powder/Jinx (Ella Purnell), whose damaged relationship is ready to ignite the big Piltover ticking timebomb, are perhaps the most crucial to Arcane at this phase.

#3 Game of Thrones vibe

Arcane does not saturate the frame with sex, nudity, and other R-rated scenes in order to look edgy. It is, nevertheless, clearly aimed at older audiences, as seen by its gloomy tone and expert treatment of its issues and personalities. In regards to the latter, the Arcane cast is only present in shades of grey. There are no contrasting blacks or whites. Everyone has several layers that are driven by genuine emotions and concerns. Even antagonists have redeeming traits, but even the most honorable of heroes have glaring flaws that they are aware of. Arcane is intriguing and sophisticated in a manner that most live-action shows could only dream to be, recognizing the shifting concepts and constant trade-offs that are central to human experience. It’s also worth mentioning Arcane’s other major Game of Thrones correspond: it isn’t scared to kill off important characters. Be mindful about clinging to favorites. You have been warned.

#4 The diverse women role

Continuing from the previous point, Arcane is a good example of female portrayal done correctly. The series depicts women in a variety of positions, from elegant, ever-diplomatic counselor to a veteran fighter to manic barbie horror girl. All of these personalities are represented by a diverse range of physical shapes, sexualities, races, and age groups.

While the main female characters, Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, and Mel are all young, gorgeous women, they each have their own outer and inner wounds that enrich their personalities. They are also joined by an unusually large number of elderly ladies, which is uncommon in our youth-oriented culture. These veterans aren’t compelled to play the “weak older woman” stereotype. They are all regarded as women of strength and knowledge, with unique interests and valuable counsel to provide to the younger women they guide. Notably, unlike most other titles, Arcane refuses to isolate its female characters and confine their relationships to males exclusively.

#5 The combat choreography

One last topic to mention is how fantastic the fight scenes in Arcane were. In this day and age of easily thrown CGI rubber dollies and crazy rapid-cut filmmaking, Arcane’s combat is precisely organized and cohesive. While conflicts have a lot of visual flare – which animation clearly allows – hand-to-hand combat in Arcane is based on realistic combat sports and self-defense concepts. The ultimate product is exhilarating and satisfyingly crunchy, with characters frequently receiving damage as anticipated.


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Kurt Sutter: The Abrasive Mastermind Behind Sons of Anarchy




Behind the mind of one of the most important crime shows during the Second Golden era of Television, Kurt Sutter’s legacy on Sons of Anarchy has continued to inspire numerous other TV series with the show’s gritty mixture of sex, violence, and vulgarity that has come to define Stutter’s signature style as a visionary and creative tour de force. But besides perhaps the series’ most hardcore followers, few have known of Stutter’s arduous road to success that has ultimately come to form his creative outlook, making his creations more than just fictional brutality.

Kurt Sutter: Life and Career

Kurt Sutter’s Early Life and Career

Kurt Sutter was born and raised in Rahway, New Jersey. The youngest in a family of three, he came from a dysfunctional family which lacks traditional role models: his mother was a drenched alcoholic and chain-smoker diagnosed with cirrhosis and emphysema, and his father, a General Motors executive, who paid little to no attention to the family. Sutter spent most of his boyhood indoors, away from people, and three feet in front of a TV. He picked up the fundamentals of storytelling there, as well as the comic significance of anvils.


Kurt Stutter: Early Life

Kurt thereon spent six years working as an actor in New York City after earning a BA in Film from Rutgers University. He was 400 pounds then, a crippling drug addict, and an alcoholic with undiagnosed anorexia. By the time he had dropped half his body weight, he has undergone numerous surgeries over the years to remove to accommodate his desire to be slim. Kurt Sutter spent his 20s and early 30s studying to be an actor. He appeared in various off-Broadway productions; in theaters, lofts, roofs, and holding cells. He relocated to Los Angeles again in the early 1990s, where he started teaching and directing.

Kurt Sutter later returned to New York City as a result of this career concentration, where he joined the faculty of The Gately-Poole Acting Studio on Theatre Row in instructing the Sanford Meisner Technique of Acting and overseeing performances at The Nat Horne Theatre. Kurt received an MFA Fellowship at Northern Illinois University in 1995.  

Creative Break

Whilst in Chicago, Kurt was inspired by the dramatic masters, such as Strindberg, O’Neill, and Genet, whose creative works he had grown accustomed to when he began crafting plays and developing screenplay concepts. Sutter then returned to Los Angeles after receiving his Master of Fine Arts degree and penned his first screenplay, “Delivering Gen”. The screenplay received industrial appraisals and was successfully sold to a studio in 2000.

Kurt Sutter: The Shield

Kurt’s significant career break arrived in 2001 when he became a writer on the creative staff of FX’s freshly drama cop series known as The Shield. The series was as groundbreaking as it was revolutionary for its time, incorporating gritty realism, complex worldbuilding, and elaborated character developments, establishing as well as refining Sutter’s creative interest for damnation and brutality along with a flair for theatrical poetics. Over the following 7 years, Stutter learned the principles of fearless television storytelling and began launching himself headfirst through the ranks to become one of the show’s prized executive producers. 

Then came Sons of Anarchy, a crime thriller seven-year Shakespearean eruption of vigilantism, political corruption, racism, loyalty, and human transformation, that immediately strikes a chord with the cultural zeitgeist. The critically acclaimed series about outlaw motorcycle gangs grow in massive popularity to quickly become the biggest hit television show in the FX network’s history at the time, catapulting Kurt Stutter into the Hollywood A-listers.

Kurt Sutter: Sons of Anarchy

Kurt, a self-described misanthrope, became infamously notorious at the peak of his fame, as his tendency to be vocal about his thoughts without remorse resulted in more than a few skirmishes with Hollywood top players. One of such includes the TV Academy, which perennially neglected Sons from a nomination much less an actual award.

Kurt Sutter’s Other projects

After Sons of Anarchy ended its seven-year run, Stutter continues to embark on a row of remarkably astounding creative output. He wrote the gritty feature-length boxing thriller Southpaw, originally scripted for Eminem but eventually starred Jake Gyllenhaal. He produced Lucas Stand, a comic book miniseries, and The Bastard Executioner, a historical drama that aired on FX for one season. He continued to work on Mayans MC, a Sons of Anarchy spinoff for FX for three years before exiting as the showrunner, with the series now continuing into its fourth season without him.

Kurt Sutter: Other Projects

Nowadays, with severed relations with FX, Kurt has teased several possible projects, which include a potential The Shield spinoff with its original creator Shawn Ryan, an original feature-length film directed by him, as well as his return to television soon. Kurt currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, actor Katey Sagal who also starred in Sons of Anarchy in a leading role, his two stepchildren, Sarah and Jackson, and his daughter with Katey, Esme. 

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Here Are 10 Best Pixar Animated Movies According To IMDb




Top 10 pixar movies imdb, thanks to compelling storylines and meaningful life lessons embedded in its movies, Pixar has built and cemented its position as one of the world’s best animation studios in the world. The main characters in Pixar movies are stunningly diverse, and each of them has a unique story that can win any fan’s heart.

Whatever the plot, Pixar always has a way of helping its films capture the audience’s attention and leave a deep impression on them. Determining which movie is the best Pixar movie is a very difficult mission. However, based on IMDb’s ratings, we can find out the most outstanding ones so far.

Best pixar movies imdb – Top 10

#1 COCO (2017) – 8.4 Stars

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

Coco is considered one of Pixar’s most successful animated films when it grossed a total of $807.8 million worldwide and won Best Animated Feature in Oscar 2018. The film follows the journey of a 12-year-old boy named Miguel, who is accidentally taken to the Land of the Dead. He needs to seek the help of Ernesto de la Cruz – his deceased musician great-great-grandfather if he wants to return to the Land of the Living and change his family’s hatred of music.

#2 WALL-E (2008) – 8.4 Stars

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

WALL-E follows a solitary robot – Wall-E on a future, uninhabitable Earth to clean up garbage. He later meets and falls in love with Eve. Together, they find out the last plant on Earth and decide to join hands to change the fate of mankind.


These Are 10 Expensive Life Lessons That Pixar Movies Give Us

These Pixar Characters Show That Hard Work Is Better Than Born Talent

#3 TOY STORY (1995) – 8.3 Stars

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

Toy Story must be very familiar to all Pixar fans given that this is the studio’s very first film, which quickly became one of the most popular animated classics right after being released in 1995. It is built in a fantasy world where toys have their own thoughts and feelings.

#4 UP (2009) – 8.2 Stars

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

Up is a touching movie about love. The film revolves around the journey of an old widower named Carl trying to find his way to Paradise Falls to fulfill his promise to his late wife – Ellie. Accompanying him is a boy scout named Russell. Along the way, they encounter many unexpected and interesting things and discover the secret of the adventurer Ellie always admired.

#5 TOY STORY 3 (2010) – 8.2 Stars

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

Toy Story 3 was the best movie of 2010 and brought Pixar two Oscars. The film takes place when Andy is about to enter college. His toys are sent to a daycare center by accident and they must go through a crazy and dangerous journey to return home and see Andy again before he’s gone.

#6 SOUL (2020) – 8.1 Stars

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

The main character of Soul is a music teacher Joe Gardner, who has always dreamed of becoming a jazz performer on stage. After his sudden death, he is forced to reunite his soul and his body if he wants to get back to Earth. With its outstanding success, Soul opened up more opportunities for animated movies with black people as the main characters.

#7 INSIDE OUT (2015) – 8.1 Stars

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

The protagonists of Inside Out are the inner feelings of Riley, an 11-year-old girl who moves from Minnesota to San Francisco and has a difficult time adjusting to her new life. Her five personified emotions – Joy (Poehler), Sadness (Smith), Fear (Hader), Anger (Black), and Disgust (Kaling) try to help her overcome this hard time, however, they need to find a way to help themselves first.

#8 FINDING NEMO (2003) – 8.1 Stars

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

Finding Nemo follows a journey of a clownfish named Marlin along with a regal blue tang named Dory in search of his beloved son, Nemo. The film has conveyed many meaningful life lessons to the audiences and inspired children with limb differences.

#9 MONSTERS, INC. (2001) – 8.1 Stars

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

Monster’s Inc. is a fictional movie taking place in the world of monsters. In this film, the monsters who work in a factory have to scare kids to power their city. However, one day, a lovely little girl Boo accidentally gets lost in this world, becomes acquainted with Sulley and Mike, and then, this monsters’ world changes forever.


Tom Hanks Expresses His Thoughts On Tim Allen’s Replacement As Buzz In Lightyear

Tim Allen Feels That ‘Lightyear’ Is Completely Irrelevant To His Buzz

#10 RATATOUILLE (2007) – 8.0 Stars

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

Ratatouille centers on a mouse named Remy, who dreams of becoming a chef. Despite all the difficulties and challenges, Remy has never given up and has finally made his dream come true. Ratatouille is really an inspirational movie for those who are still confused and uncertain on the path to follow their passion. Don’t hesitate, just go ahead!


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Stunning Captain America Cosplays Prove Anyone Can Carry The Shield If They Are Worthy




Captain America, notably portrayed by Chris Evans, has become a cornerstone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Captain America: The First Avenger aired in 2011. Steve Rogers was ridiculed and mistreated like a fool prior to acquiring the super-soldier serum. His background, however, did not prevent him from regaining his confidence and then becoming a courageous military commander. Everyone admires him since he has always placed himself in a physically dangerous path to defend another.


Captain America maintains his moral compass all across the MCU, finally passing the shield to Sam Wilson following the events of Endgame. When Steve Roger disappeared, the Avengers lost the tie that bound them united. Can Sam Wilson be the next Avengers captain that the team requires? We sincerely hope so. Whereas The Falcon reconsiders his options, let us commemorate Captain America with some outstanding cosplays.

#1 Strongincostume

Source: Strongincostume

#2 JPRcosplay

Source: JPRcosplay

#3 CaptainCosplay

Source: CaptainCosplay

#4 Captaindandyandy

Source: Captaindandyandy

#5 WorldOfGwendana

Source: WorldOfGwendana

#6 AlysonTabbitha

Source: AlysonTabbitha

#7 O.B.Arkham

Source: O.B.Arkham

#8 Misch.Axel

Source: Misch.Axel

#9 Kidcaptainamerica

Source: Kidcaptainamerica

#10 Cap.Mathis_cosplay

Source: Cap.Mathis_cosplay

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Without Any Princesses, These Disney Films Are Still Phenomena




We all love Disney princesses, but they are not obligatory for a great film. We do not deny their attraction, but there are still scores of excellent movies from the House of Mouse without any royals. Therefore, today, we would like to show you our picks for the top 10 best Disney movies without a princess.

Below, we display some fully-animated Disney examples which do not focus on princess stories. These instances show that anyone, even loyal or commoners, can do whatever they want!

So, let’s scroll down to check our post out! Since many of your favorites are in there, you cannot miss this file!

#1 Mulan (1998)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Rather than putting on a stunning gown and dreaming about her prince, this young woman from humble background disguises herself as a man to take her father’s place in the war with the Huns. Despite posing as a soldier is much rockier than what she imagines, that cannot hinder her from protecting her family and her country from invaders.

#2 Zootopia (2016)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Before predators start going savage, Zootopia is a blissful city where animals live and work peacefully. Therefore, new officer Judy Hopps takes over the case with the help of a local con artist, Nick Wilde, to figure out the reason behind this and how to terminate it.

#3 Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Lady, a lovely American Cocker Spaniel, is used to living a life of luxury with a couple. However, as the baby is inbound, Lady worries that her owners might forget her. She soon finds herself having feelings for a quick-witted stray mutt named Tramp. And they have to find out how to convince the humans that they are not the source of all the trouble.

#4 Tarzan (1999)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Nurtured by gorillas, Tarzan hasn’t seen another human for most of his life. And he has to protect his wildlife from the hunter as well as find a place where he can belong.

#5 Lilo & Stitch (2002)

Source: IMDb

No time for princesses, Lilo & Stitch is a cute story about a young Hawaiian girl whose parents pass away. Fortunately, she has her sister and a little blue dog-like creature named Stitch, who can give her a family.

#6 Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Alice in Wonderland takes us on an adventure through an exciting world with many thrills. With many experiences from this journey, our girl Alice now grows and finds comfort in normality.

#7 One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Because their puppies get threatened by cruel Cruella De Vil, the couple Pongo, Perdita, and a menagerie of animals work together to save them. Absolutely, this film warms a whole lot of hearts!

#8 The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Quasimodo is not a good-looking but sweet and gentle bell ringer who lives hidden in the attic of Notre Dame, always dreaming of the outside world. Meeting Esmeralda, he gains the courage to stand up to the villain Frollo.

#9 The Rescuers (1977)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

Finding out that Madame Medusa has kidnapped Penny, Ms. Bianca and Bernard rescue the girl, stop Medusa, and get back to safety before the tide rises.

#10 Big Hero 6 (2014)

Source: The Walt Disney Studios

With the help of the medical robot Baymax, Hiro discovers his brother’s death is more to the accident than it seemed. And he becomes a hero in the robotics team.

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10 Disney Opening Scenes That Are Simply Unforgettable




Disney is really good at seizing hold of your attention and keeping your eyes on the screen right from the start. With beautiful opening scenes, movies from this studio successfully stick in our minds. Therefore, today, we would like to show you the top 10 best first parts in Disney animated movies!

Below, we display animated films of the House of Mouse that have the best introductions. Their beginnings can immerse you in the story from the first moment!

So, let’s scroll down to check our post out. Many of your favorite movies are on the list, so you cannot miss this file!

#1 Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Source: AnimationScreencaps

To begin with, we get the Beast’s prolog presented like a classic fairy tale narration with several still images. This part is quite dreary, just like the Beast himself. Next, we have the scene introducing Belle, which is vital like she is.

#2 Aladdin (1992)

Source: AnimationScreencaps

The catchy opening song by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman with animation presents us with the desert surrounding the fictional kingdom of Agrabah.

#3 Tarzan (1999)

Source: AnimationScreencaps

Juxtaposing the experiences of Tarzan’s human family in the jungle with those of his future gorilla family when Kala finds him, we see the happiness and loss of the two homes at once.

#4 Mulan (1998)

Source: AnimationScreencaps

Not wasting any time, this introduction jumps right into the action! We see China during the Han Dynasty is fighting off a Hun invasion.

#5 Pinocchio (1940)

Source: AnimationScreencaps

Voiced by Cliff Edwards, Jiminy Cricket sang When You Wish Upon a Star and segued into an opening narration, speaking directly to the audience.

#6 The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

Source: AnimationScreencaps

First, this beginning impresses us with its comedic song and vibrant animation. Then, Kuzco tries desperately to make the audience focus on his previous life as Emperor while admitting that he is currently living as a llama at the same time.

#7 Moana (2016)

Source: AnimationScreencaps

The House of Mouse starts the movie with Moana’s Gramma Tala telling the creation story of the heart of Te Fiti and the demi-god Maui to a group of children. With beautiful 3D computer animation, this first part is eye-catching!

#8 Hercules (1997)

Source: AnimationScreencaps

With the upbeat gospel-type musical number, the Muses take us through the story of Greek mythology!

#9 The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

Source: AnimationScreencaps

Not only set up the sad backstory of the protagonist Quasimodo, but Clopin’s puppet show also introduces us to the villain Frollo at his most arrogant and devious. Another point for its somber song!

#10 The Lion King (1994)

Source: AnimationScreencaps

Various animals congregating leads us to life on Pride Rock. The music performed by Carmen Twillie and Lebo M. is a perfect accompaniment to the animation hits its soaring crescendo.

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