PI drama ‘Topangaland’ Starring Scott Caan And Produced By Benjamin Cavell & Jerry Bruckheimer, In The Process At CBS



PI drama ‘Topangaland’ Starring Scott Caan And Produced By Benjamin Cavell & Jerry Bruckheimer, In The Process At CBS

Scott Caan, a former co-star on Hawaii Five-0, is back to CBS with a new entire hour leading role that he is both co-writing and executive directing. Topangaland, a thriller co-written by Scott Caan and SEAL Team creator Benjamin Cavell, is in production at the channel, with Caan set to appear. Jerry Bruckheimer Television and CBS Studios, where the firm is located, are behind the idea.

Scott Caan - Topangaland
A laid-back former cop ( Scott Caan ) works for his famed dad’s private investigator service in Topangaland. He tries to solve crimes that take him to Malibu estates, Topanga hippy collectives, Venice back alleys, and everywhere else. All while juggling a tense father-son connection and the members of his unusual relatives.

The concept is the result of Scott Caan’s discussions with JBTV about creating a series together. Under Cavell’s overall arrangement at CBS Studios, the corporation linked him with Cavell, and the two collaborated on the characters at the core of the cast PI drama. (The father character for Scott Caan’s actual dad, James Caan, is not being produced.) The production was pulled off the table and purchased ahead of schedule by CBS, which had been seeking a way to bring Caan back to the screen after his Golden Globe-nominated role as Danno in CBS/CBS Studios’ Hawaii-Five-0.

Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, and KristieAnne Reed executive direct with Caan and Cavell — who will act as writers — for Jerry Bruckheimer Television.

SEAL Team, which is relocating from CBS to Paramount+ for its forthcoming fifth season, is created and executive produced by Cavell. He also worked as an executive director on Justified and co-executive director on Homeland and Sneaky Pete and co-created the CBS Studios-produced Stephen King television series adaption The Stand. CAA and The Shuman Company, represent him.

ICM Partners, Stacy O’Neil at Linden Entertainment, and attorneys Robert Offer & Shelby Weiser represent Scott Caan, who recently wrapped a 10-season run on Hawaii Five-0.

Topangaland 2021 – 2022:

On the CBS remake of Hawaii Five-0, which had a 10-season run last year, Caan played police detective Danny Williams alongside Alex O’Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett in the role of Steve. Caan was nominated for a 2011 Golden Globe for best supporting actor for the part, Wait for the surprises, happening in 2022. On the HBO sitcom Entourage, he also portrayed Scott Lavin, a talent manager.

Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan Answer Fan Questions:

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