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MCU’s Spider-Man Is The Best Out Of All 3, And Here’s Why



2398 -Mcu'S Spider-Man Is The Best Out Of All 3, And Here'S Why

Tobey Maguire in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, Andrew Garfield in the two The Amazing Spider-Man films, and the current version, Tom Holland’s MCU Peter Parker, have all had the opportunity to portray Peter Parker in live-action. Every version of Spider-Man in the movie has its own set of qualities and faults.


Tobey Maguire was great at generating compassion and bringing Peter Parker and Spidey to a down-to-earth style. On the other hand, he is likely the least accurate version when compared to the comic description of Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield added youth and humor to the character, portraying the troubled adolescent passages. However, he was held down by poor writing. Tom Holland’s figure, who has held the Spider-Man identity from 2016, is not flawless, but he’s still the finest all-around Peter Parker to yet. The fantastical Spider-Man trinity is expected to show up in the Spider-Man No Way Home. So, let’s find out why Tom Holland’s version is the best so far.

#1 The fusion from both predecessors

Mcus Spiderman Is The Best Out Of All 3 And Heres Why 1 -Mcu'S Spider-Man Is The Best Out Of All 3, And Here'S Why

The capacity to merge Maguire’s compassion with Garfield’s sorrow is what makes MCU Spiderman better. Maguire’s Peter Parker was a bit too serious; he doesn’t have the comedic characteristics that were in the comics. Tom Holland can deliver hilarious jokes and boyish energy. Few of these characteristics were there in The Amazing Spider-Man, but Andrew’s Spidey tends to turn sideways. There were times when Peter appears unlikable, vindictive, or arrogant, and it’s difficult to watch Spiderman in this way. In the MCU, Tom Holland combines the best of the two and gives his unique traits.


#2 A bigger and better playground

Mcus Spiderman Is The Best Out Of All 3 And Heres Why 2 -Mcu'S Spider-Man Is The Best Out Of All 3, And Here'S Why

Spider-Man, as played by Tom Holland, emerged fully developed without any backstory. He battled two vastly distinct enemies, and even other heroes to aid him in his journey. Although all 3 Spider-Men found true love, Tom Holland’s universe is filled with compelling characters such as Ned, MJ, and Flash. They contribute a varied mixture of joy and comedy to balance out the heroic tension. In addition, he is living in a world full of abnormality, superheroes come from left and right, changes happen constantly by many factors, our Spidey has to grow and change to adapt to this universe. In other words, MCU Spider-Man has been given more chances and space to develop even deeper than his predecessors.


#3 Well-written villains

Mcus Spiderman Is The Best Out Of All 3 And Heres Why 3 -Mcu'S Spider-Man Is The Best Out Of All 3, And Here'S Why

It’s frequently claimed that a hero is only as good as their nemesis. While the two prior Spider-Man surely faced good villains, but they were not well-written enough to give our Spidey what we call a push to develop as a teenager, most of the character development comes from self-awareness. However, in the first movie Tom Holland go against Michael Keaton’s amazing Vulture. Furthermore, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio was a fascinating mind and an unusual opponent. More than just a villain, they actually have backstory, proper motivations, and most importantly, through the fight, they somehow help Peter grow, help him realize his responsibility to the world around him. There’s also Spidey’s present alongside the Avengers in the war with Thanos which clearly shows he’s more suitable for the role Stan Lee wanted him to be, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man


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